Who are Bert Kreischer Family? Meet His Wife and Kids

Bert Kreischer has been married since the early 2000s to the love of his life, and he has never been happier. Nicknamed The Machine, the party-loving Bert is married to LeeAnn Kreischer (nee Kemp), a writer, actress, and podcaster famous for hosting the podcast called Wife of The Party. They have two daughters, Georgia (b. 2004) and Ila Kreischer (b. 2007).

Bert Kreischer is well-known to the media and the public as a wild party-loving animal who has managed to incorporate being a husband and a father into his persona. His lovely wife is usually the butt of some of his jokes as he describes the adventures they have had as a married couple, which has thrust her and the children they have together into the spotlight. Meet Bert Kreischer’s wife, LeeAnn, and their two daughters, Georgia and Ila.

Bert Kreischer is Married to LeeAnn Kreischer

Bert Kreischer has been married to LeeAnn Kreischer for almost 20 years, but due to the standup comedian’s larger-than-life personality, she has been relatively unseen in the Kreischer family. However, there is more to the woman who has been dubbed the “wife of the party” than the fact that she is Bert Kreischer’s wife.

Born Kelly LeeAnn Kemp on August 19, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia, United States, not much is known about LeeAnn Kreischer’s early life, including who the members of her birth family are. She spent most of her formative years in Georgia where she attended Bowdon High School, Georgia.

It’s not known whether she acquired a college degree, but she left Georgia for Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in Hollywood. Her only acting credit to date came in 2000 when she played the role of a nurse in the movie Destiny Stalled. As a writer, she was one of the writers who worked on the controversial teen comedy, My Biggest Fan.

Billed to be released sometime in late 2002 and early 2003, the movie was eventually released on May 18, 2005, due to the dispute between the parents of some of the underage boys in the movie and the producers.

These days, Lee Ann has converted her husband’s man cave into a space where she hosts her podcast, Wife of the Party. The podcast delves into a wide range of topics, including but not limited to conversations about parenting, current world events, entertainment, and more.

She also provides insight into what it is like being the wife of the comedian who it appears has not left his partying days behind. Including her husband, Bert, LeeAnn Kreischer has had the pleasure of hosting a good number of high-caliber guests like Christina Pazsitzky.

Bert Kreischer’s Wife Disliked Him At First

Some couples fall in love at first sight and go on to live happily for a long time or ever after. The Kreischers are not one of those couples, at least on the part of Bert’s wife LeeAnn who met the comedian for the first time when her work partner’s friend, Bert’s roommate at the time, brought the comedian along on a visit to her office.

While Bert was swooning over the podcaster’s beauty, she was less than impressed with him and his roommate for what she viewed as a rude interruption of their working hours. She carried that impression of him into their second-ever meeting, which happened at a yoga class.

This time around, she was too focused on her workout routine to notice his presence and they barely went beyond the courtesy hellos of people who had met briefly on a previous occasion. There was also the small matter of LeeAnn’s ex being in the same class as them.

They say the third time’s the charm, and so it would prove in the relationship between Bert Kreischer and his wife, LeeAnn, both of whom got to know more about each other months later at a bowling party organized by the writer’s partner. Much like the first time they met, her partner had invited her friend who was Bert’s roommate, and he had tagged along.

Bert Kreischer and LeeAnn Kreischer Got Married in 2003

LeeAnn Kreischer said “I do” to her husband Bert Kreischer in December 2003, and they have been together for around two decades now. However, the road to being a loving married couple of over 20 years has taken a lot of work and sacrifice.

For starters, the bowling party positively altered the dynamic of the relationship between the couple but despite getting her number from his roommate, it took Bert a while to reach out to her. After waiting for months without hearing from him, she reached out and found out that he had failed to contact her due to his inexperience when it comes to asking women out on a date.

Not to be deterred she nudged him toward inviting her out on a couple of dates, and they have not looked back. After a few years of dating, the standup comedian popped the question, and she said yes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bert Kreischer Has Two Children With His Wife

Given that they were both in their 30s when they got married, Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer hastily got down to raising a family. The couple has beautiful daughters together.

Their first child, Georgia Kreischer was born in 2004, although her exact date and month of birth are as yet unknown. She was named after LeeAnn’s birth state. Two years later, in 2006, the couple welcomed their second daughter, who was named Ila Kreischer, after her late maternal aunt who Bert described as a drunk who was lots of fun.

During a podcast, the comedian essentially revealed the fact that his wife and children are his priority. He, however, admitted that some of his past choices may have rubbished that revelation because he was away from them for over 7 years when he was fulfilling a contract with a travel channel for his Bert the Adventurer show.

While his instincts as a father may not have always been spot on, Bert admits that he has largely had to rely on his sense of humor, childish energy, and empathy to raise his daughters in the best way possible. He lets them bully him into all sorts of scenarios such as eating a frozen doughnut, jumping into the pool, or shouting “I Love You” at the top of his lungs and having them do the same.

These scenarios might appear embarrassing, but it has definitely worked for the comedian and his family. Bert Kreischer may not win any awards for husband or father of the year anytime soon but in the eyes of his wife LeeAnn, and their children, Georgia and Ila, it is an award he holds for a lifetime.

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