Who are Aaron Donald’s Parents, Anita Goggins and Archie Donald?

Archie Donald and Anita Goggins are the parents of Aaron Donald, the American pro football player and defensive tackle for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. Their familial relationship with the Super Bowl LVI winner is the sole reason for their fame.

Aaron Donald has established himself as an iconic player over the years, and he has successfully built his career in the NFL. You will almost definitely have a difficult time playing opposites to Aaron Donald, who is renowned for his athleticism and feared for his determination to defend strongly. Here’s everything we know about Aaron Donald’s parents.

Meet Aaron Donald’s Father, Archie Donald

We have often heard Aaron Donald attribute his professional success to his father, Archie Donald. Archie was born on December 9, 1965, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was also raised.

When Aaron was a little boy, his father always protected and coached him. As a result, he was fearless and tough as a child. Despite coming from a modest home, Archie didn’t hold back in his efforts to raise his son in a disciplined manner.

Aaron Donald's Parents

Aaron’s father had a sporty frame from an early age and was physically very well endowed. He participated in a lot of weightlifting sports and played collegiate sports as well. In college, Archie played soccer and nurtured bright hopes of playing in the NFL.

Unfortunately, his professional league dreams were truncated when he fractured his kneecap during a collegiate game. He was initially hesitant to give up football, but eventually, he had little choice but to do so. Later on, Archie Donald then had to find work as a laborer.

He did that work for a short while, completing his education simultaneously. After he graduated, Archie Donald decided to pick up a career in the tax industry and retired as a  Senior Tax Inspector.

Additionally, Archie tried out a few other occupations, later choosing to start a commercial cleaning business. Although the name of Archie’s business is not known, he was able to raise his children with proceeds from that business.

With his sons’ enormous football success and his current retirement, Archie Donald was ultimately able to enjoy a contented and opulent life. According to super athlete Aaron in an interview, the best feeling was telling his parents to retire as it was now up to him to provide a stress-free life for both of them.

Aaron Donald’s Mother is Anita Goggins

Anita Goggins is the name of the woman that gave birth to Aaron Donald. Sadly, not much is known about her online, but we know that she left her marriage in 1999 and has been living separately since then. Anita later relocated to Duquesne, Pennsylvania, where she got a job.

Aaron Donald's Parents

Nothing much has been said about her since her split from Archie. Because Aaron doesn’t even mention her much, it’s difficult to tell if she has a relationship with her kids. There is also no online clue as to whether Anita remarried or not.

Anita Goggins and Archie Donald Had Two Other Children Together Besides Aaron

Aaron Donald’s parents had three kids – two sons and a girl – while they were together. They are Archie Jr, Aaron, and Akita Donald. Sadly, the couple later split up in 1999.

Archie Jr, the second child and oldest son of the couple, played collegiate football while attending the University of Toledo, just like his father and brother. However, unlike his younger brother, he did not make it as a professional.

Aaron Donald's Parents

The two brothers share a close relationship based on their mutual love for football. Archie Jr is never too jealous to declare how incredibly proud he is of his younger brother’s accomplishments.

Akita Donald is the first child and only daughter of Archie and Anita. Unlike her brothers, who are sportspeople, she works as a psychiatrist. She is a happy wife, a loving sister, and a dedicated mother.

Aaron Donald’s Parents were Married for at Least One Decade

The story behind Anita and Archie’s journey to holy matrimony is as obscure as night. All efforts to dig up information on how the two met, where they met and when they began dating have proven futile. Even though Archie is much more vocal and socially active than his ex-wife, he has refused to speak on the history between him and Anita.

However, speculations have it that Aaron Donald’s parents got married sometime in the 1980s. They remained hitched for at least one decade before undisclosed circumstances led them to divorce. After splitting up, Archie never bothered with remarrying.

Aaron Donald's Parents

He seems to prefer spending time with his kids and grandkids as opposed to starting afresh with a new woman in his life. Anita Goggins isn’t much different, but in her own case, any attempt to gain more information about her has been met with radio silence.

Aaron Donald’s Father Had a Huge Influence on His Career Success

As has already been mentioned, defensive tackle Aaron Charles Donald plays for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. He was taken by the Rams in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft while playing college football in Pittsburgh, where he earned unanimous all-American accolades. His blazing career has often led to questions about his childhood history, particularly his father’s role in it.

Well, Aaron Donald was born on May 23, 1991. He started playing football as a youngster. After his parents’ divorce, which happened when Aaron was only 8, he grew into an obese youngster. He was, undoubtedly, a lazy kid. His father, nevertheless, made an effort to influence his mindset.

At age 12, he introduced his son to weightlifting and stoked his interest in it. Every day at 4:30 am, Aaron Donald would exercise for two hours with his father. They had a makeshift gym in the basement of their house. Archie taught Aaron and his siblings the importance of hard work and consistency. As a result, he inspired his kids to work out and lift.

Aaron Donald started out by lifting solely for fun. He subsequently became enthusiastic about football and took the sport more seriously in school.

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