What is Steven Crowder’s Net Worth and Where Does He Live?

Steven Crowder is an American-Canadian actor, conservative political commentator, media host, comedian, and Youtuber. Steven Crowder’s net worth stands at $3million. The 34-year-old is thriving exceptionally well in all fields. He has, therefore, amassed a lot of fame and wealth during his career. Steven is well known for his YouTube channel, Louder with Crowder. He shares his political ideologies through his videos and podcasts. His sudden rise to fame has put many people in awe, and they all want to know more about Steven Crowder.

The public is curious to know his sources of wealth and how they have contributed to his net worth. His wealth has also given him the privilege to possess quite a vast real estate, with beautiful houses. This article will provide more insight into his net worth, source of income, and achievements.

Steven Crowder Has a Net Worth $3 Million

Considering Steven Crowder’s net worth, which is an impressive $3 million and a list of jobs, he earns about $1.02 million yearly. It is a known fact that the entertainment industry generates much income for its artists, especially music and acting. That said, Steven has made his massive wealth through diverse careers. Let’s look into Steven Crowder’s various income sources and how he has made so much money.

He Has Been in TV and Entertainment Since He was 17

When Steven Crowder was 17, he joined a local comedy club to become a stand-up comedian. His first gigs didn’t go too well, as he was usually thrown out due to his offensive jokes. He did not give up, but he kept adding efforts until he got better and regulated his jokes. He went ahead and tried in the Just for Laughs, and he subsequently became its youngest comedian in 2005. His comedy career began to grow, and his name gradually began to spread. Hence, Crowder got featured on XM Radio, and he toured all over North America. He also won the national MySpace Contest, So Think You’re Funny.

Steven Crowder’s Acting Career Also Contributed to His Net Worth

In 1996, Steven Crowder began his early career by taking the role of a voice-over in an animated educational TV series, Arthur as Alan’s The Brain” powers. He became popular after he launched Babe Magnet in 2001. Because of this, he began to gain face in the acting industry, and he started taking up roles in other movies. Some of his appearances in film and TV series include Two Summers (2001), 3 Needles (2005), The Secret (2007), To Save a Life (2009), A Youtube Carol (2017), and many more.

For a career spanning over two decades, he has made a significant amount of money through acting. Steven gets an average of $12,000 on the movies he features, and some happen to be more than the average. This is bound to have contributed significantly to Steven Crowder’s net worth.

He worked as Fox News Contributor For Three Years

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In 2009, Steven began working with Fox News as a contributor, and the job lasted for three years. He became very famous that year for posting satirical videos on politically conservative media, including Pajamas media, and later at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. At the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, Steven was hired as the master of ceremonies, and he generated controversy with a rap video he premiered at CPAC 2012. The conservative magazine, The American Spectator, featured Crowder’s video of him parodying Lena Dunham’s ad endorsing Barack Obama in October 2012. Also, in 2016, Crowder made a short video for the media company, PragerU where he criticized socialism.

In December 2012, Crowder and members of Americans for Prosperity were involved in a demonstration in Michigan concerning the state’s recently passed right-to-work law. The event eventually led to an altercation that put Crowder’s integrity on the line, but it was eventually resolved. As a result of these, his fame skyrocketed once again.

Crowder later lost his contract with Fox News in October 2013 after being accused of supposedly criticizing a colleague and the organization on air during a radio interview. Steven Crowder earned almost $25,000 after creating and posting a video at the conferences and the salary he made during his stay.

His YouTube Channel Is Among His Major Sources of Income

In 2009, Steven Crowder opened his YouTube channel where he openly discussed his ideologies on trivial issues, especially political issues. Within twelve years, his channel has gathered more than 5.5 million subscribers with over 1.5 billion views. Most of his thoughts are usually laid out on this platform, and he has gained supporters and critics over the years. Steven used to earn about $85k from YouTube monthly during this period.

After Steven lost his job at Fox News, he began his show, Louder with Crowder, in 2017. The show’s content was mainly comedic and political commentary, and it consequently became a daily program featured on Conservative Review’s new streaming Service, CRTV. Later on, in 2018, CRTV merged with Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, but Crowder continued to host the show. A sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Francesca Tripodi, said that Crowder is ‘very popular, especially among young, conservative voters.’ Another researcher also claims that “while crowder stays away from expressing white nationalism directly, his channel has some of the most overt racism of any shows I’ve looked at.”

Change My Mind is a regular segment conducted by Crowder, where he sits by a table sign, including the phrase ‘Change My Mind,’ and invites people walking by, often students on university campuses, to change his mind on a controversial subject. However, his biggest source of income is through YouTube and the show, Louder with Crowder.

Unfortunately, His YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetized Twice

In June 2019, YouTube found Steven guilty of using racist and homophobic language against Carlos Maza in multiple videos. Crowder referred to Maza as “Mr. Lip Queer,” “angry little queer,” and “a gay Mexican,” while mocking him with a stereotypical gay voice. Maza eventually opened up that Crowder’s fans have doxxed and harassed him. He explained how his videos were dehumanizing as he called for help from YouTube. However, Crowder showed no remorse and revealed that nothing could happen to him. Unfortunately for him, YouTube swung into action. His YouTube channel was subsequently demonetized.

They stated that the words used by Crowder were hurtful. The statement also stated that he went against “a pattern of egregious actions that harmed the community.” In August 2020, his channel was remonetized. This was because he satisfactorily addressed the issues with his behavior and content. However, in the following month, Crowder’s channel was demonetized again. This time, it was because he went against YouTube’s policy of presidential election integrity policy. He questioned the legitimacy of the election results in Nevada. His channel has been indefinitely demonetized to date, although he said he would file a lawsuit against YouTube.

Crowder’s Net Worth is Also Boosted Through Endorsements

Crowder primarily earns income from being an actor, comedian, and commentator. However, he also makes money through endorsement and partnerships with other brands.  This is due to the crowd he attracts on his YouTube channel and shows. Brands collaborate with him to advertise their work on his platforms, and he gets paid in return. This is a side benefit to the major works that he does. It is estimated that he makes about $2000 to $3000 per sponsored Instagram post. Although it may not be his most significant income source, endorsement deals have contributed significantly to Steve Crowder’s net worth.

Summary of Steve Crowder’s Income Sources

  • Comedy
  • Acting
  • Fox News Contributor
  • Show Host
  • Endorsements

A Look at Where Steven Crowder Calls Home

Although he has made his fame and growth a popular business, Steven has kept his properties and assets a secret. It is a known fact that he lives in the United States of America. However, the exact location has not been revealed by the actor, neither has his past habitat. The comic star has posted many videos on Instagram, but it is hard to say what his house currently looks like. However, considering Crowder’s net worth, median home prices in the US real estate market costs between $356,700 and above, so it may not be farfetched to assume he has a couple of them.

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