What is Hedon Taxis Net Worth and Is He Really an NBA Billionaire?

Hedon Taxis’ net worth is $1 billion, a figure bestowed to the fictitious NBA player by the propagandist of the Hedon Taxis character. Hedon Taxis is purported to be a player with the National Basketball Association, but investigations have proved that he does not exist.

When NBA player Hedon Taxis first came to public attention with his supposed billionaire status, it triggered a lot of questions which led many to dig deeper to get answers to many questions, such as who he is and how he made such massive wealth in the NBA.

However, those questions have remained unanswered as the digging did not bring forth anything tangible about the purported billionaire basketball player.

Is Hedon Taxis a Real Person?

From what is perceivable, Hedon Taxis may not be a real person after all. It may well belong to the league of those names on the internet space without origins. This is not the first time internet users have paraded names as real people, only for in-depth research to reveal them as phony.

In the case of Hedon Taxis, they did not just parade the name as a real person but embellished it with a jaw-dropping net worth of a billion dollars. Now, in the entire history of the National Basketball Association, we have seen just a smattering of billionaires. The first was Michael Jordan, with $1.7bn, who only attained billionaire status 11 years after retirement from active play.

Coming behind Jordan is LeBron James, who has been acknowledged as the only active NBA player to attain billionaire status. Considering this narrative, it is glaring that it is no easy feat to achieve billionaire status playing basketball in the NBA. Besides, those who made this prestigious position are all in the public eye.

Details about both Jordan and James suffuse the internet space, and their images are everywhere. Thus, if Hedon Taxis were to be a real person, playing basketball with the NBA and has attained billionaire status, there would be no hiding place for him as the internet space would be awash with his personal and professional details by now.

When the news of the existence of Hedon Taxis first hit the airwaves, internet crawlers went to dig for more details. Unfortunately, it turned out that the NBA does not have any record of Hedon Taxis. The public has since concluded that the purported NBA billionaire is merely a figment of people’s imagination.

Besides, if such a person does exist, he may just be using Hedon Taxis as an alias while bearing his real name – but this mystery is yet to be unraveled if it will ever be. Whether Taxis is real or not is something that remains to be seen.

Is Hedon Taxis Actually an NBA Billionaire?

Since his name cannot be found anywhere on the National Basketball Association list, it would be far-fetched to say that Hedon Taxis is a billionaire basketball player. Basketball lovers often talk about the big guns in the sports like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and the likes.

Fans know exactly how much these guys are worth and how they generate revenues. However, the same cannot be said for the fictitious NBA player, Hedon Taxis. Perhaps those who manufactured the name and brought it to the internet space embellished him with the billionaire status.

On the other hand, many who believe that the name can exist as an alias for an A-lister in the NBA think he may just be one of the rich guys in basketball but not a billionaire.

How Did Hedon Taxis’ Net Worth of Purported $1 Billion Accrue?

Those who created the name Hedon Taxis and embellished it with over one million net worth also went to work outlining how their fictitious personality makes his money.

According to their submissions, the supposed NBA player has multiple income heads that generate much revenue daily. Apart from basketball, Hedon is said to be a nightclub owner and a shrewd investor who doesn’t miss an opportunity to invest in recent trends.

Basketball is Said to be his Chief Income Head

Hedon Taxis
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The speculators said Hedon Taxis had been a top-notch basketball player since he was drafted and started earning the big bucks in no time. They also bestowed him with the status of a highly sought-after player that NBA clubs are clamoring to have on their team.

Hedon Taxis is Believed to have Attracted Only the Juiciest Contracts and Endorsements

Apart from his career earnings as a top-notch player in the NBA, he is said to be into brand endorsements with different A-list companies.

They also said all his deals are lucrative, including the one he purportedly has with Nike valued at $20 million. He is said to be working with other brands, including Adidas, Beats by Dre, Gatorade, etc.

Hedon Taxis’ Business Ventures

The creators of the Hedon Taxis credit him with being one of the few basketball players that have successfully perfected the transition from sports into the wheeling-dealing world of business. Career earnings and revenue from endorsement deals apart, the supposed NBA player has proved his mettle in business by establishing and investing in many companies.

The Philadelphia 76ers basketball team is said to be one of his big investments. In FaZe Clan – the esports team, he is said to be a partner. Taxis owns a successful tech-related startup and is the proud owner of a thriving clothing line. Venturing into business while still active in playing basketball is the secret behind the massive wealth that Hedon Taxis has accumulated, according to them.

Below are a few of the investments listed under the name of the fictitious NBA superstar.

  • A popular nightclub in the heart of Los Angeles, California.
  • A deluxe holiday home located in the Bahamas
  • A private aircraft he leverages in jetting from one part of the world to another, both for business trips and for pleasure.
  • They said Hedon Taxis could also boast of a portfolio of stock, shares, and the likes, which generates impressive revenue, according to them.
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