Was Jovita Moore Ever Married? Did She Have a Husband or Kids?

Jovita Moore was previously married to Sean Griffith, a pharmaceutical sales rep. The marriage lasted for over a decade, during which they welcomed two children, a daughter – Shelby, and a son – Josh.

Moore also acted as a doting stepmother to Griffith’s daughter from an earlier relationship named Lauren Griffith. Jovita Moore and Sean Griffith later divorced in 2014, and Moore never remarried until her untimely death in October 2021 due to an aggressive form of brain cancer.

What is Jovita Moore’s Husband’s Name?

Jovita Moore’s husband’s name is Sean Griffith. Sean Griffith is of African American ethnicity and has American nationality. His LinkedIn profile shows that he obtained a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University, Ohio, in 1988. He returned to school more than a decade later, obtaining an MBA in marketing from Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001.

Sean Griffith has since built a thriving career as a pharmaceutical sales rep. He served as a district sales manager for Pfizer (specializing in women’s health) from November 2001 to December 2005. He later rose to the position of district business manager and state business manager in Georgia for that same company from November 2006 to June 2012.

After a long and fulfilling time at Pfizer, Sean Griffith joined the health care company Kaiser Permanente in May 2012. He spent two years and ten months with them, during which he served as their manager of strategic accounts. From September 2015 to September 2019, Sean Griffith served as a district sales manager and key account manager for the pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim.

He then joined another pharmaceutical company, Amgen, as their key account manager from September 2019 to June 2022. Jovita Moore’s ex-husband now works as the key account manager for Pfizer in Georgia. He joined them in May 2022 and leads integrated account teams to increase patient access and operationalize products within large integrated delivery networks/hospital systems throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Sean Griffith and Jovita Moore

Who Was Jovita Moore’s Husband, Sean Griffith?

Jovita Moore’s husband was Sean Griffith. There are not a lot of details on the exact timeline of their relationship but it is possible that they met and started dating at the very tail end of the 90s. At that time, Sean Griffith was a postgraduate student at Mercer University, Georgia, while Jovita Moore worked for WSB-TV, an ABC-affiliated station in that same area.

The duo crossed paths with each other at some point and started dating. Their love for each other grew, and they ended up getting married sometime in the early 2000s. The couple’s marriage lasted for over a decade, during which they welcomed two children, son Josh and daughter Shelby Griffith. Jovita Moore also dotted on her stepdaughter named Lauren Griffith.

Jovita Moore and Sean Griffith had a good thing going for several years but later encountered irreconcilable differences. They thus divorced in 2014. Following the divorce, Jovita Moore probably dated other people. She however did not get married again.

What is Jovita Moore’s Daughter’s Name?

Jovita Moore’s daughter’s name is Shelby Griffith. Jovita Moore also had a stepdaughter, or as she put it, a bonus daughter named Lauren Griffith. Jovita Moore loved her daughters and often posted about them on social media.

She also gladly told anybody who would care to listen that her children were her greatest accomplishments. This is quite something given that she was a decorated journalist in her lifetime with numerous accolades, including multiple Emmy awards, to her name.

What To Know About Jovita Moore’s Daughter

Jovita Moore’s daughter is Shelby Griffith. Shelby was born on the 26th of February 2002. She attended the Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated in May 2020. She is now in college though the exact name of the school she is attending is not readily available. Jovita Moore was quite close to her daughter during her lifetime. She often praised her on social media.

She also shared posts on momentous occasions, such as her birthdays and graduation day. For instance, on Shelby’s 19th birthday in 2021, Jovita Moore described her as her mini-me and stated that she loved and was quite proud of her.

Was Jovita Moore’s Daughter Adopted?

Jovita Moore’s daughter was not adopted. Shelby is her biological daughter. She also has a stepdaughter named Lauren Griffith. There is not much information about Lauren, but she must have been the product of Sean Griffith’s past relationship. Jovita Moore dotted on Lauren during the time she was married to his dad. They also remained close even after she and Griffith divorced.

Josh Is Also One of Jovita Moore’s Children

Josh Griffith is one of Jovita Moore’s children and her only son. Josh was born in 2005 and was quite close to his late mom. He attends the Chamblee High School in Georgia and is expected to graduate in 2022. Josh is a gifted athlete and has represented his high school in cross country competitions as well as other track and field events.

Where Are Jovita Moore’s Family Now?

Jovita Moore’s family remains in Georgia to date and is doing the best they can to move from the devastating loss of their mother. Thankfully, they have their dad – Sean Griffith, their maternal grandmother – Yvonne- and a host of other extended family relatives looking out for them.

Jovita Moore’s children also do their best to keep her legacies alive. For instance, in February 2022, they received an honor on their mom’s behalf from the Atlanta History Center. The award was for all the work that Jovita Moore did for non-profit organizations; her children used that opportunity to talk about her legacy.

Josh revealed that his mom’s antecedents taught him to try and be there for others, while Lauren revealed that she would always remember Jovita as someone who would always take time out of her busy schedule to be there for others. Shelby Griffith, on her own part, revealed that the honor taught her about giving back and being there for others.

Key Takeaways About Jovita Moore’s Husband and Children

What Are Jovita Moore’s Children’s Ages?

Jovita Moore’s children’s ages are 20 and 16. Shelby Griffith was born on the 26th of February 2002, while Josh Griffith was born on the 18th of July 2005. The exact date of birth of Jovita Moore’s stepdaughter, Lauren Griffith, is unknown, but she would be older than Shelby.

Who Was Jovita Moore’s Married to before Her Death?

Jovita Moore was previously married to Sean Griffith before her death. The marriage lasted for several years, but they divorced in 2014. Jovita Moore likely went to date other people, but she never made it down the aisle again. This means that Jovita Moore was not married before her death.

Who Was Jovita Moore’s Ex-husband?

Jovita Moore’s ex-husband was Sean Griffith. Sean Griffith is a pharmaceutical sales rep that has worked for companies such as Pfizer. He holds an MBA from Mercer University and a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University.

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