Vinnie Hacker Age: How Old is The TikTok Star Today?

Vinnie Hacker (born 14th of July 2002; Age: 20 years old) is an American social media star best known for his activities on TikTok. He launched his social media career at a very tender age after he mastered the act of video editing. The young American can now be found on all social media platforms.

Vinnie widened his horizons when he went into modeling, and he is also an entrepreneur with a clothing line under his belt. The Seattle, Washington native has equally tried his hands at boxing, defeating his opponent Deji Olatunji during the 2021 edition of the “YouTubers vs TikTokers: Battle Of The Platforms” boxing event.

Summary of Vinnie Hacker’s Biography

  • Full Name: Vincent “Vinnie” Hacker
  • Nickname: Vinnie Hacker
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 14th of July 2002
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Age: 20 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Parents: Nate and Maria Hacker
  • Siblings: Reggie Hacker
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 11.5 inches
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Height in Centimetres: 181.5
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Weight: 78.5
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Net Worth: $800k
  • Famous For: Being a TikTok Star
  • Vinnie Hacker’s Instagram: @vinniehacker
  • Twitter: @vinniehacker

What is Vinnie Hacker’s Age?

Currently, Vinnie Hacker is 20; the youngster was born on the 14th of July 2002, and his place of birth is in Seattle, Washington. Needless to say, he is an American by nationality, while his ethnicity is listed as mixed.

According to reports, he was called Vincent Hacker at his birth. The youngster later shortened it to Vinnie Hacker, and the name is what you will see on all his platforms on social media. Vincent also uses his alias for his modeling career and apparel business.

He was Born into a Christian Family

Several online sources have revealed that Vinnie Hacker is a devoted Christian. He was born into the Catholic faith and has followed it to date.

His father has been identified as Nate Hacker, a Seattle resident who earns a living as an electrician. On the other hand, his mother, Maria Hacker, is an employee of the 911 emergency services in her capacity as a 911 dispatcher. Both Nate and Maria are staunched Catholics and brought up their children according to the doctrine of the church. Their kids grew up to become passionate about the Catholic faith.

Vinnie is not the only child of his parents; he spent his formative years alongside a younger brother who goes by the name Reggie Hacker. Born on the 28th of September 2004, Reggie is a couple of years younger than his big brother. He has also followed Vinnie’s footsteps and has established a presence on different social media platforms as an influencer; the youngest child of the Hacker family is listed as a TikToker and gamer.

He became active on the TikTok platform in September 2020; Reggie seems to have everything in common with Vinnie as he (Reggie) excelled in both basketball and baseball during his days in high school.

Vinnie Hacker obviously shares a very strong bond with his family; this is evidenced in the constant birthday messages he shares whenever any of them is celebrating. His father’s 2021 birthday fell on the 11th of January, and the TikTok star took to his socials in celebration.

In his birthday message to Nate, Vinnie described his dad as the best pops anybody could ask for. Going on, he revealed how Nate pushed him to be the best he could be in life and has stuck with him through thick and thin. The social media star concluded his message with an “I Love You Dad” wishing Nate a happy birthday.

Vinnie Hacker is an Alum of O’Dea High School

We are yet to be intimated with details about Vinnie Hacker’s earliest academic journey, but it is common knowledge that the internet sensation was a student of O’Dea High School in Washington.

Vinnie spent memorable days at O’Dea, where he emerged as a two-sports stand-out majoring in basketball and baseball. Away from his school, Hacker also played active baseball for Seattle Select Baseball Club – the premier youth league. He wore jersey number 14 to represent O’Dea during baseball games.

In furtherance of his sports career, Vinnie attended the Washington-based #1 Sports School, which is listed among America’s top 170 sports schools.

What Does Vinnie Hacker Do for a Living?

Vinnie Hacker has been described by many as a man of several hats, the Seattle native is listed as a social media influencer operating on several platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

He began experimenting with video editing at a tender age and today is recognized as one of the best content creators of our time. Thanks to his knack for creating high-quality content, Vinnie has amassed millions of followers and subscribers on several platforms in the internet space.

When he started creating and editing videos on social media, Vinnie viewed it as a hobby and a fun activity. Some of his earliest content included short movies, music videos, and sports highlights. However, he diversified and widened his horizon as time rolled by.

Apart from his gigs on the internet space, the social media sensation is also listed as a model. He has performed as an amateur boxer and is doing well in the world of business.

At What Age did Vinnie Hacker Join TikTok?

Vinnie Hacker achieved one of his best age milestones on TikTok when he joined the social media platform in 2019 at the age of 17. The type of content to look out for on his TikTok page include short videos documenting his day-to-day life, selfie-style videos, comedic meme videos, videos with his tattoos on display, dance videos, and lip-syncs.

It was all thanks to Vinnie’s lip-sync videos that he came to prominence on TikTok in 2020 at the age of 18. Within a short while, the influencer’s TikTok account started accumulating fans in millions, and currently, it can boast above 15 million followers.

Vinnie Hacker’s likes on the short video-sharing platform have surpassed 626 million and still counting. Fans have a special love for Vinnie’s tattoo videos, where he puts the inscriptions on his chest and arms on display. He has never been shy about removing his shirt on Tiktok, and fans just can’t get enough of the almost six-feet-tall social media sensation.

He Attained a Higher Level of Fame as a member of Different Sub-groups on TikTok

The TikTok platform features a plethora of sub-groups like The Hype House, Sway Gaming, The University of Diversity, and 100 Thieves; Hacker did well in leveraging these groups to achieve a higher level of fame.

The internet star was barely two years old on the TikTok platform when he became a member of The Hype House in January 2021 at age 19. Searches revealed The Hype House to be a collective of teen TikTokers living in LA, California.

One year after he joined, Netflix came up with a reality series centered on the group, with Vinnie and other TikTokers in starring roles. Some of the few who were featured in the reality series include Lil Huddy, Thomas Petrou, Nikita Dragun, Larray, Alex Warren, Mia Hayward, and many others. The show was all about navigating relationships and friendships in Los Angeles. Needless to say, this played a huge role in announcing the youngster to a wider audience.

Before he became part of The Hype House, Vinnie Hacker had already joined Sway Gaming which is a collective of internet sensations collaborating on video games. The social media star had to leave Sway Gaming in January 2021 in order to gain full membership of The Hype House.

He is currently doing great as a member of The University of Diversity and joined 100 Thieves recently in 2022.

Vinnie Hacker’s Instagram Handle is Equally Doing Great

He has a verified Instagram handle, @vinniehacker, where the internet star is very active, though his activities on the video-sharing platform are not comparable to what he has achieved on TikTok. Vinnie’s Insta Stories are suffused with uploads of different moody selfies, including beautiful shots of his modeling gigs.

So far, Hacker’s IG handle has attracted followers in millions. At the last count, the number of fans on his page came to a whopping 5.8 million, and this number keeps increasing with the passing seconds. Vinnie has shared 341 posts and still counting.

Vinnie Joined Twitter at the Age of 15

Vinnie just clocked 15 when he joined the Twitter platform in 2017; his page can be located @vinniehacker. The social media personality tweets about a whole lot of stuff, both personal and professional.

His handle is deemed to be doing quite well but is yet to hit the one million followers milestone. Currently, he has accumulated over 896.4k, and the total number of tweets on his handle adds up to 3,549.

YouTube is One Of Hacker’s Latest Platforms

The internet personality launched his channel on YouTube on the 26th of July 2020 @ Vinnie Hacker. The type of videos to expect from the page is his day-to-day antics with friends and family. Fans seem to love those kinds of videos as they have continued to subscribe to his channel. He posts vlogs every Tuesday, attracting more visitors to his page.

At the last count, Vinnie Hacker’s YouTube channel could boast 594K in subscription level, and the total number of views so far came to 9,301,841 views which is quite admirable.

Vinnie Hacker is Also a Model

Going by the type of pictures and videos that Vinnie Hacker shares on his social media accounts, one can easily deduce that the youngster has a lot to do with modeling. According to reports, Vincent has been modeling in the fashion industry for years and is a signee of a Seattle-based modeling agency known as SMG Models.

Through his modeling agency, Vinnie has walked and worked for several fashion brands. Notable among them is Shadow Hill, which employed his services in the recent past.

He Has Been Active in the World of Business

It is true that social media is Vinnie’s major source of revenue, but the internet star made bold to venture into other fields, such as business. Hacker became a wheeler dealer in December 2020 when he launched his clothing line.

The clothing brand, which is called Purgatory, offers its customers apparel such as T-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodie sweatshirts. It also offers hats but in limited drops.

A couple of years after he launched the brand online, the social media sensation opened a pop-up shop for business. The shop, which came into existence in January 2022, is located in Los Angeles, California.

Vinnie Hacker Had a Swell Time as an Amateur Boxing

From social media star to boxing champion, there seems to be no end to Vinnie Hacker’s well of talent. Social media stars have been organizing sporting competitions among members of different platforms, and one such contest is the hyped “YouTubers vs TikTokers: Battle Of The Platforms” boxing event.

For the 2021 edition, which occurred on the 12th of June 2021, Hacker was pitted against popular YouTube star Deji Olatunji, who, in August 2018, fought against one of the Paul brothers and lost the bout.

With his wealth of experience in boxing, fans were really expecting Deji to emerge the winner in the fight, but Vinnie Hacker never allowed his youthfulness and inexperience to douse his shine one bit. Besides, Deji had a weight advantage over Vinnie though the Seattle native is way taller, and viewers expected Olatunji’s heavier weight to work in his favor, it never happened.

True to expectations, Deji truly appeared to be in charge of the situation during the first round, as he looked very strong and capable. However, Hacker came into the second round to land what was described as “a right hook,” which began shifting the context in his favor.

The frenzy was really high during the third round as the unexpected happened, Vinnie Hacker completely took over the fight as he won Deji with a Total Knock Out (TKO). This victory was quite out of the ordinary for his TikTok cohort, who had already lost six of their seven matches

Though the night was mostly unsuccessful for TikTokers, Vinnie’s victory gave them the impetus to come out rejoicing. Hacker’s debut mega fight also had a positive effect on the Seattle native’s popularity as it triggered additional public interest in him. His name wasted no time in hitting the airwaves, making headlines in media outlets.

Needless to say, the fight also impacted his social media accounts positively. From TikTok to YouTube and Instagram, Vinnie started amassing a surprising number of followers and subscribers. This singular event succeeded in putting his name on the list of the most hyped content creators on both TikTok and Instagram.

Vinnie Hacker Has Built Great Relationships with Other Content Creators

A jolly good fellow, Hacker enjoys an amiable relationship with his fellow creators. In fact, it was thanks to the duet videos he created with some of his colleagues that his followers started increasing at the initial stage.

The celebrated social media content creator has been spotted hosting his birthday party with many of his colleagues in attendance. Spotted among the guest that attended Vinnie Hacker’s last birthday bash were influencers such as Tana Mongeau, Taylor Holder, Bryce Hall, and several others.

Reciprocating the gesture, the influencers who attended his bash went home to share pictures and images from the party via their different platforms.

Vinnie Hacker’s spirit of camaraderie also came to play after he defeated Deji with a Total Knock Out in the “YouTubers vs TikTokers: Battle Of The Platforms” boxing event. Deji, who looked very forlorn and appeared to be full of regrets, called himself a failure. Fans didn’t help matters as they wasted no time in calling for Deji’s retirement through their Twitter handles.

Deji later found some succor in his celebrated YouTube boxer brother KSI who tweeted some words of support and consolation to the fallen boxing champion. Surprisingly, Vinnie also joined KSI in consoling Deji for his loss; he never really gloated over his unexpected victory.

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