Truths About Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s Time as A.B. Quintanilla’s Wife

In the course of a couple’s life together, it’s a sure bet and almost certainly unavoidable that they will face some challenging times. It may be in the course of their dating experience, it might also come during the season of their engagement, in some cases, it might be their eventual married life that is riddled with troubles, challenges, misunderstandings, or controversies.

Consequent upon the above, it is apparent that it requires a deft touch, and a dash of genius for a marriage to not just last but thrive. However, for the rich and famous, the pressure of marriage peaks to a whole new level. With this understanding, it becomes easier to comprehend the marriage and eventual divorce of popular and famous model Rikkie Leigh Robertson from A.B. Quintanilla. To know more about the couple, their married life, eventual divorce, and many more, read on.

Who Was Rikkie Leigh Robertson Before Her Marriage to A.B Quintanilla?

The densely populated internet space, as well as the seeming vulture culture which a number of fans and internet users possess, has begun to make a few celebrities think twice about allowing a lot from their bio, as well as personal information to be readily accessible on social media. Rikkie Leigh Robertson is one of the media sensations who is actually determined to ensure her private and personal life remain just that, private and personal!

Consequently, information about her family, her background, and the likes are at best uncertain at this time because they are not publicly available. However, we can ascertain that Rikkie Leigh Robertson is of British and Scottish heritage and she was born on the 14th day of March 1988 which places her age at 33 years as of today. Her place of birth is the State of Texas, in the United States of America.

In keeping with the unavailability of a lot of Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s personal information, a lot is yet unknown about her career before marriage. Although it seems she was engaged in a couple of modeling gigs here and there, her fame and consequently her career really took off when she was married to A.B Quintanilla.

What We Know About Rikkie Leigh Robertson And A.B. Quintanilla’s Marriage

It is not quite clear how exactly Rikkie Leigh Robertson and A.B. Quintanilla actually met each other. Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, who otherwise goes professionally by the moniker A.B. Quintanilla is a complete musician, singer, songwriter, and music producer extraordinaire who is an American by birth. The music mogul was born on the 13th of December 1963 and was an elder sibling to Selena Quintanilla who was largely referred to as ‘The Queen of Tejano Music’.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson

Although the couple were dating each other for about two years before settling down together, there’s no substantial information on where or even how they met each other. What is clear though, is that between 2009 and 2011, the lovebirds were caught up in a world of their own and finally on the 12th of November 2011, the couple finally decided it was time to let others into their world as they tied the nuptial knots.

This was done in a closed-off wedding with only family and close-knit friends of the family as guests of the below radar event which took place in the bride’s hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. For a while, their marriage seemed to be blossoming as they even had a YouTube channel together, where they hosted ’99 Random Questions Tag’.

All seemed fair in Rikkie and Quintanilla’s love land as the latter was quick to dismiss those who branded Rikkie a gold digger, as he spoke about how principled she is and how much he has learned from her, especially how to be frugal. The couple has also been seen joking around with each other on different occasions.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s career as a model reached new heights when she was Mrs. Rikkie Leigh Quintanilla. Arguably the height of her career and her fame came as a result of her marriage to the music producer, singer, and songwriter extraordinaire.

Rikkie Leigh and A.B. Quintanilla Got Divorced After Five Years

For the couple, A.B. Quintanilla and Rikkie Leigh Robertson, their definition of ‘together forever’ seems to be 5 years, because that’s exactly how long the union lasted before it imploded. There is little known about the actual cause or causes of the failure of their marriage as there were no reports of cheating, neither were there reports of domestic violence, fraud, betrayals nor any apparent scandal of any sort in their decision to go their separate ways.

While there most likely might be more than meets the eye, their decision to end their ‘undying’ love after just five years seems to be nothing much more than two individuals falling out of love with each other as opposed to two persons having irreconcilable differences with each other.

The fact that the couple had no kids together might have been one of the factors that led to their eventual breakup. However, this is most unlikely because A.B. Quintanilla has welcomed eight children of his own from four women before he met Rikkie. He has proven before that a child is not a reason for him to remain with a woman and as such, it would be difficult to see him remaining with Rikkie because they have a child together.

On the 5th of July 2016, A.B. Quintanilla officially announced his separation from his wife of 5 years, Rikkie Leigh Robertson, and by September the next year, the divorce was finalized. While the eventual divorce and its terms are not public knowledge at this time, the absence of children as factors to consider in the separation process meant that things were a lot smoother, and the consequent divorce settlement a whole lot easier. However, despite the apparent ease of the divorce, Rikkie Leigh has publicly stated that the divorce process was ugly, touting it as one of the worst experiences of her life.

Rikkie Is Now Married To David Gonzalez

Rikkie Leigh Robertson has bared all on her life after divorce, stating that while she doesn’t regret any of her past life choices or decisions, she almost regrets the relationship she got into immediately after her separation from A.B. Quintanilla.

In 2017, Rikkie reconnected with David Gonzalez whom she knew from her ex-husband’s circle. David Gonzalez is the head photographer at one of the foremost photography agencies in America. They began hanging out sometime in December 2017, but they officially became serious with each other in February the next year, they first said “I love you” to each other on the 13th of March.

By the 19th of July 2020, David proposed to Rikkie and they officially got engaged after she said ‘yes’. Rikkie officially became Mrs. Gonzalez after getting married to David on February 23, 2021. The marriage seems to be going well so far. Rikkie has been seen modeling for David who is the lead photographer for Ascending Photography as she is always featured on his Instagram page.

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