Truth About Wack 100’s Wife, Son, and Daughter

Wack 100’s wife is Kimberly Jones – a mother of two who works as a music executive, entrepreneur, humanitarian, business strategist, and more. The couple has two children, namely Prince Jones and Devyn Jones.

Though Kimberly’s wedding to Wack 100 was never publicized, the duo has stayed together as man and wife for almost three decades and counting. They have two grown-up children to show for their long years together.

Who is Wack 100’s Wife?

Wack 100’s wife goes by the name Kimberly Jones. Kim has not said much about her early life and family background, but it came to the fore that she was brought up by a single parent and is the youngest among four children. Her mum, dad, and siblings have never been mentioned.

Also, her date of birth is not known, but the wife of Wack 100 is listed as a Californian native. She spent her growing-up years in the movie capital of the United States. An alum of the University of Phoenix, Kim graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Public Administration.

She received certification as a live coach from the International Coaching Federation and bagged a license to practice as a real estate agent from The CA Department of Real Estate.

Wack 100’s Wife Is Involved In Several Sectors in the Entertainment Industry

Wack 100’s Wife, Kimberly Jones, is a woman of many hats. She is a music executive, business strategist, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and tireless hustler. Her career in the music business took off in 2008 after she co-founded 5th Amendment Entertainment.

The firm serves as a management company handling the music projects and business affairs of famous entertainer and entrepreneur Ray J. She was a teenage parent when she worked several 9-to-5 menial jobs, including the County of LA Probation Department. Kim at night frequented as well as networked at numerous music industry events.

In 2016, she took the conscious decision to quit her day job and focus full-time on the music business, including her side hustles. Co-managing Ray J was just one aspect of her early career as Kimberly was also neck-deep into the handling of concert promotions in the LA environs in partnership with Live Nation.

Wack 100’s wife currently serves as the Chief Executive officer of Consult with Kim and the president of 5th Amendment Entertainment – a company that has established a joint business endeavor with Entertainment One [eOne] Music. The mother of two is part of Ca$h Money West – a sub-division of Ca$h Money Records as its assistant vice president.

This is a Snapshot of What Their Work Entails

At 5th Amendment Entertainment, Wack 100, who is the chief executive officer of Cash “Wack 100,” Jones and his wife Kim are responsible for the release and distribution of Grammy nominee, The Game’s last four full-length albums. The entertainment power couple works for known rappers like Blueface and others under both record label imprints.

An embodiment of the tenacious work ethic and self-sufficient spirit of the artists she co-manages, Wack 100’s wife is known for creating opportunities and lanes when they didn’t exist. From the music industry, Kim is the co-owner and co-operator of an auto logistics company called Precise Auto Transport. Wack 100’s wife is a veritable go-getter as she co-owns many real estate properties.

Kimberly is Neck-deep Into Philanthropy

Kimberly has severally displayed that she has the milk of human kindness flowing in her veins by assisting those in need. The Californian native launched a nonprofit organization called, Spiritually Provoked, which focuses on charitable courses.

She recently decided to expand her expertise and insights into life coaching, which is targeted at aspiring businessmen and women and independent artists. In March 2020, Kim, in a licensing agreement with Nick Cannon’s NCredible imprint, co-launched NCredible Diapers.

This happens to be the foremost minority-owned baby diaper firm-of-record. She has a mission to empower and encourage visionaries to not just take ownership of their goals but also to make them profitable as well as fulfilling.

Kimberley Has Been Wack 100’s Wife for About 30 Years

Kimberley Cash is the wife of Wack 100, whose real name is Cash Jones, and they have been a couple for 30 years. Wack 100 is an Afro-American personality in the hip-hop industry and gained popularity as a rapper, business executive, entrepreneur, and manager. Cash takes the credit for managing music greats like Ray J, The Game, and Blueface.

A member of the LA Piru Blood, Wack 100 is known for hosting seminars and events. No one knows how Wack 100 and Kimberley came to know themselves but being in the same line of business, and many believe they must have crossed paths in the line of duty. Wack 100 just clocked 15 when they met. The duo is said to have dated for an extended period before exchanging forever commitments.

Did Wack 100’s wife Cheat on Him?

Their union has been fraught with cheating rumors. The exact time of their nuptials was never mentioned, but the couple is slowly inching towards its third decade, and they seem to be living in marital bliss. However, the foundations of their union have been rocked severally.

There was a leaked phone call between Wack 100 and Trav that alleged that Kim cheated on her husband with another man. Besides, podcaster Meeka Love also accused the record label boss of cheating on his wife. However, neither of the two have deemed it necessary to confirm or refute these claims.

How Many Kids Does Wack 100 Have?

Wack 100’s almost three decades union with Kimberley Jones has birthed two grown-up children, Prince Jones, and Devyn Jones.

Prince Jones is Wack 100’s Son

The eldest child and only son of Wack 100’s wife go by the name Prince Jones. The exact date of birth for Prince Jones is not known, but going by reports, he is a few years older than his younger sister, Devyn, and was born when his father was 22.

Perhaps for security reasons, the institutions of learning he is attending have never been mentioned in public. Still, Prince is said to be following the same career path as his father. The youngster is already a buddy rapper.

Devyn Jones is Wack 100’s Daughter

Devyn Jones is the baby of the Jones family; her date of birth is listed as the 26th of July 2004, which pegs her age at 19 years old. In her late teens, Devyn is in the process of completing her high school education, but just like her big brother, the name of her school is unknown.

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