The Untold Truth of Irina Gladkaya, the Arm Wrestler

Irina Gladkaya (born 4th November) is a legendary Russian arm wrestler who earns a living as a legal practitioner.

Gladkaya, who was dubbed Black Diamond by fans, started her arm wrestling career as early as age 15. The then secondary school student went ahead to register for professional coaching, and in no time at all, she was bagging championship titles in their numbers.

She gained popularity not only in her home country Russia but in other parts of the world. There is a trending video on YouTube where the brawny lady was seen challenging and besting men who are far bigger than her in Miami Seashore. The video, which went viral immediately, has attracted 35 million views and counting.

Summary of Irina Gladkaya’s Biography

  • Full Name: Irina Gladkaya
  • Nickname: Black Diamond
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 4th November 1984 or 1985
  • Irina Gladkaya’s Age: 39 or 38 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpios
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Irina Gladkaya’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Irina Gladkaya’s Height in Centimetres: 167.64 cm
  • Irina Gladkaya’s Weight: 75.364 kg
  • Famous For: Being an arm wrestler
  • Irina Gladkaya’s Instagram: @irina_gladkaya_arm

How Old Is Irina Gladkaya?

The exact age for Irina Gladkaya has always been a subject of debate, but it is common knowledge that the arm wrestling champion celebrates her birthday every 4th November. With that said, fans have speculated that she was either born in 1984 or 85; this conclusion was drawn from the fact that Irina launched her arm wrestling career at age 15 in 1999 – simple mathematics is all that is needed to add up her years and arrive at an answer.

Irina is known as a native of Ika Moscow in Russia, but the Ika native has never deemed it necessary to talk about her early life and family background in the public arena; thus, information about her parents and siblings is not readily available.

In the same vein, details of her early educational journey are unknown. Still, she holds law and economics degrees – one from Moscow State Law Academy and the other from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. Irina’s degrees are in no way connected to her profession as an arm wrestler, though she also practices as a lawyer.

How Did Irina Gladkaya Start Arm Wrestling?

The story behind Irina Gladkaya’s advent into arm wrestling is an interesting one. The Moscow native was just a 15-year-old girl at secondary school when it all started. Her school was involved in a competition in 1999, and during the context, her physical education tutor couldn’t help but notice how athletically gifted and physically strong Irina was.

Impressed with those stellar qualities, the teacher arranged for the youngster to begin professional training with a coach. She then went under the watch of a professional coach, Arthur Aghajanyan, which became a turning point in her life as an arm wrestler. Being naturally good at sports, what Gladkaya needed was a little polishing for her techniques and natural abilities to shine out.

Within just four months of rigorous training sessions with Arthur, she was ready to take on challenges. It was around this time that she registered for the World Championships held in Slovakia and emerged the overall winner.

That was just the beginning of great things to come in the arm wrestler’s life as her career continued to soar, and today, she is listed among the leading middleweight women on the global stage. She has also claimed the European championship multiple times and won the 2016 Arnold Traditional Brazil.

Irina has earned the World Championship title 13 good times, and from what is perceivable, the Ika native is not likely to slow down anytime soon. The powerhouse arm wrestler is now a living legend in her field and has received the prestigious honor of Master Of Sports Of The Russian Federation. Irina Gladkaya currently serves as a coach in arm wrestling.

Recently, she was spotted in Miami Beach as she engaged in arm wrestling with men considered to be larger than her by far, and she defeated each one of them. The video of the context is trending on YouTube, and presently, it has accumulated over 35 million views.

BesidesnArm Wrestling, Irina Gladkaya is Also a Lawyer

Apart from her exploits in the arm wrestling world, the female champion, Irina Gladkaya, is also a certified legal practitioner in Russia. Details about her career as an expert legal counselor have never been mentioned in public, but according to reports, she is still a practicing lawyer.

She is Very Active on Social Media

Irina Gladkaya is not different from other celebrities of similar ilk as the famous arm wrestler has leveraged social media in relating with fans and the general public. Irina is mostly active on the picture-sharing platform, where she can be located under the username @irina_gladkaya_arm.

On her IG handle, which is classified Public Figure account, Gladkaya shares posts about her work in arm wrestling and equally updates fans on her daily life activities. So far, she has uploaded 176 posts on her handle and has over 75.7K followers who constantly land on her page for updates.

Is Irina Gladkaya Married?

Irina Gladkaya’s personal life has remained a grey area in the arm wrestler’s life; thus, it is hard to say whether she is married or single. Besides, there is no account of her past relationships, which has led sources to conclude that the legendary arm wrestler is a single lady. She has never had any children, at least, none that we know of.

Is She Muscular in Appearance?

Considering the kind of sporting activity she is involved in, and it goes without saying that Irina Gladkaya has a brawny body. Her strength has been described as legendary, a woman of incredible power that can best the strongest arm wrestler in mere seconds – male or female.

Coming down to her body statistics, the excellent arm wrestler stands at the average height of 5 feet 6 inches or 167.64 cm. her body weight is 166 lbs. She comes with black hair and hazel eyes. Irina Gladkaya keeps fit by engaging in workout sessions at the gym.

Key Facts About Irina Gladkaya

  1. Who is Irina Gladkaya? Irina Gladkaya is a professional Russian arm wrestler. She has earned the title of a 13-time arm wrestling world champion and is known globally as a black diamond in the arm wrestling world.
  2. What is Irina Gladkaya known for? Gladkaya is known for her dominance in the arm wrestling field. Her powerful wrestling skills have earned her the title of a 13-time world champion. She is also known for defeating men twice her size, with a notable instance on Miami Beach, a video of which has been viewed over 35 million times on YouTube.
  3. How did Irina Gladkaya get into arm wrestling? Gladkaya began arm wrestling in her high school days. Her physical education teacher was impressed with her athletic abilities in school competitions. This led to her training with coach Arthur Aghajanyan, which was a turning point in her arm wrestling career.
  4. When did Irina Gladkaya start arm wrestling? Irina Gladkaya started arm wrestling at the age of 15 in 1999.
  5. What are some of Irina Gladkaya’s major achievements in arm wrestling? In addition to being a 13-time world champion, Gladkaya has been a European champion multiple times and won the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil. She won the World Championship in Slovakia just four months after improving her technical abilities in arm wrestling.
  6. What does Irina Gladkaya do apart from arm wrestling? Outside of her arm wrestling career, Gladkaya serves as a professional lawyer. She completed diplomas in Economics and Law from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and Moscow State Law Academy.
  7. How old is Irina Gladkaya? Irina Gladkaya is around 39 or 38 years old. She celebrates her birthday on November 4 every year, and it’s believed that she was born in 1984/85, although the exact birth year hasn’t been revealed.
  8. What is Irina Gladkaya’s height and weight? Gladkaya stands 5 ft. 6 inches tall (or 167.64 cm) and weighs 166 lbs.
  9. Is Irina Gladkaya in a relationship? Irina Gladkaya has successfully kept her relationship details a secret from the media. Currently, it is unknown if she has a boyfriend, and she is known to be unmarried.
  10. What is Irina Gladkaya’s net worth? The exact details of Irina Gladkaya’s net worth have not been disclosed. However, considering her successful career as an arm wrestling world champion and a professional lawyer, she presumably has a substantial net worth.
  11. Does Irina Gladkaya do coaching? Yes, in addition to her arm wrestling and law career, the 13-time champion also engages in coaching.
  12. Why is Irina Gladkaya called a “black diamond”? Irina Gladkaya is known as a black diamond in the world of arm wrestling due to her formidable strength and prowess in the sport.
  13. Where was Irina Gladkaya born? Although the exact birthplace hasn’t been disclosed, it’s known that she is of Russian nationality.
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