Sydney Sweeney’s Parents: Meet Her Mom and Dad

Sydney Sweeney’s parents are her mom, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, and her dad, Scott Sweeney. Though no one knows when and where Sydney Sweeney’s parents got married, they are proud parents to two children – Sydney Sweeney, their first born and her younger brother, Trent.

Sydney Sweeney’s dad and mom, Scott and Lisa, are gainfully employed – while Scott is engaged at a health facility, his wife, Lisa, is a legal practitioner and the chief executive officer of SBC Holdings, LLC.

Who is Sydney Sweeney’s Mother?

Sydney Sweeny’s mother is Lisa Mudd Sweeney. According to the available information, Lisa studied law and is now a legal practitioner. The mother of two works as a counselor during their days as residents of Spokane, Washington.

From what is perceivable, Sydney Sweeney’s parents are far from the type that leverages their children’s fame to court the limelight. Since Sydney became a known name in the movies and television shows, the spotlight has been shown on her parents. In August 2018, Sydney’s mother became the chief executive officer of SBC Holdings, LLC, where she is practicing to date.

Details like Lisa Mudd Sweeney’s date of birth are not available on the internet space. No one knows where the mother of two was born, and her ethnicity is equally unknown. We only know that she studied law as an undergraduate, but the name of the institution she attended is unknown.

Sydney Sweeney’s Father is Scott Sweeney

In the same way as Lisa Mudd Sweeney, there is a dearth of information about the early life and academic journey of Scott Sweeney, Sydney’s dad. Facts like the date of birth, place of birth, and the identities of his family members have never been discussed in the public arena.


With that said, we may try to decipher the ethnicities of both Scott and Lisa from their daughter’s ethnicity, which has been listed as Scottish-Irish. Fans have concluded that one of the parents comes from Scotland while the other’s roots are in Ireland, but it is difficult to say which is which.

However, going by the tidbits, we could sieve from the available records, the father of the American actress is engaged in the clinical field. Still, the type of work he does in the health sector has never been specified – Scott may be either a health worker or part of the administrative staff in his health facility.

Like their personal information, details regarding the love life of Scott Sweeney and his wife, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, are equally not available in the public arena. Consequently, it hasn’t proved easy to say when and how they met. The same goes for the couple’s wedding details which have never been discussed.

Sydney Sweeney’s Parents Have Two Children In Total

Scott and Lisa Sweeney had their first child, Sydney Sweeney, on the 12th of September, 1997, in their former town in Spokane, Washington. Though Sydney is the couple’s first child, she is not their only offspring.

The blossoming movie star soon became a sister to Trent Sweeney, who is younger than her by a few years. Both siblings spent a better part of their formative years in the northwestern Idaho Panhandle region along the border of Washington.

Their abode was a rustic lakeside home that the Sweeney family had inhabited for five generations. Sydney is quite close to her little brother; the actress has shared several snapshots of the two on her social media pages.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney and her younger brother

Did Sydney Sweeney’s Dad and Mom Support Her Acting Career?

According to what Sydney Sweeney told Jimmy Fallon in an episode of The Tonight Show, she was an 11-year-old little girl with a very big imagination when she decided to let her parents in on her plans. Sydney, who has always dreamt of becoming the next big thing in the American entertainment industry, created a slideshow presentation where she outlined a multi-year plan which was pretty convincing.

However, her parents viewed the blossoming actress as a child who wanted to become a fairy princess. Faced with that challenge, Sydney made an extra effort by assembling a five-year business plan presentation; this time, she focused on what could happen if she was allowed to follow her dreams.

In the end, Scott and Lisa began to take their first child seriously when they saw that she meant business. As the years rolled by, they started seeing Sydney record some little successes here and there. Her parents had no choice but to throw their weights behind their little girl.

Now, as they view Sydney in movies and television series like Euphoria and see her on the cover pages of publications like Flaunt magazine, Scott and Lisa are so proud that they did not impede their daughter’s effort to follow a career in the entertainment industry.

They Sacrificed a Lot for the Actress

Though Sydney Sweeney later convinced her parents that she has a future in the American entertainment industry, achieving success was far from easy. Her parents and the entire family had to sacrifice a lot for their daughter to achieve the fame she enjoys today.

If you want to make it in Hollywood, Spokane, Washington, where Sydney was born and brought up, is not the best place to live in. Thus, the family had to make the difficult decision of moving to where the action is. They eventually relocated to America’s movie headquarters, Los Angeles, to enable their daughter to have better chances of making it in the industry.

Everyone knows that the cost of living in LA is different from what is obtainable in Spokane. The transition proved to be so finically difficult for Scott and Lisa that they had to declare bankruptcy in no time at all. According to Sydney, she saw what the financial burdens of life in LA did to her parent. The then-teenager said she experienced what money is capable of doing to families. In fact, Sydney said money can tear families apart and cause a lot of damage.

Perhaps, her experience was what led the movie actress to go into philanthropy early in life. In December 2020, Sydney visited her old neighborhood in Spokane, where she shared the sum of $12k with different eateries. These food joints were mandated to distribute dinners to destitute asylums in the locality. Sydney has also contributed to campaigns for the availability of clean water for the poor.

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