Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Bio: Meet Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi (born May 30, 1993) is the oldest and only daughter of celebrity musician Jon Bon Jovi.

It has become a known fact that most, if not all, celebrities’ children are born into the limelight. Usually, those children go further into the spotlight by their career choices or further endeavors that they make.

At the same time, some of these children become more popular than average based on the high closeness they have with their parents. And interestingly, some of them have both. Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is one of those Hollywood children who have a close relationship with their celebrity parents and have also made efforts in the entertainment industry.

Stephanie is popular mainly because she is the child of celebrity musician Jon Bon Jovi. Still, she has become more popular because her career choices have further thrust her into the public. She has raised curious eyes from people, and they seek to know more about the beautiful child of Jon Bovi, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi.

Biography and Profile Summary of Stephanie Rose Bongiovi

  • Name: Stephanie Rose Bongiovi
  • Date of birth: May 30, 1993
  • Age: 31 Years Old
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Place of birth: New Jersey, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White native
  • Father: John Bon Jovi
  • Mother: Dorothea Hurley
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Siblings: 3
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Profession: Model and Production assistant
  • Net worth: $1 million

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was Born into the Limelight

On May 30, 1993, Stephanie was born in New Jersey, the United States of America, to her parents. Under the Taurus star sign, Stephanie is currently 31 years old. She is the child of Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi. Born in America, she holds an American nationality, and she is a white native. She has quite an enviable stature with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 57kg. Stephanie was born and bred in the limelight because of whom are parents were.

Stephanie’s childhood was not exposed to the public, so some information about her background is not made known to the public. This includes her primary schooling and her high school education. However, it is known that she attended Hamilton College before she joined New School in Manhattan.

In New School, she earned a degree in Liberal Arts in May 2017. She had quite a warm upbringing due to the love she publicly received from her father. Although he claimed to have challenges while raising her, he trained her well and ensured she got her degree.

Her father, Jon Bon Jovi, is a Popular American Musician

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi with her parents (image source)

John Francis Bon Jovi Jr. was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to John Francis Sr. and Playboy Bunny. He began playing music in 1975 at the age of 13, where he was playing guitar and piano with his first band.

He created his second band, Atlantic City Expressway, with David Bryan when he was 16 years. By 1980, he formed another band, Rest, and began to open up for New Jersey acts. His first actual music record took place when he was 17 years at Tony Bongiovi’s studio. In 1983, Bon visited a local radio station named WAPP 103.5 to write and sing the jingles for the station.

Jon Bon Jovi Has Released 14 Studio Albums and Five Compilations

In March 1983, Jon Bon formed a band alongside Sabora, Such, Bryan, and Torres. They released their first two albums in 1985, and their debut single managed to crack the Top 40. Their fame increased when their second album had sold 28 million copies worldwide as of 2011. In 2012, he recorded a soundtrack to the movie Stand Up Guys, mostly known as Not Running Anymore.

Fast forward to 2019; his band has released 14 studio albums, three live albums, and five compilations. They have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, giving them the title of one of the bestselling rock bands in America.

They have performed in over 2,700 concerts, 50 countries for over 34 million fans. The band was inducted into the UK Music hall of fame in 2006 and the U.S. Hall of Fame in 2018. John has also starred in several movies, including The Leading Man, Cry Wolf, Destination Anywhere, and many more. He is not only recognized as a musician but as a leading artist.

Her Mother, Dorothea Hurley, is A Businesswoman

Her mother, Dorothea, was born on September 9, 1962, in the USA to Donald Hurley and Dorothy Pawlyk. She studied at Sayreville War Memorial High school in New Jersey.

Dorothea has been practicing karate since she was in high school and won multiple championships. In 1999, she revealed that she had been named the 4th best greenbelt karate in the USA. She was a Karate instructor, but now she helps in running her husband’s chain of restaurants.

She met Jon Bovi at the school when he had previously gone to take exams. The singer revealed that he had been mesmerized by her from their first meeting and even wrote a song about her. However, he didn’t act fast, and she got involved with his best friend, Bobby.

It was when they were in their 20’s that they began a romantic relationship. While on a stop during their New Jersey Tour, Dorothea eloped with John Bon, and they got married in Vegas.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is a Model and Production Assistant

Rose has explored various fields in terms of her career. She used to work as a waitress at one of her parent’s restaurants. She has also worked as a production assistant for  The Weinstein Company, a production intern at Vice Media LLC, and as an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewarts. Currently, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi works as a model, camera operator, and freelance production assistant.

Rose was a model at Nikki Lund’s White Trash Beautiful Fashion show in London and other modeling projects. She worked as the camera operator for the comedy series, Impractical Jokers. Stephanie has a passion for the media, and she set her aims while fully pursuing it.

She Might Be Possibly Single

Despite Rose’s exposure to the media, she has kept her personal life private. She has not revealed her romantic relationship with anyone, so we do not know if she is dating or engaged. However, she might possibly be single or in a relationship but chose to keep it away from the media. But, we also do not know if there are wedding jingles on the way. Whoever is lucky to be hooked to Stephanie Rose Bongiovi will undoubtedly have to embrace life in the spotlight.

The Police Arrested Stephanie Rose Bongiovi for Possession of Drugs

In November 2012, while Stephanie was still in her first year of Hamilton College, she had a near-death experience. The experience resulted from a drug overdose, and she was found lying unconscious in her dorm room. As soon as the information got out, the medical team came to her rescue, and they rushed her to the hospital. After being unconscious for quite a while, she later regained her consciousness. Investigations followed right after, and they revealed that Stephanie had overdosed on heroin.

The police furthered their investigations, and more drugs were found in her room. They arrested her and one of her college mates, Ian S Grant, for possession of Marijuana and criminal usage of drug paraphernalia. However, her sentence didn’t last long as she was released soon after her charges were reduced according to New York’s State’s ‘Good Samaritan’ law.

Her Drug Use Was Attributed to Her Father

People attributed her drug to the influence of her father. The musician had also attested to once being a drug dealer. He confessed that he bought and sold Marijuana while he was a struggling teenager in New Jersey. In an interview, he revealed that ‘I did the drug thing very young and wised up very young too because I was into drugs a little too much.’ So, people believe that her father’s former drug addiction might have also contributed to Stephanies’, given their closeness. After Stephanie was released, she has stayed away from drugs and maintained a sober life.

Key Facts

  1. Who is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi?
    • Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is the eldest child and only daughter of Jon Bon Jovi, the legendary rock musician, and his wife, Dorothea Hurley.
  2. When was Stephanie Rose Bongiovi born?
    • Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was born on May 31, 1993.
  3. What is the relationship between Stephanie Rose Bongiovi and Jon Bon Jovi?
    • Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is the only daughter of Jon Bon Jovi. Their relationship is a strong one, highlighted by the fact that Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song called “I Got the Girl” for his daughter, expressing his love for her.
  4. What happened to Stephanie Rose Bongiovi during her time at college?
    • Stephanie faced a serious drug incident during her freshman year at Hamilton College in 2012. She overdosed on heroin and was found unresponsive in her dorm room. After her recovery, she faced legal charges for possession of a controlled substance and marijuana, but these charges were later dropped under New York state’s “Good Samaritan” law.
  5. What is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s career?
    • After the college incident, Stephanie began building her career and has worked as an assistant at The Weinstein Company, an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewarts, and a production intern at Vice Media LLC. She has also pursued modeling and worked as a freelance production assistant and camera operator.
  6. Who are Jon Bon Jovi’s other children?
    • In addition to Stephanie, Jon Bon Jovi has three other children: Jesse James Louis Bongiovi, Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, and Romeo Jon Bongiovi.
  7. Who is Jesse James Bongiovi?
    • Jesse James Bongiovi is Jon Bon Jovi’s second eldest child. He is a co-owner of “Hampton Water”, a wine company that specializes in Rose, along with his father.
  8. Who is Jacob Hurley Bongiovi?
    • Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, often referred to as Jake, is Jon Bon Jovi’s third child. He is currently studying at Syracuse University and is dating actress Millie Bobbie Brown.
  9. Who is Romeo Jon Bongiovi?
    • Romeo Jon Bongiovi is the youngest child of Jon Bon Jovi. He is currently attending high school in Manhattan.
  10. Who is Jon Bon Jovi married to?
  • Jon Bon Jovi is married to Dorothea Hurley. They have been married for over 30 years.
  1. What are some notable incidents in Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s life?
  • One notable incident in Stephanie’s life is her drug overdose in college. This experience marked a significant turning point in her life, after which she turned her life around and began focusing on her career and personal development.
  1. What is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s current status?
  • As of now, Stephanie is living a healthy life and is engaged in various professional activities. She has worked in the entertainment industry, modeled in a fashion show, and graduated from college with a liberal arts degree. Despite her past challenges, she has made significant strides in her personal and professional life.
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