Sean Kyle Swayze Biography: Who is Patrick Swayze’s Brother?

Sean Kyle Swayze is the youngest brother of Patrick Swayze and one of the Swayze brothers. While Patrick is famous for his outstanding acting talent and roles in movies like Father Hood, Ghost, and Red Dawn, his brother, Sean Kyle, is not as famous mainly because he works behind the cameras. Patrick and his brother, Sean, had quite a good relationship when Patrick was alive. However, aside from being Patrick’s brother, there are other things to know about Sean Swayze.

Sean Kyle Swayze’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Sean Kyle Swayze
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: October 1962
  • Sean Kyle Swayze’s Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sean Kyle Swayze’s Wife: Jami Swayze
  • Sean Kyle Swayze’s Children: Cassie Swayze
  • Parents: Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze (Mother) and Jesse Wayne Swayze (Father)
  • Siblings: Patrick Swayze, Don Swayze,  Vickie Lynn Swayze, and Bambi Swayze.
  • Famous for: Being Patrick Swayze’s brother

Sean Kyle Swayze was Born in Houston, Texas

Sean Kyle Swayze was born in October 1962. However, the exact day of his birth is not known. He was born in Houston, Texas, where he was also raised. Sean’s father was an engineering craftsman, but unfortunately, he died of alcoholism in 1982. His mother, Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze, worked as a film choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor before dying of a stroke in 2013. His mother’s passion for dance and entertainment seems to have rubbed off on Sean and his siblings as they all ended up being a part of the entertainment industry.

Meet Sean Swayze’s Brother and Other Siblings

Sean Kyle Swayze
Sean Swayze (4th from left) with his parents and siblings

Sean Kyle Swayze was blessed with four siblings – two brothers and two sisters. His brothers were Patrick Swayze and Don Swayze, and his sisters were Vickie Lynn Swayze and Bambi Swayze. Sean and his siblings did not have a perfect childhood. Their mother encouraged them to learn how to dance. She believed that dancing was a skill that would help them in the future, just as it was a means of income for her.

Patrick Swayze Died Of Pancreatic Cancer

Patrick Swayze was an American singer, actor, and dancer. He was born on the 18th of August 1952 and is older than Sean Swayze. Patrick was famous for being an actor and being People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive in 1991. He got married to Lisa Niemi in 1975, but they did not have children despite being married for 34 years.

In December 2007, after filming an episode of The Beast, Patrick felt some pain in his stomach. Three weeks later, he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was placed in chemotherapy, and an experimental drug – Vatalanib – was used for treatment with the hope that it could cut off blood supply to the tumor. Patrick seemed to be winning the battle over cancer; he even got back to his job. However, cancer in his pancreas had moved to his liver. On the 14th of September 2009, he gave up the ghost.

Vickie Lynn Committed Suicide

Vickie Lynn was Sean Swayze’s elder sister. She was born on the 8th of June 1949. Vickie Lynn was inspired by her mother to learn dancing. But the trauma of growing up in a hostile home was too much for her. Vickie became depressed, and after battling depression for years, she took her life by overdosing on a pill. Her death was a difficult truth to accept for her family members.

Bambi Swayze Is An Actress

Bambi Swayze is one of the surviving siblings of Sean Swayze. Her date of birth is not available to the public. However, she is known to be an actress. She has featured in movies like The Other Side and One Last Dance, but she is not as famous as her brother Patrick. She was married to Don Franzen, but they had a messy divorce.

Don Swayze Is A Famous Actor

Don Swayze is Sean Swayze’s elder brother and only serving brother. He was born on the 10th of August 1958 and is married to Charlene Lindstrom. Don is a famous actor and dancer, although not as popular as Patrick, he is more famous than his other siblings. Don has featured in movies and series like Urban Cowboy, Shy People, Edge of Honor, Death Ring, and Alamo: The Price of Freedom.

Sean Kyle Swayze Works In The Entertainment Industry

Sean Kyle Swayze
Sean and his late brother, Patrick Swayze

Sean Kyle Swayze may not be as popular as his elder brothers Patrick and Don, but he has built a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Like we have earlier started, the reason why he may not be so popular is that he works behind the scenes. He worked in the transportation department in the popular movie Letters From A Killer. Although not as successful as his brothers, Sean also has a successful career.

He Has Been Married to Jami Swayze Since 1988

Sean Swayze keeps his private life away from the public domain, and he has been successful with that over the years. However, he is not so private about his marital life. He is happily married to Jami Swayze and has been married for over three decades. His marriage to Jami has produced a daughter named Cassie Swayze. And fortunately for Sean and his wife, their daughter has made them grandparents of two lovely grandchildren.

Sean And Patrick’s Widow Are Not In Good Terms

The Swayze family and Patrick’s wife Lisa Niemi had a fall out in 2015. According to the family, Lisa sold everything that Patrick owned. The family planned to turn Patrick’s ranch into a museum, but she sold the ranch instead. According to the Swayze family, Lisa sold everything. Five years after Patrick’s death, Lisa got married to a billionaire and her late husband’s family, and it was as though she had forgotten Patrick so soon.

On the other hand, Lisa accused Patrick’s mother of being abusive. Sean Kyle Swayze debunked her claims, stating that no one was abusive, but Lisa was willing to do anything for money. As a result of all these, the Swayze family and Lisa do not see eye to eye. And since her marriage to the billionaire, Lisa distanced herself from her late husband’s family, including Sean.

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