Sean Edward Hartman Bio: All About Phil Hartman’s Son and What He Is Up To Now

Hollywood is no stranger to tragedy, some more sudden and unexpected than others but still as devastating. From accidental suicides to car crashes to mishaps on the set of movies or television shows, each death is still as unexpected and heartbreaking, leaving families, friends, colleagues, and fans alike feeling gutted and lost. One of such harrowing instances to hit Hollywood was the death of Phil Hartman, which saw him leave behind his young son Sean Edward Hartman and his sister. It has been years since the horrific experience that plucked Phil off the earth’s surface and his kids, which he left behind and now grown. Fans of the actor have wondered for years what have become of his survivors whose young age at the time the tragedy struck made the instance even more devastating.

Profile Summary of Sean Edward Hartman

  • Name: Sean Edward Hartman
  • Date of Birth: June 17th, 1989
  • Age: 32 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Parents: Phil and Brynn Hartman
  • Siblings: Birgen Anika Hartman
  • Alma Mater: Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  • Profession: Artist and musician
  • Net worth: Over $1 million

Sean Edward Hartman Was Born To SNL Star Phil Hartman

Sean Edward Hartman was born on June 17th, 1989, in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada to parents; Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman (née Omdahl). His father was an American actor and comedian who became a household name due to his work on Saturday Night Live, while his mother was a former model and aspiring actress. The couple also had another child together, a daughter by the name of Birgen Anika Hartman. Sean and his sister lived with their celebrity parents for the first nine years before tragedy struck; however, those years were not as peachy as one would think.

Sean Was 9 Years Old When His Mom Killed His Dad

Sean Edward Hartman
Sean Edward Hartman with dad and Mom (image source)

Sean Hartman’s parents’ marriage was on the rocks for some reasons, some of them being Brynn’s constant alcohol and drug use, jealousy over Phil’s success in Hollywood as opposed to her struggling one, and her physical and verbal abuse towards Phil due to aforementioned jealousy. With all that said, it was clear their marriage was not doing very well. However, what would usually end in a messy divorce in Hollywood instead ended with a murder-suicide that shook Hollywood to its core.

In the early hours of May 28th, 1998 (3 a.m. to be precise), following what was said to be a rather heated argument, Brynn Hartman walked up to Phil as he slept and shot him in the head, throat, and chest, killing him. Both their children were still on the premises when all these went down. Reports state that Brynn confessed to a friend who initially did not believe her but, upon arriving at the scene, subsequently called the police. Reports also say that while the police were escorting their children off the property, Brynn locked herself in a bedroom, where she later took her own life.

At the time of the incident, the Hartman siblings were aged nine and six, respectively, and as expected, were traumatized by the whole ordeal. The two were left under the care of their aunt from their mother’s side, Katherine Wright, and her husband, Mike Wright. The couple moved to Eau Claire, Northern Wisconsin, with the siblings but later moved to Edina, Minnesota, where they spent the rest of their childhood.

Sean Edward Hartman Became A Musician and Artist

Sean attended Edina High school and went on to pursue a degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design upon graduating. During his high school years, Sean was very involved in music and played with several bands. He once played the keyboard for a band named Metamorphis Mexico. He also played for Moonstone Consortium, and together they perform at bars and restaurants.

When Sean’s father died, he left them his estate, which at the time was valued at a little over a million dollars. However, the chunk of fortune was not given to them all at once but in bit parts. A third of it was given to him when he turned 25; half of the remaining was given after he clocked 30. Sead Edward Hartman would finish receiving his share of his father’s estate when he is 35 years old.

In addition to music, Sean is also into the arts as a visual artist. It is on record that he was the one who illustrated the poster for ‘Kimura’s Vengeance,’ a short film.

Where Is Sean Edward Hartman Now?

Sean continues to perform music and involve himself in visual arts. He currently resides in Oakland, California. Not a lot more information can be found publicly about Sean for the simple reason that he maintains a very private life and, unlike his sister, has no social media presence. He only seems to hold fame because of his parents and does not seem to pursue fame despite having a career in the arts.

While his sister has begun building a family with the love of her life, the state of Sean’s romantic life is rather difficult to figure out because he is yet to be linked to anyone and continues to maintain a very private life.

Sean’s Sister Birgen Got Married In 2018

Birgen Anika Hartman was born on February 8th, 1992. Like her elder brother, she also attended Edina High school, and after graduation, enrolled at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, where she earned a degree in communication and journalism.

Unlike her brother, Birgen is an avid social media user and shares insights into her life every now and then. According to reports, she was once a drug addict, and one can’t exactly blame her for going down that path, given her troubling childhood. However, she was able to kick the habit and has been drug-free ever since. She shared a post in 2018 in which she captioned six years drug-free today.

She met the love of her life, Brandon, and the two tied the knot on September 30th, 2018, at the Villa del Balbianello, Tremezzina, in Italy. While Birgen shares a great deal about herself online, she hasn’t shared much about her husband online. However, it is known that the two started a business together and seemed to be in a good place. She also has a net worth of over $1 million, a large portion of which is part of her inheritance.

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