Renee Portnoy Bio: Everything to Know About David Portnoy’s Ex-Wife

Renee Portnoy (born 5th May 1987, Age: 37 Years Old) is the ex-wife of David Portnoy, an American blogger and founder of the sports and popular culture blog Barstool Sports, which was acquired by Penn Entertainment.

While some celebrity marriages have managed to stay afloat even after secrets, lies, and full-blown scandals, most of them fall victim to the popularly dubbed “celebrity curse”. This leaves fan favorite celebrity couples torn beyond repair. That said, let’s take a look at yet another example of split fan favorites; the Portnoys.

Profile Summary of Renee Portnoy
  • Name: Renee Portnoy (nee Satterthwaite)
  • Date of Birth: 5th May 1987
  • Age: 37 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Abington, Massachusetts
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Dennis .R. Satterthwaite and Sheryl .L. Satterthwaite
  • Siblings: Lauren Satterthwaite
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Spouse: David Portnoy (married in 2009; divorced in 2017)
  • Kids: None
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Equestrian, Businesswoman and Social media influencer
  • Net worth: $4.5 million
  • Education: Boston University

Renee Portnoy Has Been An Equestrian From The Age of 8

Renee Portnoy (nee Renee Satterthwaite) was born on the 5th of May 1987, in Abington, Massachusetts, to veteran Dennis R. Satterthwaite and mother Sheryl L. Satterthwaite who was a nurse. The influencer has an older sister named Lauren Satterthwaite, who also works as a nurse and is a proud mother of two. Both sisters were raised as Christians and lived with their mother, following their parents’ divorce when Renee was just 6 years old.

She has revealed to the public that though her father had his own struggles at some point, her mother struggled to raise her and her sister. Just two years following their divorce, when Renee was 8 years old, she began riding horses, and although she was once thrown off a horse and kicked, she was not discouraged and has been riding ever since.

Her love for horseback riding explains why this celeb moonlights as an equestrian in a number of competitive equestrian events. Her interest in the sport also greatly influenced her decision to join the Smart-Pak Company; a company that offers a variety of equine centered products and services.

Renee attended a local high school in Abington and following her graduation in 2001, she went on to study at Boston University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Business in 2005. After graduation, Renee worked with a company that was into the production of animal supplements.

She Met Her Husband, David Portnoy, In Boston

When Renee Portnoy graduated from Boston University in 2005, she met David Portnoy that same year. David had just moved to the city to work for an IT firm called the Yankee Group fresh off earning a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Michigan.

The two started out as friends and slowly grew their friendship into a romantic relationship. Renee dated David Portnoy for three years before getting engaged in 2008. Following a year-long engagement, the two tied the knot in 2009 in a private ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.

Renee Portnoy was 22 years old at the time while David who was born on the 22nd of March 1977 in Swampscott Massachusetts and is 10 years older was 32 years old. David Portnoy has Jewish Parents named Michael and Linda Portnoy and attended Swampscott high school.

Renee Portnoy
Renee with David Portnoy image source

How Renee Portnoy Became the First Lady of Barstool Nation

David founded Barstool Sports in 2003 as a print publication which at first, served the Boston metropolis but as the popularity grew, its area of operation expanded and in 2007 they moved onto the internet. However, it was not until after his marriage to Renee that David rose to prominence as the founder of Barstool Sports. Throughout their eight-year-long marriage, though behind the scenes, Renee managed all of David’s business activities, putting her degree to good use by helping to boost the international reach of the Barstool blog, gaining international recognition. Renee was so popular with the Barstool community that fans dubbed her “the first lady of the Barstool Nation” and have continued to do so even after the couple split.

Before their split, Renee was a frequent user of the now-defunct app, “Vine” between 2013 and 2014. Her vines documented several aspects of her life that the media wasn’t privy to at the time, including her relationship with David, as well as her work with horses and rescue dogs. The couple had no kids, though pictures online of her with a toddler might suggest that they did but it is now clear that the toddler was in fact one of her older sister’s kids.

In 2010, while still married to David, Renee Portnoy joined the Smart-Pak Company as a senior buyer, pursuing her passion in the equestrian industry. With her quick wit and business savviness, she gradually rose through the ranks and was promoted to director of merchandising. Her association with Smart-Pak allows her to work with horses all day, she currently earns US$60,000 annually as an equine buyer. In 2012, she took up horseback riding again – in addition to her work with Smart-Pak (given that at the time, David and Renee owned a number of horses) – but this time competitively and has continued to do so ever since.

The Jordyn Hamilton Fiasco Led to the Couple’s Divorce

In 2016, following seven seemingly blissful years of marriage, their relationship was rocked when photographs of David and a woman identified to be Jordyn Hamilton came into public view, opening the floodgates of adultery rumors that soon took over the internet. By 2017, the two were legally separated and subsequently, they were amicably divorced. Renee was given a rather large settlement which included the couple’s 2 million dollar mansion in Nantucket (where she currently lives) while David carried on dating then-girlfriend, Jordyn Hamilton.

David and Jordyn dated for a short while but called it quits when, quite ironically, cheating rumors on Jordyn’s end surfaced. Both David and Renee Portnoy are still friendly towards each other and seem to support each other’s relationships. Renee still keeps David’s last name and as aforementioned, continues to work with him.

Where Is Renee Portnoy Now?

Renee Portnoy continues in her line of work to date and that includes her love for animals. A visit to her Instagram page reveals just how huge of an animal lover she is. She has posted many photos about her animal rescues and equestrian endeavors.

Renee volunteers with the Nantucket Island Safety Harbour for Animals (NISHA), going the extra mile, she also utilizes her Nantucket home as a dog foster home. Also for charity, Renee is also a champion of animal adoption and advises people who wish to keep pets to adopt rather than buy them from animal shelters.

Asides from her work with Smart-Pak and her equestrian career, Renée also earns money by leveraging her significant social media following on various platforms.

While there haven’t been a lot of rumors about who Renee is dating unlike David, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t still wondering. Her Instagram posts haven’t given us anything to latch on to in the past, seeing as most of her posts gravitate towards family, animal charity, and equestrian endeavors. However, this changed when Renée shared a picture of herself locking lips with a mystery man who looks a lot like MMA fighter John “Red Velvet” Clarke in October of 2021. She captioned the photo “Hoshi (her dog) needed a strong male role model in his life.” While she did not quite spill out in clear terms that this is the new man in her life, this is most likely the case.

Quick Facts

  1. Who is Renee Portnoy? Renee Portnoy, originally named Renee Satherthwaite, is an American equestrian, social media influencer, and ex-wife of David Portnoy. She is also known for her work as the director of merchandising at SmartPak, a company specializing in horse supplies and equine supplements.
  2. How did Renee Portnoy gain fame? Renee became known due to her relationship with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. She has also developed a reputation in the equestrian community and as a social media influencer.
  3. What is Renee Portnoy’s background in equestrian sports? Renee developed a passion for horses from a young age. She began horse riding when she was eight, later venturing into competitive horse riding and other equestrian activities after marrying Dave Portnoy.
  4. Where did Renee Portnoy study? Renee completed her high school studies in 2001 and later joined Boston University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations and Business.
  5. Is Renee Portnoy active on social media? Yes, she is a rising social media influencer with a growing audience. Her Instagram account has over 38 thousand followers and her Twitter account has over 32 thousand followers as of the information provided.
  6. What is Renee Portnoy’s net worth? As of the information provided, Renee Portnoy’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her net worth is mainly attributed to earnings from her employment at SmartPak and her endeavours as an equestrian.
  7. What is Renee Portnoy’s relationship status? Renee Portnoy was once married to Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. However, they divorced in 2017 after eight years of marriage. As of the information provided, she is rumored to be in a relationship.
  8. What is Renee Portnoy’s involvement in animal rescue? Renee is the founder of Renee Rescues, an organisation based in Boston, Nantucket, and Wellington, that rescues and fosters needy puppies.
  9. What is Renee Portnoy’s current job? Renee currently works at SmartPak as the director of merchandising.
  10. What are some fast facts about Renee Portnoy’s physical attributes? Renee stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimetres) tall. Her weight is estimated to be 121 pounds (55 kilograms). Her measurements are 34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 centimetres).
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