Nicole Garippo Bio: Inside the Life of Anthony Dale’s Wife

It has become common for ordinary people to suddenly gain public interest by marrying or becoming associated with public figures and celebrities. One of such people is Nicole Garippo. Nicole Garippo is an American fashion/costume designer skilled in making beautiful clothes and currently works for Body Language Sportswear. Her claim to fame arises from her marriage to American actor Ian Anthony Dale.

Nicole Garippo’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Nicole Garippo
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Unite States of America
  • Nicole Garippo’s Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Nicole Garippo’s Husband: Anthony Dale
  • Children: 2
  • Siblings: Vanessa Garippo (Sister)
  • Nicole Garippo’s Net Worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Anthony Dale
  • Instagram: @nicgdale
  • Twitter: @nicgarippo

Nicole Garippo was Raised in California, United States

Nicole Garippo is a white Caucasian female who was born in the United States of America. She lives a very private life which has led to very little information regarding her date of birth, place of birth, parents’ identity, and other basic information about her formative years. She hasn’t even revealed where she had her pre-school and high school.

However, one thing that cannot be overlooked is that she has spent most of her adult life in California, where she got her college degree from California State University. She grew up alongside her older sister named Vanessa.

She is a Very Talented and Successful Fashion Designer

Information regarding her time as a student at California State University is sketchy at best. Hawaii-based costume designer, Nicole Garippo, got her first breakthrough as a costume coordinator in the biographical crime drama film, Big Eyes in 2014. She later worked as a costume production assistant in the romantic drama movie, By the Sea in 2015. Her impressive Hollywood portfolio includes active responsibilities in movies such as Alice Through the Looking Glass, Into the Woods, War Dogs, and Nocturnal Animals.

Currently, Nicole is part of the super talented creative team of Body Language Sportswear. This brand specializes in all kinds of fitness and sports clothes and was primarily founded to meet the needs of women in the sports world. Currently, there are 71 products in total, which include flexible leggings and classy sports tops.

Through sheer hard work and discipline added to a staunch dedication to her profession, Nicole Garippo has amassed a sizable financial fortune that is unrelated to her connection to Ian Anthony Dale. She is reportedly worth $1 million, a net worth she has accumulated from her work in Hollywood and as a creative designer. Her rise to celebrity wife status has only drawn public attention to a woman whose excellent designs have established her as one of the most elegant designers in her profession.

Nicole Garippo is Happily Married to American Actor Ian Anthony Dale

It is unclear how they met, but Nicole Garippo had been in a romantic relationship with Anthony for two years before their wedding. The beautiful designer got married to her longtime boyfriend, Ian Anthony Dale, on October 8, 2016. The lavish and classy ceremony took place at a New American restaurant, Cliff’s Edge, in Los Angeles, California.

The momentous and joyous occasion was witnessed by close friends and family members. Dale dazzled in a dark blue suit, white long-sleeved shirt, and a tie that matched the color of his suit. He finished the sparkling attire with a white flower in his left breast pocket. Nicole also looked fabulous in a simple but elegantly designed white lace sleeveless wedding gown. The marriage celebrated in October 2016 has been going strong for over five years.

Her Marriage to Dale Brought Her into the Limelight

Garippo’s job as a fashion and costume designer is by no means boring. On several occasions, the profession has allowed her to design costumes for movies. However, the glamor of being the wife of a celebrity, such as Ian Anthony Dale, completely changed her profile in the mainstream media.

Suddenly, she stopped being just a dedicated and talented fashion designer. Her romantic involvement and eventual marriage to Dale meant she had to take on the additional responsibility of being a celebrity wife. While being married to Anthony Dale has not diminished her quite adept skill in her profession, the added scrutiny from the media and general public has made her quite famous.

The Couple Has Two Beautiful Children

The union has yielded two healthy children so far. The couple announced the birth of their first child, a boy named Roman Anthony, almost a year after their wedding. The boy came into the world at 9:55 AM on August 23, 2017. Three years later, they welcomed a baby girl in February 2020.

While it has become a disheartening truth that certain women sacrifice their careers on the altar of the growth and happiness of their children and families, it is still a refreshing and pleasant experience to see couples who prioritize their children’s overall well-being. Nicole and her husband Anthony share a very peaceful and productive home environment, which they intentionally set up to give their children a very happy and stable home conducive to proper growth and development.

Aside from periodic social media posts from both Nicole and Anthony featuring pictures of their children, the couple decided to keep details of the lives of their young offspring away from media scrutiny and attention. This decision to not reveal facets of their children’s lives has even led to a lack of information regarding their children’s names or birth dates.

Nicole Garippo Is Happy She Married Her Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief that celebrity marriages are often shallow and not rooted in any strong values, Nicole Garippo has not had any reason to doubt Anthony Dale’s love and devotion to her and their children. Anthony took to Instagram a week after their wedding to express his overwhelming happiness at having married the love of his life.

Nicole, not to be outdone by her husband, stated that he was her best friend and that she was glad to have married him. The birth of their son and witnessing firsthand the relationship she and Anthony have with him further strengthened her conviction that she married the right man.

She thanked him for his care and devotion to their son in an Instagram post shortly after the birth of Roman Anthony. Their marriage has so far been devoid of controversy or unwanted scandal. The couple regularly points out that the secret to their healthy and happy union has been strong devotion and trust in their love for each other.

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