Who Is Mina Kimes’ Husband? Is She Still Married To Nick Sylvester

Nick Sylvester is still the husband of Mina Kimes, 7 years after they got married in 2015. Mina Kimes is a Journalist who has worked with many media outfits, including Bloomberg News and ESPN, while Nick is a producer and music executive. 

Nick and Mina have maintained a rather private life, keeping most things about their marriage and relationship away from the public. They both have some things in common, including the fact that they have both written for various media outfits. While Nick wrote for Pitchfork, Mina wrote for Fortune magazine. Here is a look at their marriage and Nick’s life.

Who Is Mina Kimes’ Husband?

As stated, Mina Kimes’ husband is Nick Sylvester. Although the actual year of his birth is not known, it is public knowledge that he celebrates his birthday on July 6. Of American nationality and white ethnicity, he was brought up in Philadelphia, United States, alongside four younger siblings.


While growing up, he had an interest in becoming a musician, and this led him to later perform at weddings and bar mitzvahs, where he played the trumpet. He got his early education from St. Joe’s Prep, and then he proceeded to Harvard University, where he studied Computer Music.

He has had a rather interesting career, first as a member of an “immersive ‘stunt’ journalism project,” which was initially seen as a punk rock music band. The three-man group has Adam Moerder and Matt Morello as its other members. The group released musical projects such as The Ultimate in Luxury (2014), Trash Hit (2011), and Mr. Dream Goes to Jail (2010).

More than just being in a band, he is also a music executive and producer who worked with Godmode Music which he co-founded. He is also behind the company SmartDumb, which is registered as a music label and production outfit.

Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester Met Through Mutual Friends

The love story of Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester is said to have begun in 2012. Although there is no clear information on when and how they met, it has been made known that their first meeting was through their mutual friends. Soon afterward, they fell in love and began their relationship.

While it remains unclear when exactly they became an item, the first photo of Nick on Mina’s Instagram handle appeared in June 2012, and since then, more of his photos continue to grace her social media pages.

There are some reports that claim the couple dated for two years before getting married in 2014, but it later emerged that they tied the knot on 20 September 2015. The ceremony was held at Material Culture in Philly, and it was graced by the family members and close friends of the couple.

Is Mina Kimes Still Married?

Mina Kimes is still married to Nick Sylvester, 7 years after they walked down the aisle. More than that, they seem to be very much in love and are very private about their personal dealings except for the periodic sharing of each other’s photos on social media.

For now, they are still yet to have any kids together, but they share their home with their dog, Lenny, which has been a part of the couple’s life even before they got married. The canine had a role it played during their wedding, as the day was described as “Lenny Big Day”.

Nick Sylvester and His Wife Have Stayed Away From Controversies

Unlike many other celebrity marriages that are crippled by scandals and controversies, Nick and Mina have managed to stay away from any kind of scandal and controversy. There has never been any report about them relating to cheating or divorce.

The only controversy associated with either of them was many years before they met in 2006, when Nick became a subject of controversy when he was a senior associate editor at The Village Voice. The scandal he was involved in was related to a cover story he was said to have fabricated. Sylvester owned up to coming up with a story that never happened, and then he apologized after he was fired by the platform.

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