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What would you do if the doctors diagnosed you with a terminal disease and told you that you had only a few months to live? Many will simply give up on life, while some others may decide to throw all caution to the wind and live like it’s their last days. Yet, for some others, they may decide to hang in there and fight against all odds, and this is exactly what Mike Mora is doing. Mike Mora is a Colombian-American photographer and realtor. He is also popular as the husband of the award-winning American singer, songwriter, and chef, Kelis. Mora and Kelis got married in 2014, and it was their hope that they would go on to last forever. However, that hope is threatened by cancer, but they refuse to let it steal their joy.

Profile Summary of Mike Mora

  • Full name: Mike Mora
  • Date of birth: 1979
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Colombian-American
  • Birthplace: New York
  • Spouse: Kelis (m. 2014)
  • Children: Shepherd and Galilee
  • Stepson: Knight

Mike Mora is a Native New Yorker but has Colombian Origins

Not a lot of personal details abound about Mike Mora but what does exist is interesting. Mora was born in the year 1979 in New York City. He has American nationality and is of Colombian ancestry, going by the flag that is proudly displayed on his Instagram handle. Mike Mora most likely spent his formative years in the United States and completed his education there. He, however, remained in touch with his roots.

He has spent some good period of time living in Colombia and waxes poetically about the country any chance he gets. In several of his Facebook posts, Mike Mora has hailed the country as one of the finest coffee regions in the world whilst posting jaw-dropping pictures of stunning houses surrounded by the unbeatable lush vegetation of nature.

Mike Mora and Kelis Began Dating in the Early 2010s and Secretly Got Married in December 2014

Mike Mora and Kelis first commenced their relationship in the early 2010s and conducted their romance out of the public eye. Afterward, they tied the knot secretly and out of the spotlight. The couple’s exact wedding date is not known, but it is presumed to be around December 2014, given that this was when Mora started referring to Kelis as his wife on Instagram. The couple has now been married for more than seven years, and their union appears to be going perfectly. The marriage is the first for Mike Mora, while it is the second for Kelis.

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The singer-cum-chef was previously married to a legendary hip-hop artist, Nas. They were regarded as one of the coolest couples in the music industry and had some good times together. Their marriage lasted for five years, and they welcomed a son named Knight in July 2009. The couple later divorced in bitter circumstances in 2010. Since the split, the couple has gone to court several times over shared custody of their son. Kelis has also accused Nas of being physically abusive and unfaithful, which made her file for divorce.

The Couple Has Two Children – Shepherd and Galilee

Mike Mora and Kelis have been married for more than seven years now, and their love story keeps going on strong. The couple previously resided in the city of L.A., but after the summer of 2019, Kelis decided that she had had enough of being stuck in the city. They, therefore, moved to a 24-acre farm located outside L.A. The farm features a vegetable garden, a greenhouse, and animals such as chickens, goats, and cows. The couple does all the tending by themselves and loves their new location as it is a great place to raise kids. Mora and Kelis welcomed their first child together, Shepherd, in November 2015, and Mora took to his Instagram page to share the good news with dirty diapers and busy dads.

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The couple welcomed a daughter named Galilee in September 2020. This time, Kelis did the honors of announcing her birth and shared a picture of the little infant grabbing her finger. She stated that she was a naturally private person but really wanted to let in people this time around so that they could talk about the stuff that women go through silently. Mora and Kelis, together with their kids, all make their home on the California farm. Another important member of their family is Kelis’ son, Knight, from her first marriage. In fact, as Mora tells it, he has a total of three kiddos.

He Has Built A Career As A Photographer and Realtor

Mike Mora makes his living as a realtor and photographer. A perusal of his Facebook page will show that his realty business was most active around 2016, with properties both in California and Colombia. Most of his listed houses in the U.S. were located in Studio City and were quite pricy, starting from $719,000 and above. His Colombia properties were also exquisitely designed, which means that they must have gone for a hefty sum, and he, in turn, would have earned a good salary as well. Asides from real estate, Mike Mora is also a talented photographer.

He is passionate about his craft and is versed in several genres such as fine art, portraits, lifestyle, and many more. Some of Mike Mora’s stunning photographs can be viewed on his Instagram account. He also has a website where he sells his personalized photos and services. The native New Yorker is certainly a multi-talented fellow, and this is a trait that he shares with his spouse, Kelis. She is a singer as well as a trained chef. Kelis first began singing after high school and went on to drop her first album, Kaleidoscope, at the age of 20. This was in 1999, and the album was successful in several countries, including the U.K.

Kelis has since struggled with record label issues, but she has managed to drop a few more albums which have spurred hit songs such as Milkshake, 4th of July, and Trick Me. Away from music, Mike Mora’s wife is also a trained saute chef. She spent four years honing her craft at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and has now released a cookbook as well as a sauce line. She has also starred in multiple cooking shows such as Cooked with Cannabis and Saucy and Sweet. In 2014, Kelis combined her passion for food and music by dropping an album named Food. It reached No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and had aptly-titled singles such as Jerk Ribs, Rumble, and Friday Fish Fry.

Mike Mora was Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer in September 2020

Mike Mora and Kelis have led a private life since their marriage and absolutely prefer it like that. The couple has now come under an intense spotlight after Mora was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2020. The road to such devastating news began when the photographer noticed a strong pain in his stomach followed by pain in the back and loss of appetite. He initially put it down to the hard farm work but later began suspecting an ulcer. When things refused to get better, Mike Mora visited the hospital where he saw multiple specialists. An endoscopic biopsy was conducted on him, and the verdict was that he was suffering from gastric adenocarcinoma or stage 4 stomach cancer.

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Even more chilling, the doctors gave him only 18 months to live. This was a devastating diagnosis, and Mora decided to cope in the ways that he could. He faced his treatments at the hospital. He also took to social media to inform the world of the sad news. He has been documenting his journey ever since with posts and pictures and has revealed that he aims to assist and give hope to those experiencing something similar. It hasn’t been easy for the photographer. He has agonized over the fact that he has a beautiful wife and three kids with his whole life ahead of him. Therefore, he has urged people to realize that life is too short and not to take their loved ones for granted.

Mike Mora’s social media posts have led to an outpouring of good wishes from people worldwide. This has assisted him, but things don’t seem to be looking up. He took to Instagram in October 2021 to reveal that doctors can no longer do anything about his sickness but have told him to look for solutions on his own. He described the latest outcome as scary days and stated that the story would continue. Through this whole dilemma, Mike Mora’s wife has yet to address his issues publicly. One cannot blame her, seeing as she faces the prospective loss of her beloved husband.

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