Meet Taj Knight – Suge Knight’s Son

Taj Knight (born in 1991; Age: 33 years old) is the son of Suge Knight. His father, a former American music executive and the co-founder of CEO of Death Row Records had him with his former partner, Davine Barnes.

While Taj is popularly known for being Suge Knight’s son, he doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with the convicted felon. Because of Suge’s series of run-ins with the law, he wasn’t around to raise his son. Taj was solely raised by his mother while his father jumped from one criminal activity to the other. Suge also jumped from one relationship to another, giving Taj seven siblings.

Summary of Taj Knight’s Bio

  • Full name: Taj Knight
  • Nickname: Taj
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1991
  • Taj Knight’s Age: 33 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Taj Knight’s Parents: Suge Knight and Davine Barnes
  • Siblings: Seven (Arion, Posh, Bailei, Legend, Andrew, Suge Jacobs, and Sosa Knight)
  • Famous for: being the son of Suge Knight

How Old is Taj Knight?

Taj Knight is 33 years old at the moment. Records have it that he was born sometime in 1991. However, his exact date of birth remains unknown to the public.

Taj was born somewhere in the United States of America to his famous father, Suge Knight, and his then-girlfriend, Davine Barnes. The oldest of Suge Knight’s eight children, Taj was born when his father was around 26 years old. Suge was born on the 19th of April 1965 and is currently 59 years old.

Taj is a citizen of the United States of America and of mixed ethnic heritage. On his father’s side, he is an African American. The ethnic identity of his mother is not clear, but it is known that got his mixed ethnicity partly from her. In terms of his early life and upbringing, much is yet to be learned. Information regarding things like the schools he attended is not known to the public. We can only confirm that he was solely raised by his mother in Atlanta, Georgia.

Because of his father’s fame, and his never-ending run-ins with the law, Taj’s mother was very protective of him when he was a kid. This goes a long way in explaining why much isn’t known about Taj Knight’s childhood. Now an adult, Taj continues to get public attention because of his father. While many would capitalize on this to forge a career, this hasn’t been the case with Taj who continues to evade public attention.

What Does Suge Knight’s Son, Taj Knight, Do for a Living?

Suge Knight’s son is a healthcare analytics consultant who works as a lead associate at Willis Towers Watson in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been working with the company since December 2020. Taj Knight helps the company manage broad client projects, analyze and evaluate health plan financial performance, and as well manage customer relationships.

Before this, he had worked with other companies like Mercer and Vendor Team Services. Taj graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business in 2016. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Business Economics from the institution. The same year he obtained his BBA degree, sometime in June 2016, he began his career journey with Vendor Team Services as a retail analyst.

He worked with the establishment for only a few months as he left in October 2016. It was in February 2017 that he joined Mercer as a government consulting analyst. He worked in that capacity for a year before he was promoted to serve the company as a senior government consulting analyst. Two years and a month later, he was again promoted to the position of associate consultant. He held this post for nearly a year before he left to join Willis Towers Watson where he still works.

Suge Knight Children
First of Suge Knight children Taj Knight image source

Who is Taj Knight’s Mother?

Taj Knight’s mother is Davine Barnes. She is a former girlfriend of Taj’s father, Suge Knight; the first woman with whom he had a child. Davine Barnes is an American woman and she has lived in the United States of America all her life. Outside of these facts, nothing else is known about her. This is so because she only gained public attention through her relationship with Suge Knight.

It is hard to tell what Davine Barnes has been up to. She disappeared from the limelight after her relationship with Suge packed up and devoted her life to raising their son Taj. According to reports, she raised Tag completely alone and received no child support from his father. She clearly did a great job as Taj grew up to become a responsible adult, unlike his father who has been in and out of prison.

Davin Barnes’ whereabouts are uncertain but it is believed that she lives somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. It is not known if she ever got married and only those close to her can tell if she has a romantic partner.

Taj Knight’s Parents Dated from 1989 to 1991

Taj Knight’s parents Davine Barnes and Suge Knight never got married, but they reportedly dated from 1989 to 1991 when Davine gave birth to Taj. Details of their relationship are not readily available to the public. It is not known when they met, how they met, what attracted them to each other, and what made them fall in love.

As for why they parted ways, it is believed that Suge’s irresponsible lifestyle contributed to it. Also, he was romantically involved with multiple women. Although he never got married to Taj’s mother, he has been married twice. His first was to his high school lover, Sharitha, but the marriage only lasted for a while because of Suge’s ways with women.

He got married a second time to American R&B singer, Michel’ Le Denise Toussant. Toussant who had been married to Dr. Dre got married to Suge in 1999 while he was in prison. She divorced him six years later but would soon learn that the marriage was not valid as Suge was still married to Sharitha.

Taj Knight Has Seven Siblings

Thanks to his father’s involvement with multiple women, Taj Knight has seven half-siblings:

  1. Bailei Knight
  2. Suge Jacob Knight
  3. Sosa Knight
  4. Legend Knight
  5. Posh Knight
  6. Arion Knight
  7. Andrew Knight

As Suge Knight had his eight children with multiple women and has hardly been involved in their upbringing, it is not certain if Taj has any relationship with his half-siblings. His father would have played the role of building a bond between Taj and his siblings but he has been very busy with the law for his criminal activities.

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