Meet Sheri Maund, Erik Charles Maund’s Wife

Sheri Maund is a US-based mother of one best known for being the wife of Erik Charles Maund – former American naval commander and automobile dealer who was indicted in the murder of his girlfriend, Holly Williams, and her boyfriend, Williams Lanway.

Sheri’s professional life has never attracted public attention, but her husband Erik belongs to the Maund family that is listed among the dealers of automobiles in Austin.

Summary of Sheri Maund’s Biography

  • Full Name: Sheri Maund
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sheri Maund’s Husband: Erik Charles Maund
  • Sheri Maund’s Children: Dough Maund
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Erik Charles Maund

When Was Sheri Maund Born?

The birth details of Sheri Maund cannot be accessed anywhere on the internet space since the mother of one is no celebrity. She only became a subject of public interest after her husband, Erik Charles Maund, got entangled in a murder case.

To date, nothing has been said about Sheri’s parents, family background, siblings, and place of birth. The details of her academic journey have also remained under the shade.

What Does Sheri Maund Do For A Living?

As earlier mentioned, it was Sheri Maund’s husband, Erik, that earned public attention for negative reasons, and that is why his personal and professional life came under critical scrutiny.

However, since Sheri never partook in her husband’s nefarious activities, her privacy was somewhat respected. Consequently, nothing was revealed about her professional life, and it was not stated if she was involved in her spouse’s automobile business.

When did Sheri Maund Become Erik Charles Maund’s Wife?

Sheri Maund is listed as the wife of former US Naval officer and automobile dealer Erik Charles Maund. Still, sadly, the details of their union never surfaced anywhere on the internet. Sheri maintained a cap on her personal life despite the reporting frenzy that followed the discovery of Erik’s murder crime.

It is difficult to say how long their union lasted since their wedding date was never disclosed, but according to reports, the couple was married long enough to have a son named Dough. Reports also said Dough was still very young when his father went in for murder.

To the outside world, Sheri and her husband Erik appeared to be living in marital bliss until it came to light that the car dealer was cheating on his wife with a Nashville lady named Holly Williams. This unpalatable piece of info became public knowledge after the car dealer conspired to murder Holly alongside her boyfriend Williams Lanway, whom she teamed up with to blackmail Erik.

Though the murder case that erupted from the incident was well publicized, Sheri Maund’s interest appeared to be protected. The public was not intimated about how the ensuing legal issues affected her, and nothing has been communicated about the current status of their relationship with Erik, whether they are still married, separated, or divorced.

Who is Sheri Maund’s Husband, Erik Charles Maund

Erik Charles Maund previously served with the US Navy as a commander but is currently working in the automobile industry. He is the grandson of one of the founders of an Austin-based car dealership company known as Maund Automotive Group.

Erik burst into the limelight for conspiring with Israeli military veterans Gilad Peled, Bryon Brockway, and Adam Carey in the murder of his former girlfriend, Holly Williams, and her boyfriend, who was blackmailing Erik with threats to expose his dalliance with Holly to his wife.

Erik paid the murderers $750,000 to get the job done. But unfortunately, they were caught by the authorities and currently languishing in prison.

Where is Sheri Maund Now?

Erik Charles Maund has been in prison for quite a long time, but the whereabouts of his wife, Sheri, have never been disclosed. Though the media and the general public have expressed curiosity about the fate of the mother of one, Sheri’s info has continued to elude them.

People have since concluded that she is tucked away somewhere in the US, taking care of her child, and from what is obvious, she is doing a good job of protecting herself and her little boy.


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