Meet Noah Pérez, Chris Pérez’s Son With His Second Wife Vanessa Villanueva

Noah Pérez is a 18-year-old Mexican-American primarily known as the son of guitarist and songwriter Chris Pérez and his second wife Vanessa Villanueva.

The most prominent theme is that children of celebrities are usually born into the limelight, although the level of popularity may vary. Their relationship with a celebrity confers a certain level of fame to them as well. However, some turn out to be more popular than others, just as in the case of Noah Perez. He is the son of famous guitarist Chris Perez and businesswoman Vanessa Villanueva. His fame was initially generated due to being the offspring of a well-known father and having a quite popular businesswoman as his mother. As time passed on, his fame grew as a result of his illness.

He started attracting more attention from people after his illness was revealed, and he grew into it. Noah is no longer known as just a celebrity’s child but as one with an illness. This differentiates him from the other ‘celebrity kids’ as his name is found in the mouth of people due to topics related particularly to him. Questions are rising about him, and people want to know more about his personal life. This article will give us insight into the life of the young Noah Perez.

Profile Summary of Noah Perez

  • Name: Noah Perez
  • Date of Birth: April 5th, 2005
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Place of birth: Texas, United States of America
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Ethnicity: Mexican
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Parents: Chris Perez and Vanessa Villaneuva
  • Siblings: Cassie Perez
  • Hobbies: Playing instruments

The Life of Noah Perez is Kept Mostly Private

Noah Perez and his parents are private people. His parents have done their best to keep his life private, but there is still little information about him in the open. Noah was born on April 5th, 2005, in Texas, United States of America. Therefore, he is currently 18 years old. He was born to the famous musician and author Chris Perez and actress Vanessa Villanueva. Noah has been in the limelight right from birth, given that he’s also the first son of the couple.

At the moment, there is no information regarding his schooling. Although Noah was born in America, he is of mixed ethnicity as his father is Mexican, making him only American by place of birth. He is a Caucasian and a white native. His fame is a result of his celebrity parents. Noah Perez does not have distinctive features like tattoos or piercings. He is 160cm tall, equal to 5 feet, 5 inches, and weighs 123 pounds, equivalent to 56kg.

His Father, Chris Perez, is A Famous Guitarist and Author

Christopher Perez was born on August 14th, 1969, to Carmen Medina and Gilbert Perez in San Antonio, Texas. He is of Mexican-American ethnicity, giving him a mixed origin. Chris’ parents divorced in 1974 when he was only four years. Carmen remarried in 1978. Chris began to learn to play the French horn in middle school, and with his mother’s support, he joined his school’s band. He decided to learn electric guitar, not minding disapproval from his mother and building on himself.

Perez wanted to run away to Los Angeles when he was seventeen in the hope of starting a rock band. At the time, he worked in a library while living with his father. He was asked to join Tony Lares’ cousin band in 1986, which he did. He became the band’s music director, and he co-wrote three songs for its debut album in 1989. From here on, his guitar-playing skills attracted people, and his popularity began to rise.

After his two marriages crashed, he found love in music again. In 1998, he formed a rock band with Garza, Rudy Martinez, Joe Ojeda, and Jesse Esquivel. The band was signed to Hollywood Records and went to A&M Studios in Los Angeles. The Chris Perez Band was the opening act for the Mexican band Mana. Some of the bands’ songs have gotten international recognition, including Grammy awards. He wrote a book in 2012, and he says he wants to make it a series. Until the release of the book, he kept quiet about his private life and shied away from the media’s attention. Overall, Chris Perez is a successful Mexican-American songwriter, guitarist, and author.

Noah’s Mother is an Actress and Businesswoman

Noah Perez
Vanessa Villanueva (image source)

Vanessa Villanueva was born in 1971 to her parents in the US, with the date and month unknown. Her age is estimated to be 52 years. She has a Mexican background, even though she was born in the USA. Vanessa attended the University of California, but the course she studied was unknown. Her acting career saw the light of day in the 2011 movie Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. She also played Gaby Valdez in the 2015 series Forgotten Memories.

The first movie deals with supernatural powers and movement between galaxies, while the latter is a fotonovela on the prevention and treatment of dementia. Her major fame is as a result of her marriage to a celebrity. She is no longer in the acting scene. Vanessa now runs a nail salon and private spa called V’s Day Spa located in Portland, Texas, USA. Like the father of her children, she is also established and successful.

The Couple Divorced Three Years After Noah Perez Was Born

Seven years into the marriage of Vanessa and Chris, the couple announced that they were going their separate ways. It appeared that the marriage was one-sided, as Vanessa was the only one putting actual efforts into the success of the marriage. Chris was still hung up on the death of his first wife, Selena. He resorted to addictive alcohol and drug usage, with subsequent inattention to their family. Their relationship became strained, and they had no option but to get divorced.

Considering Noah was born in 2005, there is a possibility that he was birthed while the couple was having issues. However, his parents were still married when he was conceived and birthed. Noah was three years old when his parents decided to part ways. There is a good chance he had no idea what was happening and was not significantly affected by the separation.

Noah Perez Has Down Syndrome

There have been rumors surfacing that Noah Perez has down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic condition that causes mild to severe physical and mental developmental problems. His parents have refused to either confirm or bash the claims. His sister posted pictures of him with a caption that ended with ‘#downsyndrome.’ This seemed to confirm what everyone was suspecting.

Noah Perez is Keenly Interested in Music

The 18-year-old has begun to tread in the path of his father. They spend time together learning musical instruments, and it seems Noah is catching up. Musical instruments such as guitar and piano are at the forefront of what he is currently trying to master.

Noah also has an elder sister who shares their father’s love for music. Cassie Perez was born in 1998 and is 24 years old. They grew up together, and they all have an amazing relationship. She also plays the guitar and considers the musical instrument her best friend. Cassie is known for her immense love for her brother and posts him on her Instagram page often.

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