Meet Kenna Tota – Christina Milian’s Son With M. Pokara

Kenna Tota (born 23rd April 2021; Age: 2) is the third child of Christina Milian, the popular American singer and actress. His father is M. Pokora, who is a known French singer.

Kenna is only 2 years old. Despite this, he is already a mini-celebrity, thanks to the fact that his parents are famous personalities. The paparazzi and news media capture his outings with his parents. He also makes a regular appearance on his parents’ Instagram pages with fans commenting on how cute his looks and antics are.

Summary of Kenna Tota’s Biography

  • Full name: Kenna Tota
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 23rd of April 2021
  • Kenna Tota’s Age: 2 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian and Afro-Latina
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Religion: christinaity
  • Marital Status: single
  • Kenna Tota’s Parents: Christina Milian and M pokora (real name – Matthieu Tota)
  • Siblings: Vanessa Madison Nash and Isiah Tota
  • Kenna Tota’s Height in Inches: 3 feet 0 inch
  • Kenna Tota’s Height in Centimetres: 94
  • Kenna Tota’s Weight: 14 kg
  • Kenna Tota’s Net worth: $200,000
  • Famous for: Christina Milian’s son

Kenna Tota is the Second Child That Christina Milian and M Pokora have Together

Kenna Tota is 2 years old. He was born on the 23rd of April 2021. His mother is an award-winning singer and actress named Christina Milian while his father is a popular French singer named M. Pokora who specializes in pop music as well as R&B. Kenna’s parents began dating in August 2017 and remain together to date.

They have welcomed two kids together, the second of which is Kenna, and magazine reports from France have it that the couple tied the knot privately in December 2020. While this remains to be confirmed, one thing that is not in doubt is the love they have for their son.

When Kenna was born, both of his parents shared the news about his birth on their respective social media handles. His mom shared a picture of herself cradling him and declared that she was thankful and blessed. She described the journey from conception to that moment as an adventure and revealed that the little baby was full of superactive energy.

He Has a Mixture of Caucasian and Afro-Latina Ethnicities

Kenna Tota has American nationality courtesy of his mom and French nationality as a result of his dad. In a similar vein, the young man has a mixture of Caucasian and Afro-Latina ethnicities. Kenna gets his Caucasian ancestry from his French father. His Afro-Latina roots then come from his mother, Christina Milian.

Milian has described herself as Cuban and Afro-Latina. She is quite proud of her heritage and is determined to instill the same in all of her kids including Kenna. She does it by cooking native foods as well as teaching them the Spanish language etc.

Kenna has Two Siblings – Violet Madison and Isiah

Kenna Tota is not only going to experience a lot of love from his parents as he grows up but also from his siblings. The young chap has two already and amongst them is an elder half-sister named Violet Madison. Violet was born on the 26th of February 2010 and is about 11 years older than him. They share the same mother but have different fathers. Violet’s father is Christina Milian’s ex-husband named The Dream.

The second sibling that Kenna Tota has is an elder brother named Isiah. Isiah was born on the 20th of January 2020. This makes him a year and three months older than Kenna. Kenna spends a lot of quality time with his siblings. A trip to his mom’s Instagram page will show him and his brother going out to parks or simply dancing in the house. There are also pictures of him and his elder half-sister together.

He and his Siblings are a Big Fan of their Mother’s Pastry Brand, Beignet Boxes

Kenna Tota’s parents often speak about him in interviews and through this means, we are able to gain insight into what the young chap is all about. For instance, Kenna and his siblings are big fans of the pastry produced by their mom’s pastry brand Beignet Boxes. Beignet Boxes specializes in traditional New Orleans pastry.

They also offer drinks such as sweet tea and coffee and Christina Milian has revealed that her children are big fans of the pastry. She has also shared pictures of Kenna and his siblings hanging out at the Beignet Boxes outlet located in Studio City.

Kenna Tota has also Taken Interest in Music, Dancing, and Football

Asides from the sweet pastry produced by Beignet Boxes, Kenna Tota is also keen on music, dancing, and football. On the 10th of February 2023, His mom shared a video of him and his elder brother watching a Michael Jackson clip in her room. A visibly excited Kenna could be seen paying rapt attention to the clip and also moving his body vigorously.

Christina Milian described the late MJ as a legend and stated that she was simply exposing her kids to the greatest to ever do it. She also commented on how the clip totally grabbed the attention of Kenna and his brother.

Another hobby that Kenna Tota is likely to pick up is football or better still soccer. His paternal grandfather, André Tota, is a retired professional soccer player and his dad even aspired to also play. His dad later decided to focus on music but that did not stop the singer’s love for football, a love that he is also determined to pass on to his kids.

Kenna’s mom has shared pictures of the family hanging out at West Hollywood Park and Kenna’s dad can be seen in the clip, juggling a football along.

Kenna Tota Lives in West Hollywood with the Rest of his Family Members

Kenna Tota presently lives in Beverly Grove, West Hollywood with his parents and siblings. The family’s home is an astonishing four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion worth $4.3 million. Some of the awesome features include a seven-seat home theatre, a plunge-sized swimming pool, and spa, a small outdoor kitchen with a grill, and a shaded lounging deck.

Given his age, Kenna is still some years from school but there is no disputing the fact that his parents will get him a quality education when that time comes. His parents meanwhile take care not to reveal certain private details about him but they often speak about his antics. They also often share snapshots of him on their respective social media pages.

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