Meet Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s Parents and Family Members

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s parents are Maria Milagros Camacho, a former long jumper and sprinter, and James Quinn, a former hurdler. Jasmine has one sibling, Robert Quinn, who was born on May 18, 1990. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s brother is a successful NFL player.

Jasmine is very close to both parents, who have played huge roles in her success at the Olympics and other competitions. Thanks to her mother’s lineage, she represented Puerto Rico at the Olympics, and her dad saw to her early training in hurdling and track.

Who Are Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s Parents?

They are Maria Camacho and James Quinn. It is common knowledge that Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s parents were active in athletics during their youthful days. James and Maria were among the known athletes at Charleston Southern who specialized in running track.

It goes without saying that the young Olympic gold medalist has athletic blood flowing through her veins. With that caliber of the gene pool, it came as no surprise that Jasmine emerged as the first Olympic track and field gold medalist for Puerto Rico.

In October 2020, the internet space was awash with the Olympian losing her grandmother, but the sources didn’t specify whether it was her maternal or paternal grandmother.

What is Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s Mother’s Full Name?

The full name for Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s mother is Maria Milagros Camacho. Searches have not revealed Maria’s date of birth; thus, her current age is unknown. Also, Maria’s parents are not known, and it is equally not known whether she is an only child or shared her childhood with siblings.

She has her roots in the North American country of Puerto Rico; she is from the Trujillo Alto region. Details of her early academic journey are also not available. Still, it is on record that she was an alum of Charleston Southern University when the institution of higher learning was known as Baptiste College.

Baptiste College, located in South Carolina in the United States of America, was known for excelling in sporting activities. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s mother was among the students who made things happen at the college. Maria Camacho was popular in the long jump, and she was a force to reckon with in sprint running.

Though it was never confirmed, it has been speculated that Maria must have met her husband James during her days at Baptiste College, as he was also a student of the institution of higher learning during that period. Growing up, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn wasn’t close to her mother’s side of the family.

She only got to meet her maternal relatives at the age of 19. With that said, thanks to her mother’s connection, she was deemed eligible to represent the North American country during the Olympics and other international competitions. According to Jasmine, she is proud to run for Puerto Rico, her mother’s homeland.

Meet Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s Father

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s dad has been accurately identified as James Quinn. In the same way as his wife, James’ details have never made it to the online media, making it difficult to decipher his date of birth and age. However, it is common knowledge that the father of the Puerto Rican Olympian is of African-American ancestry, but his nationality is said to be American.

James attended the same college with his wife, Baptiste College, and in the same way as Maria, and he was among the students of the institution who were sports stand-outs in both track and hurdle. James, who is believed to be in his fifties, excelled in running track at college and was an excellent hurdler.

In fact, he has been credited as Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s biggest hurdling inspiration. James took it upon himself to coach his daughter in hurdling from a very tender age, and the man deserves some credit for the huge success that Jasmine has become today.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Shares a Strong Bond with Both Parents

Going by the social media posts that have come from Jasmine Camacho-Quinn so far, it is glaring that the Olympic gold medalist is enjoying a great relationship with her mum and dad. The fact that James Quinn nurtured her childhood ambition of becoming a track athlete speaks for itself. Jasmine was just a nine-year-old girl when her daddy started putting her through hurdling.

Considering that she was a bit too young, training at that level was no easy feat for James, but a father’s love and the determination to see his child succeed can accomplish anything. However, when it was time for the up-and-coming track athlete to seek professional training, her dad made sure she went under the watch of one of the best hands.

John Coghlan, who is credited as a self-employed bodily health coach cum hurdle coach for over two decades, got the job, and her performances in the Olympics and other competitions are testaments to what Coghlan can do. Today, we can conveniently say that the success that Jasmine Camacho-Quinn has achieved in sports is enough compensation for her father.

Jasmine has shared several social media posts about her mother, Maria. Her July 2021 Tweet was touching. The Olympian sort of introduced her mommy to the world as the Puerto Rican woman who gave her life, and in a video shared by the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico, she declared herself to be a Puerto Rican.

Though she grew up in South Carolina in the United States, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn decided to go and identify with her mother’s family who lives in the Trujillo Alto side of Puerto Rico at the age of 19.

Does Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Have Siblings?

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn
Robert Quinn (image source)

Jasmine spent her formative years with a brother who goes by the name of Robert Quinn. Born on the 18th of May 1990, Robert is a celebrity in his own right, the only son of Maria and James is with the National Football Association as a defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

He was active in college football during his years as a student at North Carolina University and was drafted into the NFL in 2011 as the 14th overall pick by the St. Louis Rams. The Quinn family’s impressive athletic abilities are also evident in Robert, who has been named a two-time Pro Bowl selection.

He inked a lucrative deal with the Chicago Bears in April 2020 and has been with the team ever since. Chicago Bears congratulated Jasmine in a Twitter post after her Victory in Tokyo.

Is Jasmine Camacho-Quinn Married?

If we are to believe what the media sources put out there, then Jasmine Camacho-Quinn is not married. According to reports, the Olympic gold medalist has never been married, and her current dating life is unknown. There is equally no record of any children for Jasmine.

Key Facts About Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s Family

  1. Who are Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s parents? Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s parents are James Quinn and Maria Milagros Camacho. Both were athletes during their college years and have been instrumental in nurturing Jasmine’s talent and love for athletics.
  2. Where is Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s mother from? Maria Milagros Camacho, Jasmine’s mother, hails from the Trujillo Alto region of Puerto Rico. She also attended Baptist College (now Charleston Southern University) in South Carolina, USA.
  3. What sports did Jasmine’s mother play in college? Maria Milagros Camacho was involved in sports during her college years, specializing in sprint running and long jump.
  4. What is the ethnicity of Jasmine Camacho-Quinn’s father? Jasmine’s father, James Quinn, is of African-American ancestry. He played a significant role in nurturing Jasmine’s talent in hurdling from a young age.
  5. Did Jasmine’s parents attend the same college? Both Jasmine’s parents attended the same college. They both studied at the Baptist College, now known as Charleston Southern University in South Carolina, USA, where they were actively involved in sports.
  6. Does Jasmine Camacho-Quinn have any siblings? Yes, Jasmine has one sibling, her brother, Robert Quinn. He was born on May 18, 1990. Robert is a successful sportsman in his own right and is known for his affiliation with the National Football League (NFL), where he plays as a defensive end for the Chicago Bears. Robert showed his talent at a young age, and his parents nurtured his skills, much like they did with his sister, Jasmine.
  7. When did Jasmine first meet her maternal family in Puerto Rico? Jasmine did not have a close relationship with her mother’s side of the family growing up. She first met her maternal family when she was 19 years old.
  8. What kind of relationship does Jasmine Camacho-Quinn have with her parents? Judging by her social media posts, Jasmine shares a close and affectionate relationship with her parents. They have been extremely supportive of her athletics career, with her father even helping train her in the early stages.
  9. Who trained Jasmine Camacho-Quinn in hurdling? Jasmine’s father, James Quinn, introduced her to hurdling at a young age and was integral to her early training and success in the sport. Jasmine’s parents played significant roles in her athletic success. As former athletes themselves, they helped nurture her love for athletics and supported her training from a young age.
  10. Was Jasmine’s father also an athlete? Yes, like his wife Maria, James Quinn was also an athlete in his college years. However, the details of his athletic career have not been made public.
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