Meet Dinesh Melwani Known As Sheena Melwani’s Husband, Trid

Dinesh Melwani (born 30th of June 1978; Age: 45 years old) is a Canadian-American lawyer who has become a famous TikTok star in the United States. This is due to the activities of his wife, Sheena Melwani, a singer, songwriter, and content creator.

Back in 2020, Melwani’s wife started sharing videos of her singing on Tik Tok. These videos often featured Melwani’s voice in the background, interrupting with wisecracks about the foolery of the lyrics she was belting out. Such wholesome content resonated with fans stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and catapulted Sheena into fame. It has also made her husband popular in his own right, and he is now known as The Real Indian dad (TRID) online.

Summary of Dinesh Melwani’s Biography

  • Full name: Dinesh Melwani
  • Nickname: the real Indian dad (TRID)
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 30th of June 1978
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Indian
  • Nationality: Canadian-American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Religion: Hindi
  • Marital Status: married
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Husband: Sheena Melwani
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Children: two, a son and a daughter
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 0
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Height in Centimetres: 183 cm
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Weight: 72kg
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Net worth: $4 million
  • Famous for: Sheena Melwani’s husband and the real Indian dad
  • Dinesh Melwani’s Instagram: @therealindiandad

Dinesh Melwani has Canadian/American Nationality and Indian Origins

Dinesh Melwani is 45 years old as he was born on the 30th of June 1978. He has American and Canadian nationalities, while his ethnicity is Indian. There are no available details on Melwani’s family members. It is, however, known that he was born and grew up in Canada.

Melwani completed his secondary school education in the mid-90s. He then enrolled in Concordia University Quebec for a Bachelor of Arts program. He completed his undergraduate degree at Concordia University before deciding to study law at McGill University, Quebec. Melwani completed his bachelor of law program with honors in 2004. He then passed the bar exams and was admitted to practice law the next year. He also passed the bar in Massachusetts that same year.

Dinesh Melwani
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He is a High Flying Corporate Attorney in the City of Boston

Dinesh Melwani started his career at a Boston law firm known as Bingham McCutchen LLP. This was in September 2005, and he spent nine years and three months with them, during which he excelled in his responsibilities. He was seconded to the Tokyo office of an international law firm. He was also seconded to the legal department of an international company known as Mitsui and Co.

Melwani managed the legal affairs of Mitsui’s diverse business in areas such as North, South, and Central America. He was named a rising star in Massachusetts in 2014/2015. Dinesh Melwani quit Bingham McCutchen LLP in November 2014 and joined another Boston law firm, known as Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, the next month. He rose to the position of a corporate partner in the law firm and represented technology, life sciences, and startup companies in complex corporate transactions.

Dinesh Melwani
Dinesh Melwani Image Source

Dinesh Melwani is Married to Sheena Melwani, a Singer, Songwriter, and Digital Content Creator

Dinesh Melwani is married to Sheena Melwani, a singer, songwriter, digital content creator, and media personality. Sheena is originally from Canada and has Indian origins. She spent some part of her formative years in Montreal before relocating to Boston, Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, she completed her college degree and pursued her passion for music.

Sheena Melwani has performed publicly at places such as Fenway Park (the home of the Boston Red Sox). She has also penned some original songs. Sheena Melwani is also famous on online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. She often shares videos of herself singing covers of songs by popular artists such as Hot N Cold (Katy Perry), All of Me (John Legend), Chandelier (Sia), and Hello (Adele).

Sheena’s beautiful voice and piano-playing skills have endeared her to many fans, and she has nearly two million followers on Tik Tok alone. Her Instagram followers are 1.7 million, while her YouTube channel has 1.52 million subscribers. She was also nominated for a Streamy Award – short form – in 2021.

They Share Two Children Together

Dinesh Melwani and Sheena Melwani first ran into each other while living in Boston sometime in the early 2010s. They bonded over their shared Indian heritage as well as other interests. They later started dating. The couple dated for a while before tying the knot along the line. Melwani and his wife remain together to date and make their home in Natick, Massachusetts. They have a smooth union and have never been the subject of any scandals.

They have an easy-going dynamic and are very much in love For instance, Melwani was once asked what career he would have taken up asides from law practice, and he replied that he would have helped his wife develop her singing career and then manage it for her. Dinesh Melwani and his wife have two children together a daughter and a son. They have never revealed their names though the kids have appeared in some of their mom’s videos on social media.

Dinesh Melwani Became a Tik Tok Sensation in 2020 after Interrupting his Wife’s Singing Sessions

Dinesh Melwani has also joined his wife in becoming a Tik Tok sensation. Back in 2020, when many people were stuck at home as a result of the pandemic, Sheena kept making and sharing videos of herself singing various song covers. On one particular occasion, she decided to record herself singing if the world was ending by JP Saxe.

As Sheena was belting out the lyrics, which talked about coming over to see someone and staying the night even if the world was ending, Melwani’s voice interrupted her in the background. He made wisecracks about how it was foolery to be going to see someone while the world was ending and declared in an angry father tone that he did not want to see any boys in the house.

The hilarious quips made Sheena burst into laughter, but she continued to sing. She later decided to post the video to Tik Tok, and it gained tens of thousands of views within 24 hours. It also swelled her followership as well. This inspired her to continue what she dubbed the interrupted series – she sings while her husband interrupts with his wisecracks.

Even though Melwani’s face is hidden with only his voice being heard, he has equally become famous, and many now refer to him as the real Indian dad (TRID).

Dinesh Melwani’s Net Worth

Dinesh Melwani has a net worth of $4 million. This figure is an estimate and is not confirmed, but one thing that is for sure is that Melwani would have a decent fortune thanks to his career as a high-flying lawyer.

Melwani currently serves as the co-chair of international practice at an international law firm known as Mintz. He is a transactional attorney, and his practice encompasses M&A transactions, strategic investments, entity formation, and angel, seed, and venture financings.

He counsels sports and entertainment figures on equity investments, branding agreements, and other strategic transactions that advance their business and entrepreneurial goals. He also advises public, private, and emerging growth companies on entity formation; angel, seed, and venture capital financings; mergers and acquisitions; and other general corporate matters. Some of the companies Dinesh Melwani has represented are E-Bay, Oracle Corp, Bionpharma Inc., and Merck Animal Health.

Given all this, Dinesh Melwani will earn an impressive six-figure salary each year. His bonuses and other perks may also make this salary balloon to seven figures per annum. Melwani will also use his own expertise to make wise investments. All this will buoy his net worth.

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