Meet Desmond Styles, Harry Styles’ Father

Desmond Styles is a sales and marketing executive who is most famous as the father of Harry Styles, the award-winning musician and former One Direction member. Desmond Styles and Harry’s mother – Anne Cox, were together for the first nine years of Harry Styles’ life. They later divorced, and Harry primarily grew up with his mother. Desmond, however, maintained an active presence in his life, and they remain close to this very day.

Desmond has joined his famous son on tour to various parts of the world. He has also spoken highly of his son in various media interviews. Harry has been more cautious in expressing his feelings, but he has always made it known that his parent’s divorce did not affect his relationship with either of them and that they both loved and supported him.

Summary of Desmond Styles’ Bio

  • Full name: Desmond Styles
  • Nickname: Des
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 25th of October 1957
  • Desmond Styles’ Age: 64 years old
  • Ethnicity: English
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Desmond Styles’ ex-wife: Anne Cox
  • Desmond Styles’ Children: Gemma and Harry Styles
  • Desmond Styles’ Parents: Beryl Styles and Keith Frederick Styles
  • Desmond Styles’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 8
  • Desmond Styles’ Height in Centimetres: 173
  • Desmond Styles’ Weight: 82 kg
  • Desmond Styles’ Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Harry Styles’ father
  • Twitter: @desstyles

Desmond Styles is a Native of Peterborough, England

Born on the 25th of October 1957, Desmond Styles is 64 years old. He has English ethnicity and British nationality. He hails from the city of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, east England. Desmond grew up in Peterborough and completed his GCE O and A levels in maths and science between 1969 and 1976.

Regarding his family background, Desmond’s mother is Beryl Styles (nee German), while his father is named Keith Frederick Styles. Both are now late, and it appears that Desmond Styles was an only child as there is no record of any sibling.

He is a Sales and Marketing Expert With Over Thirty Years of Experience in the Industry

Upon completing his education in the 70s, Styles began his career as an operations manager at the HFC Bank in January 1980. He spent 15 fruitful years with them before leaving for Associates Capital Corporation in January 1996. At Associates Capital Corporation, he served as the director of operations and spent five years there.

In June 2001, Desmond Styles assumed the role of head of operations Europe for CitiFinancial Europe plc. He helped them instill best practices in developing markets and traveled extensively between their European operations. Between 2005 and 2014, Desmond Styles worked for several financial institutions, such as The Funding Corporation, Magic Loans, and Quickdot Ltd, focusing on secured loans and lenders.

In 2014, he assumed the position of director at Consult HS Limited. To date, he remains there and has provided sales and marketing consultancy to several corporate clients. Desmond has undoubtedly had an accomplished career, but his best-known title is that he is Harry Styles’ dad.

Desmond was Married to Harry Styles’ Mother for Several Years

Desmond and Harry Styles’ mother, Anne Cox, wed sometime in the late 80s. They made their home in places such as Cheshire and Redditch and welcomed their first child, daughter – Gemma, in December 1990. They then welcomed their son, Harry Styles, on the 1st of February 1994.

Right from the onset, the couple lavished much love and attention on their children, and Desmond was a very hands-on dad. He fed his son his night meals and put him to sleep during bedtime. He also changed his nappies countless times. Desmond Styles did the same for his daughter, and this show of love created a wonderful dynamic at home.

They Divorced When Harry Styles was Nine, and He Maintained an Active Presence in his Son’s Life

Harry Styles and his elder sister grew up safely ensconced in the knowledge of their parent’s love for them. This illusion was, however, shattered when Harry was seven years old. His parents sat him down and told him that their marriage was falling apart and that they were getting a divorce.

This development devastated the young boy, but Desmond Styles and Anne Cox did their best to cushion the effect. They lived together under one roof with their kids for the next two years before they now formalized their divorce, and Desmond moved out of the family home.

Despite moving out, Desmond was present in Harry Styles’ life as the young boy grew up. He supported him financially with good child support. He also visited every few weeks, which helped ensure that he and his son did not become estranged.

Desmond Styles Remains Quite Close to his Son and has Joined Him on Tour

Styles may not have been there around the clock for Harry Styles, but he did his best as a father, considering the circumstances. He loved and supported his son, and as such, they remain close to this very day. A look at Desmond’s Twitter account shows that he has been a passionate supporter of his son’s career, both during his One Direction days and his solo run.

During the reign of One Direction from 2012 to 2015, Desmond Styles joined the whole band as they toured various parts of the world. He posted photos and videos of himself with Harry and his bandmates. He also shared tidbits about each town that they stopped over. It was a frenzied experience and helped Desmond understand just how famous his son is. The man, however, refrains from taking advantage of his son’s fame.

He limits the number of interviews he grants about his son and measures his word when he does so. One of the rare interviews that Desmond has granted about his son was to People Magazine in 2012. He spoke about his little boy’s agony at the divorce and revealed that he has been giving him advice on his relationship with his opposite sex.

On his part, Harry Styles appreciates his father’s role in his life. He has always made it clear that his dad never abandoned him but loved and supported him. As a result, he makes time from his busy schedule to be with his dad, and they have been spotted on vacations. He also never forgets to send him a birthday wish when the occasion comes around.

He is also Close To His Daughter, Gemma Styles

Asides from Harry Styles, Desmond Styles is also close to his daughter, Gemma. Gemma is a writer, social media influencer, and podcaster working out of London. She dedicates her time to issues such as mental health, environmental protection, etc.

On the latter, she advocates for people to ditch single plastics in favor of reusable ones, compost their food, eat less meat, use green energy sources, etc. Desmond is also close to his daughter, and she never forgets to send him a birthday wish. She also made time to visit him and joined her famous brother in attending the funeral of their paternal grandmother in September 2014.

Desmond Styles has Been Married and Divorced Thrice

Asides from Harry Styles and Gemma Styles, it does not seem that Desmond Styles has any other children. He has, however, been married and divorced thrice. His first marriage was to Anne Cox, and they divorced in 2003. He then went on to marry and divorce twice more. The identity of his second and third ex-wives is not available. It is also not known if he remarried again after his 3rd divorce. However, it is reasonable to presume that Desmond has not gotten married again as such would have made the news.

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