Meet Connie Angland – Billy Bob Thornton’s Sixth Wife

Connie Angland is an American special effects makeup artist and puppeteer who’s best known as the sixth wife of Billy Bob Thornton and step-daughter of Oscar-winning editor and sound designer, Walter Murch.

Back in 2008, acclaimed actor, filmmaker, writer and singer, Billy Bob Thornton swore off marriages forever following what was his fifth divorce from Oscar-winning actress, Angelina Jolie. Fast-forward to the present day and Thornton is once more married again, which makes you wonder about the special lady who helped him get over his phobia for marriage. Well, that special lady is none other than Connie Angland.

Angland is a talented makeup artist who has worked in special effects on the set of several movies. She is also the stepdaughter of one of the most respected editors and sound designers in the movie world. She and Thornton coincidentally met in the course of the movie business and despite their significant age difference, they have been able to make a success of their romance.

Profile Summary of Connie Angland
  • Full name: Connie Angland
  • Date of birth: 22nd of October 1964
  • Age: 58
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles
  • Father: Walter Murch
  • Mother: Muriel Murch
  • Siblings: Three including Carrie Angland, Walter Murch, and Beatrice Murch
  • Schools attended: N/A
  • Spouse: Billy Bob Thornton
  • Children: One (Bella)
  • Occupation: special effects makeup artist and puppeteer

Connie Angland is the Step-daughter of Oscar-winning Sound Designer and Editor, Walter Murch

While Billy Bob Thornton famously comes from humble origins, it is the exact opposite with his wife, Connie Angland. Angland was born on the 22nd of October 1964 and is the step-daughter of Oscar-winning editor and sound designer, Walter Murch. Widely hailed as one of the most respected and best editors and sound designers in the movie business, Murch made his name with his work on movies such as Apocalypse Now, The Godfather I-III, American Graffiti, The Conversation, and The English Patient. He has won several accolades, including two Academy Awards for sound mixing, as well as the third award for editing. Other accolades include honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Hertfordshire and the Southampton Solent University.

Connie Angland’s mom, Muriel Aggie Murch, is similarly accomplished. Originally from England, Muriel trained as a nurse in her motherland before relocating to the U.S. where she completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences. She practiced her profession for some time but has now moved on to other pursuits. Muriel is the founder of the KWMR (FM) radio station in West Marin. She is also an author and penned the 1995 book, Journey in the Middle of the Road: One Woman’s Path Through a Midlife Education. The book chronicles her experience of going back to school as a middle-aged woman with four kids.

Connie Angland’s parents at the Academy Awards in 2004

She is a Special Effects Makeup Artist and Has Worked in Movies Such As Men in Black

Connie Angland grew up on her family’s small organic blackberry farm in the town of West Marin, Marin County, California. Such a residence meant for a happy childhood and she enjoyed it alongside her siblings Carrie Angland, Walter Slater Murch, and Beatrice Louise Murch. Thanks to the influence of her stepfather, Angland got interested in the movie business. After completing her regular education, she attended makeup school and became a special effects makeup artist. Angland has supplied her skills to several productions, including Planet of the Apes, Men In Black I, and II, Big Momma’s House, Stigmata, Phantoms, Mystery Monsters, and Pet Shop.

She has also scored bit acting roles in movies such as Puphedz: The Tattle Tale Heart (2002) and Jayne Mansfield’s Car (2012). Connie Angland is also a trained puppeteer and has helped out in that role on the set of movies such as Puppet Master 4 and 5 (1993 and 1994). The lady is certainly doing well for herself but there is no arguing the fact that her accomplishments pale in comparison to her husband, Billy Bob Thornton.

Thornton first rose to fame by co-writing and starring in the 1992 thriller, One False Move. Since then, he has proven himself as an actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He is popular for movies such as Sling Blade, A Simple Plan, Bad Santa, and Intolerable Cruelty. He is also the star of TV series such as Fargo and Goliath. Thornton has received several awards, including an Oscar for best-adapted screenwriting. He also won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a TV series drama in 2016. Given all these, Connie Angland is not yet as successful as Billy Bob Thornton.

Connie Angland
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Connie Angland and Billy Bob Thornton Met on the Set of his Movie, Bad Santa, and Started Dating in 2002

Connie Angland and Billy Bob Thornton first met each other on the set of the Christmas black comedy movie, Bad Santa, in 2002. Thornton was the star and producer of the movie while Angland was probably a crew member. They crossed paths at some point during filming and became fast friends. They later started dating and by the time the movie premiered in 2003, they walked the red carpet together as a couple. The romance raised a few eyebrows because it came so soon after Thornton’s 2002 divorce. There was also the fact that there is an 11-year-age difference between Connie Angland and Billy Bob Thornton.

The two lovebirds didn’t pay much heed to all the cheap talk though, and the rest of the world also moved on pretty quickly after that. Angland and Thornton moved in together shortly after they commenced their relationship and their romance blossomed for the next 12 years. Many people started wondering when they will formalize their union but Thornton vowed not to marry again. As he saw it, they had a good thing going and he didn’t want to jinx it or risk people referring to Connie as No. 6.

Connie Angland
The couple and their daughter at a movie premiere in 2011 Image Source

They Welcomed Daughter, Bella Thornton, in 2004 and Wed a Decade Later in 2014

Despite that vow, Billy Bob Thornton later capitulated and he and Connie Angland tied the knot in October 2014. The ceremony only featured their closest friends and they waited for about four months before making the news public. The primary reason that motivated Thornton to make his union with Connie official is for the sake of their daughter, Bella. The couple welcomed Bella after just two years of dating and she has grown up to be the crazy-smart apple of her parent’s eyes. When she was little, her parents regularly took her to places such as Disney World to celebrate her birthday. Now that she is a teenager, they love driving around with her and listening to her favorite pop songs.

Connie Angland and Billy Bob Thornton have been married for 8 years now (and together for a total of 20 years) and their relationship has stood the test of time. In fact, it has lasted more than each of the actor’s previous five marriages. Billy Bob Thornton’s first marriage was to Melissa Gatlin in 1978. It lasted for two years and produced his first child, a daughter named Amanda. The actor then wed actress, Toni Lawrence, in 1986. It also lasted for two years. Thornton’s third marriage was to actress, Cynda Williams in 1990. It also lasted two years. The 4th marriage for the actor was with Playboy model, Pietra Dawn, in 1993. It lasted for four years and produced two sons namely Harry James and Williams.

In 2002, Billy Bob Thornton wed for the fifth time, this time to star-actress, Angelina Jolie. They were together for two years during which they attracted many headlines with their red carpet antics. They divorced in 2002 and Thornton revealed that the split was because he couldn’t keep up with her global lifestyle. He’s more of a homebody and his current wife Connie is also a homebody too. This is what made them gel perfectly and the actor now has a tattoo of both her and their daughter’s names on his body.

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