Is Trent McDuffie Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Trent McDuffie is not married and does not appear to have a girlfriend. The fast-rising NFL cornerback is focused on building his career and what a phenomenal one it has been in such a short time.

After establishing a solid reputation in high school and college football, McDuffie was picked by the Kansas City Chiefs with the 21st pick of the 2022 NFL draft. He has since helped his team achieve a Super Bowl berth in his rookie season.

Is Trent McDuffie Married?

Trent McDuffie is not married. Though the NFL star is not one to spill his guts for the public, being married is such a significant fact that it cannot be hidden but would have to be acknowledged. So, if he were married that would be made known. Then again, Trent McDuffie is still quite young and the furthest thing on his mind now would be marriage. He will rather be focusing on building his career and making a name for himself in the NFL.

There is however every possibility that Trent McDuffie would want to get married sometime in the future. The Kansas City Chiefs cornerback grew up in a loving family unit and would want to replicate that in the future.

Trent McDuffie
Trent McDuffie hugging a female acquaintance at the Apple Bowl in January 2022 Image Source

Who is Trent McDuffie’s Girlfriend?

Trent McDuffie does not have any girlfriend, at least publicly. The NFL cornerback has never come out to acknowledge that he is dating anybody. A look at his social media also reveals only his exploits on the field and other professional achievements and does not allude to any special someone in his life. An online search for prom photos and prom dates also turns up nothing. There is however a big possibility that Trent McDuffie may have a girlfriend.

Back in January 2022, he was spotted hugging a lady after one of his last college games. News reports tagged it as a family member or female friend but it could have also been a girlfriend as the NFL star does not have a sister. Therefore, Trent McDuffie may have a girlfriend but has chosen to protect her identity from the public. This may be to ensure that no personal drama spills over and derails his great NFL journey that started in 2022. It may also be to protect the young lady in question from trolls that abound on the internet.

Trent McDuffie
Trent McDuffie with his parents at the All-American Bowl Image Source

Who Has Trent McDuffie Dated in the Past?

It is also difficult to figure out who Trent McDuffie may have dated in the past. His past dating history is nonexistent and basically a clean slate. There is however a possibility that he dated in college and high school. For one, Trent McDuffie is a good-looking and bright chap. There is also no forgetting the fact that he was a football star during his days at St John Bosco High School, Bellflower, and the University of Washington.

All of this would have made him a prime catch for the ladies. It is therefore highly probable that Trent McDuffie will have dated casually even if not seriously during his school days. In fact, it is possible that he may have a girlfriend from his school days that he is still very much in a relationship.

On the whole, Trent McDuffie’s love life is still very much a mystery save for the fact that he is not obviously married. However, this will change in the future. As Trent McDuffie continues to grow older and get even more popular in the NFL, he will feel more comfortable revealing details of his love life to the public. He may even go Instagram official with a lady at some point. Also, there will be the inevitable reports of romantic links with this or that lady. Some of these reports will be true while others will be false.

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