Is Tim Curry Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Partner?

Tim Curry is not gay to the best of public knowledge. He does not have a wife but he may have a partner. He was rumored as gay because of his role in the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Dr. Frank N Furter

The English actor/singer has jealously guarded his personal life over the years and this makes it difficult to know the true state of affairs. It has also led to several rumors. Some speculate that Tim Curry is gay while some have romantically linked him with a few female media personalities. Through it all, Tim Curry is not bothered as he believes his personal life is nobody’s business.

Is Tim Curry Married?

Tim Curry is not married and has never been. There is also nothing to show that this status will change in the future. The actor had previously revealed in an old interview that he almost got married in his early adult years but that failed to materialize. He may have been wistful about that recollection but there is nothing to indicate that he regrets it. According to Tim Curry, his schedule is not exactly conducive to dating.

The actor has also scorned societal dictates which expect people to get engaged in their late teens, get married in their early 20s, and then wound up with kids and a mortgage later in life. From the look of things, it is obvious that Tim Curry has enjoyed the freedom to pursue his passion rather than being tied down by kids and a wife.

Tim Curry
Tim Curry and songwriter, Richard O’Brien in London in 1974 Image Source

Is Tim Curry Gay?

Tim Curry believes that his love life is nobody’s business and that he does not owe the public any explanation. He rather believes in talking about his work. He has also never been in a confirmed relationship with any female. All this has led to several speculations that he is gay but he is not bothered about it and has never responded to the same. Tim Curry may be possibly gay or bi but to the best of public knowledge, he is straight. If he were gay, he would have simply come out and said so.

Tim Curry
Tim Curry and Marcia Hurwitz in 2010 Image Source

Who Is Tim Curry Dating Presently?

It is difficult to tell who Tim Curry is dating presently. The actor and singer has been tight-lipped about his personal life from his early days in the show business and that remains the case to date. He has also taken care with regard to whom he is publicly spotted with and this makes it difficult to know who has dated or is dating. There is however no denying the fact that Tim Curry is an intelligent, good-looking, and charming fellow. All this makes him a good catch and means that there is every possibility that he has a special someone in his life, even if he has chosen to protect the person’s identity.

Tim Curry
Tim Curry and Marina Drujko

Who Has Tim Curry Dated In The Past?

Tim Curry may be tight-lipped about his love life but this has not stopped the speculations and rumored relationships from flowing. One person that Tim Curry is rumored to have dated is Marcia Hurwitz.

Marcia Hurwitz is a talent manager who specializes in helping her clients land lucrative endorsement deals. Tim Curry and Marcia Hurwitz were rumored to have dated in the early 2000s after being spotted on the red carpet together on a few occasions. This was never confirmed though and they remain good friends to date. They were spotted at an awards ceremony in 2010. Hurwitz has also represented Curry professionally.

Tim Curry is also rumored to have dated Marina Drujko, a Russian-born model who is now a writer. The two are said to have had a short-lived encounter in 2008 but this was never confirmed. Drujko has meanwhile gone on to get married and divorced twice. Her first marriage was to American actor, Lenny Von Dohlen Jr. from 2007 to 2008. Her second marriage was to another actor, Larry Drake in 2009 and they divorced that same year.

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