Is Tammy Bruce Married? Does She Have A Wife or Husband?

Tammy Bruce is not married at the moment and has never been married. However, she was in a high-profile relationship with the late actress Brenda Benet.

Of Italian descent, Tammy Bruce is one of the on-air personalities who has owned up to their sexuality. She has been open about being a lesbian since her teens, but she opened up in 2006 that she is bisexual. As a Fox News contributor and host of Get Tammy on Fox Nation, Tammy Bruce has found herself in a liberal environment and has no issue speaking her mind.

However, she prefers to speak out more about political issues than her personal life. As a result of her taciturn attitude towards matters concerning her love life, she has not shared much about who she is currently dating. Nevertheless, her past love life with Brenda Benet is enough fodder for the media.

Tammy Bruce is Currently Not Married

To the best of public knowledge, Tammy Bruce is neither married nor in a publicized relationship. Though some sources claim she was married to her late girlfriend, Brenda Benet, the truth is that they were partners from 1980 to 1982.

Bruce Has A Different Perception About Marriage

Tammy Bruce has an interesting stance on gay marriage. She is an openly gay conservative, and this gives her a different approach to sexuality and what it stands for. She believes that only heterosexual couples should be allowed to get married while same-sex relationships should not go to that extent.

According to Tammy in her article for Guardian, not all same-sex couples support same-sex marriage. She also revealed that the conservatives had shown her more love and acceptance than the liberal. This is contrary to what most people imagine as the conservatives are considered religious people who frown at gay people.

She Began Dating Brenda Benet At The Age Of 17

Tammy Bruce was just 17 years old when she became lovers with the late actress Brenda Bruce who was 34 years old at the time. They lived together during their romance which lasted almost a year. The couple began their relationship in 1980, shortly after Brenda ended her second marriage.

Brenda was married to Bill Bixby for ten years before the union ended in divorce following the death of her six-year-old son with Bill. The little boy’s death, which was caused by a sudden throat infection, left Brenda devastated, and she found solace in the arms of Tamy Bruce.

Tammy later became Brenda’s secretary when she was 19, but their relationship took a different turn when Tammy moved out of the home they shared in early 1982. Brenda couldn’t bear losing another love interest, and a few weeks after Tammy moved out, the actress took her own life.

Tammy Bruce’s Late Girlfriend Brenda Benet Committed Suicide in 1982

Brenda Bruce was 36 years old when she died in an apparent suicide committed on April 7, 1982. Tammy had visited the home she used to share with the actress on that fateful day and discovered the bathroom door locked with Brenda inside. She called the police to the home in Mandeville Canyon, west Los Angeles, and upon breaking down the door, Brenda Benet was discovered dead from a self-inflicted .38 caliber gunshot wound to the head.

Tammy was supposed to meet Brenda for lunch that day but met her dead body instead. They were still on good terms despite living in separate apartments. According to reports, Brenda was battling severe depression due to her son’s death, and she had to deal with her young lover moving out.

Finding her girlfriend’s dead body with a gunshot wound to the head took a toll on Tammy, and she experienced a breakdown afterward. The Fox News Contributor was hospitalized for a few days until she became stable. Her hospital bill was settled by Benet’s ex-husband, Bill Bixby.

Key Facts About Tammy Bruce’s Relationship

  1. Who was Tammy Bruce’s partner? Tammy Bruce was engaged to actress Brenda Benet, who tragically took her own life.
  2. How did Tammy Bruce and Brenda Benet meet? They met when Bruce was working as Benet’s secretary on the set of “Days of Our Lives”.
  3. Were Tammy Bruce and Brenda Benet living together? After rekindling their relationship after Benet’s divorce, they moved in together in a house in Mandeville Canyon, west Los Angeles.
  4. When did Tammy Bruce and Brenda Benet break up? The couple split up in March 1982, for reasons that remain unknown.
  5. What happened to Brenda Benet? Brenda Benet tragically committed suicide on April 7, 1982, by inflicting a gunshot wound to her head.
  6. What was Tammy Bruce’s reaction to Brenda Benet’s death? The tragic event resulted in a mental breakdown for Tammy Bruce, landing her in the hospital for a few days.
  7. When did Tammy Bruce come out as a lesbian? Tammy Bruce came out in her twenties. She previously identified as bisexual.
  8. What is Tammy Bruce’s view on homosexuality? In a 2006 interview, Bruce stated that she views being gay as a “choice” and not a sexual orientation. She believes her sexuality is “even stronger” because she views it as a choice.
  9. How did Brenda Benet’s death affect Tammy Bruce? The impact of Brenda Benet’s suicide was significant on Bruce, shaping her views on life, loss, and relationships.
  10. What is Tammy Bruce’s net worth? Tammy Bruce’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 million.
  11. Is Tammy Bruce currently in a relationship? As of the present, there’s no indication that Bruce is married or dating. She appears to maintain a private personal life.
  12. What was Brenda Benet’s situation before her relationship with Tammy Bruce? Brenda Benet had been dealing with personal losses, including her son’s death due to a rare childhood illness and a divorce from her ex-husband Bill Bixby.
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