Is Sha’Carri Richardson Transgender? Was She A Man?

Sha’Carri Richardson is not transgender. She is also not a man. The American sprint star is a biological female and has never transitioned. However, she has faced rumors that she might have been born a man and transitioned to a female.

Her incredible pace may have ignited these rumors, but one noteworthy fact is that it has never gained traction. It remains confined to a few conspiracy theorists and online tabloids, meaning it is false.

Was Sha’Carri Richardson Born a Man?

Sha’Carri Richardson was not born a man. She was born a female on the 25th of March 2000. Her place of birth is Dallas, Texas, and she was primarily raised by her grandmother. Richardson started competing in track and field during her school days, and by age 16, she had won the national 100 m title at the AAU.

She would go on to win other championships and became a national star in 2019. This was when she won the NCAA 100 m with 10.75 seconds, a time that made her one of the ten fastest women in history.

Is Sha’Carri Richardson Transgender?

Sha’Carri Richardson is not transgender. She has, however, faced rumors of being trans. Part of the reason for this may be her body physique, but this doesn’t seem so. Sha’Carri Richardson is 5 feet 1 inches or 1.55 m tall. Her weight is put at a modest 54 kg.

Her other body measurements are chest – 33 inches, waist – 22 inches, and hips – 34 inches. The sprint star boasts of a slim and muscular figure which is not out of the ordinary for a female athlete. Therefore, it is unrealistic to suggest that she is Trans based on this fact.

Another possible reason behind the Sha’Carri Richardson’s Trans rumors is her speed and pace on the track. She has run as low as 10.72 seconds in April 2021, making her the sixth fastest woman of all time and the fourth fastest woman of all time. Many may believe that her ability to achieve such numbers is because she transitioned from male to female.

Retired NFL Star, Larry Johnson, had Suggested that Sha’Carri Richardson is Trans

One noteworthy thing about the Trans rumors surrounding Sha’Carri Richardson is that it is not mainstream but propagated by fringe figures. For instance, one person who suggested Sha’Carri Richardson may be Trans is a former NFL running back, Larry Johnson. He alluded to this in a 2021 tweet.

He stated that people don’t know what women look like anymore. He also went ahead to say that they were undercover men in the Olympics competing as women. Several unreliable online blogs picked up this tweet, but reputable media organizations did not carry it.

Given Johnson’s antecedents, they may have decided to take it with a bunch of salt. The former running back is notorious for propagating conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic stuff on his Twitter. He once suggested that LeBron James may have used the late Kobe Bryant for a blood sacrifice so that he (James) could win the NBA championships in 2020.

Through all the rumors, the lady at the eye of the storm has kept her cool. Sha’Carri Richardson has received tons of online trolling, but she has made it obvious that she does not care to be liked and is focused on positivity, not negative energy.

Is Sha’Carri Richardson Gay?

Sha’Carri Richardson may not be transgender, but she does belong to the LGBTQ community. The sprint star is queer and bi. Sha’Carri Richardson is famously tight-lipped about her personal life, but she did reveal that she had a girlfriend in June 2021.

She had just won a spot on the U.S. 100 m Olympic team and posted a rainbow emoji to Twitter afterward. She then revealed that her girlfriend had picked her fiery orange hair color because it was loud and vibrant and perfectly summed up who she (Richardson) was.

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