Is Sal Vulcano Gay? Does He Have A Wife or Girlfriend?

Sal Vulcano is not gay, despite claims to the contrary. The Impractical Jokers’ star is also not married and is not in a relationship with any girlfriend.

Born Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano on November 6, 1976, the Staten Island native seldom reveals intimate details about his personal life. He is also quite famous for his pranks among the comedy troupe, The Tenderloins, a group he formed with three of his high school friends.

The TV personality, popularly addressed as Sal, has a knack for keeping fans viewers on their toes and confused about his sexual identity or relationship status. His decisions and actions invariably result in many questions about the true nature of his life and sexuality. This article answers most of those questions.

Is Sal Vulcano Gay?

The answer to what is gradually becoming a complex and age-old question about Sal Vulcano being gay is a straightforward no. The complexity of the question draws relevance from a public admission made by the reality TV star in 2014.

Sal Vulcano dumbfounded and utterly shocked the guests and host of Daytime Talk Show with Sally Jessy when he claimed to be gay out of the blue on live TV. Despite his charming gay-like physical features and expressions, it was an admission and revelation that few on the show and the rest of the world saw coming.

A short while later, one of the other guests on the show, James Murray, incredibly followed suit to seemingly come out of the closet. James Murray is Vulcano’s colleague, one of the four founding members of “The Tenderloins” and a star on the Impractical Jokers. The other two members of the troupe and cast are Joe Gatto and Brian ‘Q’ Quinn. The reason for Sal’s open declaration would still become very apparent to viewers and the guests present.

Towards the end of the show, Sal Vulcano retracted his statement about being gay and stated that he was happy that his friend and colleague, James Murray, was out of the closet as a gay man. Even before he said that that was the intention behind his statement, it became evident to the guests and viewers.

However, it would later turn out that neither Sal Vulcano nor his friend, James Murray, were gay, as Murray himself got engaged to Melyssa Davies in 2019. Their wedding took place in September 2020 to effectively silence any speculations about Murray’s sexuality.

Is Sal Vulcano Married To Francesca Muffaleto?

Sal Vulcano is not married to Francesca Muffaleto or anyone else for that matter. Even after recanting his statement about being gay and also reportedly being in a relationship with several women before and following his declaration on live TV, the possibility that Vulcano was gay was still floated about.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt wasn’t easy either, as Sal Vulcano is notorious for fiercely guarding details of his private and personal life, particularly when it has to do with his love life. The Impractical Jokers’ star is a ladies’ man, and female fans and viewers are constantly crushing on him. His private disposition towards his love life didn’t deter fans and viewers from wondering if he wasn’t gay or who was his girlfriend?

It was a question that people threw up a lot of theories and speculations. Still, none of those speculations were as solid and as credible as the speculation about his relationship with a woman identified as Francesca Muffaleto. The rumors started making the rounds, and Sal came under instant pressure to clarify the situation.

Why Do Fans Believe Sal Vulcano Is Married?

Without deviating from his MO of giving credibility to stories that initially appear to have no substance to them, Sal was seen spotting what appeared to be a wedding band on his finger during one of his shows in Boston. When pressed about the wedding ring by someone from the audience, the Tumblr user who narrated the alleged sequence of events reported that Vulcano had affirmatively replied that he was married.

To lend further credence to the perceived notion that he was married, Sal, who admitted to being notorious for keeping his love life away from public and media scrutiny, supposedly went on to state on the Boston show that he and the woman who was yet to be identified at that point had been together for 8 years and that he deeply loved her.

It was reported that Vulcano made no mention of the wedding festivities, but he nonetheless stated that the said wife was present during the show, most likely backstage. On closer scrutiny, the woman was eventually identified as Francesca Muffaleto.

Despite what has seemed like a verified story about Sal Vulcano’s marital status, many fans still took the story about the reality star with a grain of salt because of his previous history with matters of a similar nature. Those fans were left even more bewildered by a Facebook post made by Francesca Muffaleto, where she put up a picture of herself alongside a blurred picture of a man who many believed was Sal Vulcano.

That was because of the Celtic Cross tattoo on the subject’s right wrist, which was identical to the one on Vulcano’s right wrist. In the post, the alleged couple was noted to have been celebrating someone’s 30th birthday. Another event that led people to believe that Sal Vulcano was engaged to be married was when he admitted, during a June 2019 podcast with Robert Kelly.

After Kelly had referenced a “very sweet and nice” fiancee, Kelly’s remarks were given more substance by Eleanor Kerrigan, who was part of the show and claimed that the aforementioned fiancee of Sal Vulcano dances very well. The final cherry on the cake with regards to Sal’s marital status was when he made a tweet about his wife and a remodeled kitchen.

Francesca Muffaleto Is Relatively Unknown

Not much is known about the woman to whom Sal Vulcano is supposedly married. Her name in the spotlights is directly linked to her alleged association with Sal Vulcano. The very little information available about her comes directly from her Facebook page, which reveals that she is an advertising and marketing agency that currently lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York City.

Sal Vulcano is the king of pranks. The discrepancies, such as the varying wedding dates, with the Tumblr user claiming Sal had been married for eight years at the time of the report and another publication claiming that the wedding took place on September 8, 2019, in the reports about his marital status is one that proves that the only person who can end the speculation about his marital status is Sal Vulcano himself.

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