Is Nikki Guidish Patrick Cantlay’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Nikki Guidish is not the wife of Patrick Cantlay, the professional golfer. However, she is his girlfriend; the duo made their relationship Instagram official in 2021.

Since Nikki and Patrick started conducting their affair in the full glare of the public, fans can’t help but admire the manner in which Nikki throws her weight behind her boyfriend. She is always with him during important events and competitions, and from what is perceivable, the duo may last long together.

Why Many Think Nikki Guidish is Patrick Cantlay’s Wife and not his Girlfriend

From the moment Nikki Guidish surfaced in Patrick Cantlay’s life, the Florida native is always by his side in every aspect. She is doing much more than a wife would do for a husband, but people are unsure where to peg their relationship – is it the fleeting type or the happily forever after type?

Perhaps the reason for these doubts is that fans consider their relationship to be still very new as the duo only officially came out as lovers in 2021, which was barely one year ago. However, with the rate the couple is progressing with their love life, their relationship status may soon be taken a notch higher, and it may be likely that marriage is in the offing.

How Nikki Guidish and Patrick Cantlay Met

When and where Nikki Guidish and her boyfriend, Patrick Cantlay, first crossed paths has remained under the shade to date as the couple initially did not want to bare all the facts to the public.

With that said, the first place fans of the professional golfer got wind of their dalliance was at the 2021 Memorial Tournament hosted at the Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village, where Patrick carried the day. In June 2021, they decided to make things Instagram official when they took to the picture-sharing platform to let the world know they were an item.

Since then, the couple no longer seems averse to conducting their relationship in the full glare of the media and the general public. Nikki has since become a permanent fixture in the golfer’s life. You can hardly sight him at events, tournaments, and occasions without seeing his significant order right by his side.

Nikki and Patrick Are Truly Not Married

They are yet to tie the nuptial knot. The records have revealed that Nikki Guidish is a resident of Jupiter, Florida, in the United States, while her significant other, Patrick, made his home in another part of Florida known as North Palm Beach. Though they both reside in the sunshine state, the lovebirds choose not to co-habitat, which goes to show that they are not married.

Despite the fact that the duo is yet to exchange wedding vows, Guidish is much more than a wife to the pro golfer, throwing her full support behind Patrick. She was there with him in Atlanta when he scored his dramatic FedEx Cup win worth $15 million; Nikki, who was super excited about the victory, rushed into the field to seal it off with a kiss.

Nikki couldn’t wait for the next day to come before she took to Instagram to share a plethora of pictures supporting her boyfriend.

Apart from supporting Patrick’s career, Nikki Guidish has also been socializing with the girlfriends and wives of other pro golfers. Whenever Patrick is competing, she sits with the women rooting for her man. Nikki has been severally described as Cantlay’s good luck charm. The most notable among her acquaintances within the golfer’s wives league is Jena Sims, Brooks Koepka’s fiancée, who wished Nikki well during her last birthday.

We cannot say how long the lovebirds had lasted in their relationship since no one knows exactly when they became an item.

What Does Patrick Cantlay’s Girlfriend do for a Living?

Nikki Guidish is a woman of several hats, she is listed as a bodybuilder, a fitness model, and a pharmacist. The girlfriend of Patrick Cantlay has recorded tremendous success in every facet of her career life.

Her Fitness Modeling Gigs

Nikki Guidish has been neck-deep into fitness modeling for a long time, and the runway queen also dabbled into bridal modeling. In 2015, she was featured as the cover girl for South Hampton Magazine. Another of her fitness modeling gigs is the Home Shopping Network (HSN) television, where she modeled footwear. Spring Break calendar featured her as its cover girl in 2017

Nikki Guidish is a Body Builder

Even before she became a certified pharmacist, Guidish has been experimenting with bodybuilding. Patrick’s girlfriend took the sport seriously at a point, appearing in quite a good number of bodybuilding contexts. Notable among them is the RX Muscle The Truth In Bodybuilding competition which happened in 2014. Also, in 2015, she joined the NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza.

Some of her bodybuilding pictures can be accessed through her handle on the picture-sharing platform. However, they are all old pictures as Nikki abandoned sports upon realizing that her real calling was in medicine.

Patrick Cantlay’s Girlfriend is also a Pharmacist

To prepare for her career in pharmacology, Nikki studied Pre-Clinical Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida and later proceeded to the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Florida. At the end of her studies, she came off with a doctorate degree in pharmacy.

While a student of USF College of Pharmacy, Nikki Guidish gained work experiences from different pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other medical outfits. After she was certified as a professional practicing pharmacist, the Florida native became a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and has worked in several pharmaceuticals in Jupiter, Florida.

For her internship, Nikki worked at St Mary’s Medical Centre and Northside Hospital. She put in some months at Publix Pharmacy as a pharmacist but is currently with Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals as the Pharmacist-in-Charge. She started working there in 2020 and is still with the company.

The professional pharmacist has also been involved in a few humanitarian acts. Notable among them is her membership of the Golden Cub Ambassadors Club. The club is listed as one of the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.

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