Is Luke James Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Luke James is not gay. He is a straight American singer, song writer and actor. Despite the fact that he has been in a good number of open relationships, playing a role in a movie that involved some level of intimacy with a transgender woman has given him an unwanted LGBTQ tag as many now speculate that he might just be a closeted gay man.

Well, if you’re interested in knowing more about Luke James’ sexuality and his relationship history since he became famous, keep reading.

What Is Luke James Sexuality?

Luke James is straight. Since he came into the limelight, he has dated at least two celebrity women which in times past would be enough to make people know he is a heterosexual man – but that has not been the case.

Since his appearance in the TV series, The Chi, particularly in the third season where he kissed Imani (played by Jasmine Davis), Luke James sexuality has become a hot topic for debate. In the series, Jasmine Davis played the role of a transgender woman, however she has revealed that in real life, she is also a transgender woman.

Although Jasmine looks very much like what most of us know a woman to look like, fans were shocked that Luke James will kiss her, knowing fully well that she was a man. According to some reports, viewers believed that the only reason Luke James kissed Jasmine Davis the way he did was because he was gay.

Seeing that Luke James has been in relationships with women since he became famous, and has never been linked to any romantic relationship with a man, except for the role he had to play in The Chi, many are beginning to reconsider their position on the debate as they are drawn to the fact that he may not be gay after all.

But despite the hot debate among fans about Luke James’ sexuality, he is yet to see reasons why he should address the topic and until he does, Luke James is widely believed to be a straight man and his part in the series will continue to be seen as a good actor playing out his craft very efficiently.

Does Luke James Have A Girlfriend?

Luke James is single but he also has a history of dating women. Though he is currently not hitched to any woman and seems to be enjoying the single life at the moment, we know he has previously been in heterosexual relationships.

While Luke James is known to be single, Jasmine Davis, the transgender woman who he kissed in The Chi has revealed that she has a boyfriend. Although she did not reveal the identity of the man in question, she said that he taught her how to shoot a gun among many other things.

It is noteworthy to add that Luke James could also be in a relationship but have decided to keep it away from the public, making us to believe that he may be single.

Luke James’ Dating History and Relationships

Luke James has been known to date two famous women since he became famous himself. First he dated Kim Gingras and then he also dated Jessie J after he ended things with Kim Gingras. Here are things you may like to know about Luke James’ dating history

Luke James and Kim Gingras Relationship Was Short Lived

In June 2014, Luke James took to Instagram to reveal to his fans and followers that he had found love in the person of Kim Gingras. Kim is one of Beyonce’s backup singers and dancers. Luke met Kim while they were on tour for Beyonce as he opened for some of her shows. When he shared Kim’s photo on Instagram in 2014 to reveal he was dating her, the news did not meet a good number of his fans well.

Some of his fans and followers were upset that being African American, Luke James was dating a white girl. They filled the comment section with so many hateful comments to the point that Luke James had to delete the post.

However, he reposted the picture, and this time his caption revealed how hard it has been for him to reveal that he was dating Kim Gingras and how she makes him happy. But despite how much they may have been in love as at the time Luke revealed the relationship, everything came crashing as six months after the revelation, the relationship came to end.

You should know that some media sources believe that Luke and Kim dated longer than six months. It is believed that they were already dating for a while before he came open with the relationship.

Luke James Got Into A Relationship With Jessie J on 2014

In December 2014, Jessie J revealed that she was in a relationship with Luke James. This happened just few weeks after his relationship with Kim Gingras came to an end. Jessie J revealed her relationship with Luke in a very romantic way. She took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and Luke with the caption “My first ever official #mcm 😍”. She went on to add …so it’s only right and tagged him to the post.

In an interview with The Real DayTime on the 15th of December 2014, she was asked why she decided to come open about her relationship with Luke James and she said that while growing up, we experience different types of love, and as a grown up 27-year-old woman who is also famous, she just had to deal with and take control of the fact that she was famous.

Luke James Gay

She added that letting the world know she was in a relationship with Luke James was because she was in love with him and didn’t see reasons why she should hide it. Luke James and Jessie J continued serving couple goals while they were together. But 10 months down the line, everything came crashing.

Jessie J Broke Up With Luke James In 2015

Less than one year after it was revealed that she was in love with Luke James, Jessie J began to see things in a different light. According to an anonymous tip, Jessie J started having doubts about her relationship with Luke James in the summer despite being so much in love with him.

Jessie J began to think that Luke James was only using her to build his career. At that time, Luke was still quite new in the music industry while she was already doing well for herself as a singer.

She acted on her doubt and decided to call it quit with Luke James – even though the duo did not become enemies. They have rather remained friends since they called parted ways.

Since Luke James’ relationship with Jessie J came to an end, he has not revealed any other lady to the public. Rather, he has focused on his career and has undeniably done himself well through the several creative hats that he wears.

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