Is LeVar Burton Gay? How Many Times Has He Been Married?

LeVar Burton is not gay; he has a straight sexual orientation. The American actor and TV host has been married only once in his lifetime, and his wife is Stephanie Cozart Burton. They got married in 1992, and they have a daughter named Mica Burton.

LeVar’s sexual orientation has been widely discussed lately as many people came up with claims that he was gay. However, these claims have been debunked by tangible pieces of evidence, one of which is that the actor has been married to one woman for almost 30 years and counting.

Is LeVar Burton Gay?

No, LeVar Burton is not gay. The actor and TV host has been married to his wife, Stephanie Cozart Burton, since 1992. However, at a point in his life, rumors started running rife that LeVar’s sexual orientation was actually within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and there were very good reasons for these speculations.

For one, his character, Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation – the original script would be homosexual. The American actor has been one of the biggest supporters of the LGBTQ+ community for many years now, throwing his weight behind their homosexual rights motion.

He also became a strong advocate for HIV AIDS – A sickness that has become prevalent among gay men. In fact, LeVar is a board member of the AIDS Research Alliance. The group is a non-profit organization whose sole concern is discovering a remedy for AIDS.

Because of the above-listed reasons, fans and the general public quickly concluded that the famous TV actor had something to do with the LGBTQ+ but his wife of almost three decades begged to differ. Debunking the rumors, Steph pointed out that she has been married to LeVar for nearly 30 years, and they have a child to show for their years together as husband and wife.

This should be enough to prove that her husband does not have a gay sexual orientation. Besides, being a supporter of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood is never an indication that someone is their member. It may just be a way of indicating love for the community.

LeVar’s Reaction to Beth and Ernie of Sesame Street Being Gay Contributed to the Rumors

There are many reasons why fans and the general public concluded that LeVar Burton must be gay. One of them is the TV host’s reaction to the news of Beth and Ernie of Sesame Street being gay. While weighing in on the revelation, the host of the PBS children’s series called Reading Rainbow said Beth and Ernie’s declaration of their sexuality was very powerful.

Admonishing those members of the public who have decided to take exception to a gay couple being part of a forward-facing kiddies’ show, LeVar said they need to check themselves. Going on, the children’s show host pointed out that the world is very diverse and consists of more than the traditional nuclear family we all know – father, mother, and the children.

In our world today, there is the need to see everybody represented in what he referred to as the popular culture. This, he said, makes for the development of a healthy self-image. LeVar Burton’s interviewer also asked him if this development now means that Bert and Ernie’s twin beds should be moved closer together.

In his answer, the host of Reading Rainbows maintained that Lucy and Ricky Ricardo must continue sleeping in separate beds for the remaining seasons of I Love Lucy. It does not matter what bed one sleeps in; representation is what matters. For many years now, people have been speculating about the relationship between Beth and Ernie.

The speculations caught fire when it came to the fore that the duo who sleep in separate beds on the show share one bedroom at their Sesame Street apartment, where they have lived since the show’s premiere. On its part, Sesame Street Workshop appears not to be on the same page as people who think that Beth and Ernie are gay.

A few years down the line, a petition called for the couple to tie the nuptial knot, but Sesame Street, through their statement, stated that the two are just asexual puppets (people without any sexual orientation) and are neither gay nor straight.

Is LeVar Burton Married?

LeVar Burton is married, and his spouse has been identified as Stephanie Cozart Burton. Though Stephanie is best known as the wife of the actor and TV host, she has created a niche for herself as a highly sought-after professional makeup artist in the entertainment industry. Steph has worked with some of the best in the movie world, including her husband.

Interestingly, LeVar Burton met his wife on the job. The duo was part of the cast and crew of Roots: The Gift – a most-watched TV series where Levar played a major role as Kunta Kinte. The role, which the actor played as a teenager in 1977, earned him fame. During his reprisal of the same role in 1988, he crossed paths with his wife-to-be, Stephanie.

By then, Stephanie was already popular in the makeup field and had a reputation as one of the most sought-after hands in the industry. It happened that she was to do makeup for LeVar, and it was while doing the actor’s face that they clicked. Details about the couple’s dating days are unknown, but they dated for four years, from 1988 to 1992, before deciding to move a notch higher.

Their relationship culminated in an exchange of vows that took place on the 3rd of October, 1992. From what is perceivable, LeVar and Stephanie’s union may last very long as the couple have already celebrated 29 years of marital bliss and are fast inching towards their third decade as husband and wife.

How Many Times has LeVar Burton Been Married

LeVar Burton and Stephanie Cozart Burton (image source)

Born on the 16th of February 1957, LeVar was barely 35 years old when he said I do for the first time in his life. The actor’s nuptials with the makeup artist Stephanie Cozart Burton have remained his only marriage to date, and from what is obvious, LeVar appears to have eyes for his wife alone.

It is quite true that LeVar Burton must have been involved in other relationships before he met and married his soul mate. Still, details about those other dalliances are currently unavailable. However, he is said to have a son named Eian Burton from his relationship with Chimara P. Smith.

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