Is Hannah Meloche in a Relationship and Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Hannah Meloche is currently single, but she previously dated the likes of Dean Conguista and Jacob Hoexum. Her romance with Conguista fizzled out in 2022 and she has to the best of public knowledge been single since then.

Meloche is a popular American YouTuber and all-around social media influencer. Her content dwells on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and she has accumulated more than five million followers combined online. Meloche has also featured her boyfriends in some of her vlogs and this has heightened the curiosity about her love life.

Hannah Meloche Previously Dated Jacob Hoexum from 2017 to 2021

Hannah Meloche is currently single, but she has dated some persons in the past, and among them is Jacob Hoexum. Hoexum is a native of Michigan, just like Hannah, and was born in 1999. It is believed that Hannah Meloche and Jacob started dating in October 2017. It is not immediately clear how they met, but it could have been in school or perhaps in the same town in Michigan.

Whichever it was, the couple’s relationship thrived for some time, but they later experienced some issues and broke up in 2019. They patched things up, and when Meloche moved to Hawaii in January 2020, Jacob came along with her.

Hannah Meloche
Hannah Meloche and former boyfriend, Jacob Hoexum Source: Instagram

They had a good time which lasted for a while and Jacob was regularly featured in his girlfriend’s blog. The couple later called it quits though in late 2020/early 2021, and by March 2021, Hannah Meloche confirmed that she and Jacob Hoexum were no longer together. It is believed that the long distance, as well as their busy schedule, caused their relationship to collapse.

Fans have mourned the demise of the romance because they believe that Hannah has a wonderful dynamic with Jacob. They are still rooting for them to get back together. The two parties involved are moving on with their life. Jacob Hoexum attended John Carroll University, where he obtained a degree in radio, television, and digital communications. He is now pursuing an MBA at the same college.

Hannah Meloche and Dean Conguista Were Dating From 2021 to 2022

Upon breaking up with Jacob, Hannah Meloche commenced a romance with Dean Conguista. Dean is an alumna of Fairfield University and graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2022. His LinkedIn profile shows that he has worked for several establishments, such as Langosta Lounge, The Ashbury Hotel, The Two River Times, Newport Capital Group, and Crowdsync. He presently works as a payment security concierge at I.T. company, Kaseya

Hannah Meloche met Dean during her time in Hawaii. According to her, she and her two friends were hanging out at the beach when some guys approached them and complimented their beauty. They all got talking and later started hanging out. This was the beginning of Meloche’s romance with Dean.

She kept it under wraps for some time, but by May 2021, she revealed that she had a new man in her life. Hannah Meloche and Dean Conguista dated for some time, and it shone the spotlight on him.

Hannah Meloche
Hannah Meloche and Dean Congiusta source: Instagram

Did Hannah Meloche and Dean Break Up or Are They Still Together?

It is believed that Hannah Meloche and Dean have broken up and are no longer together. Reports have it that they went their separate ways sometime in 2022. Netizens have pointed out that Dean did not wish Hannah a happy 21st birthday or buy her gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2022.


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Hannah Meloche has not expressly addressed this break-up, but it is consistent with how her entire romance with Dean panned out. He never featured in any of her vlogs but preferred to stay out of it. Some of her fans even asserted that she wasn’t really at her best while with him, but all this remains their own opinion.

Be that as it may, it is believed that the couple is no longer together, and this has spurned several Tik Toks with people seeking to find out why they split.

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