Is Gina Carano Married?

Gina Carano is a former MMA sensation-turned actress. Despite her fame and achievements, Gina Carano’s marital status has become questionable, with many wondering if she is married. She was once known as the face of women MMA, although she rejected it before delving into the acting world. The star has appeared in several movies, including big movies like Fast and Furious, Deadpool, and Mandalorian.

Her past and present achievements have thrust her into the limelight, thereby growing a lot of fans, and subsequently, curiosity.  The public is yearning to know more about her personal life, especially her romantic affairs. But is Gina Carano married? If yes, who is her husband? Read on to find out.

Gina Carano Is Not Married, But She is Currently Dating Kevin Ross

Gina Carano is not married, but she is in a relationship with Kevin Ross, a Muay Thai fighter and former mixed martial artist. The couple kept the information of them dating from the public until six months into the relationship when they shared a photo of them kissing on their Instagram pages. However, their relationship started way back in 2005. Although they broke up at some point and dated other people, they still found ways to crawl back to each other’s arms many years later.

Carano and Kevin Ross Started Their Relationship in 2005

Gina’s first notable partner was Kevin Ross, a successful and popular kickboxer, also known as ‘The Soul Assassin.’ The couple has not revealed how or where they met, but it was rumored that they met through mutual friends. They felt a connection and began a romantic relationship. By the time they started dating in 2005, Kevin had trained in Muay Thai for some years by Master Toddy. He also convinced Gina to start her fighting career, also training in Muay. Carano took his advice and took up boxing after finishing her schooling. Recently, in an interview, she said Kevin gave meaning to her life and helped her get to where she is today.

The Couple Split Up in 2008 Due to their Busy Schedule

The two had similar goals to be prolific fighters, and they put all their attention and efforts into the goal that they forgot to spend time with each other. Unfortunately, they began to drift apart because their line of careers was so demanding. Ross claimed that the career required having to trade time with friends and family with gym and training.

Aside from this, rumors sprung that Kevin was against Gina’s career change after her successful debut in Ring Girl. They started having repeated issues based on lack of attention and career choice, and they decided to call it quits. In 2008, the couple split up after almost four years of dating. However, they split up as friends without any significant issues.

Kevin Ross and Gina Carano Rekindled Their Love 7 Years Later

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross
Gina Carano with Kevin Ross (image source)

Considering Kevin and Gina remained friends after the breakup, it was easy for them to get back together. Gina had just gotten out of a relationship, and Kevin was also single, so it was the perfect time to reconcile and rekindle their love. The announcement of their relationship produced several reactions as some people were happy for them.

Some of their fans were shocked, while others probably thought it was a fling that would probably not last, but the two have been dating ever since. Their relationship was revealed in 2015, which means the pair have been dating for six years now. Their relationship has waxed stronger as they support each other’s careers effectively. Kevin now accompanies Gina to movie premiers and promotion events as her boyfriend. There is currently no news of them getting married, but it could happen anytime soon.

A Look At Other Men Gina Carano Has Dated in the Past

After her first breakup with Kevin Ross in 2008, the duo moved on to other relationships. For Gina, she has had quite a fascinating dating history, including high-profile actors and martial artists. The most exciting part is that she was engaged but later called off the engagement. Let’s look at the men Gina Carano has dated in the past below.

Gina Carano was Briefly Engaged to Kristopher Lee Cope in 2009

Shortly after her breakup with Kevin Ross, she met Kristopher Lee “Kit” Cope, a boxer, martial artist, and the host of Wild World of Spike. They met in Thailand when Lee had gone there to participate in local Lethwei boxing matches. They were attracted to each other and subsequently began a romantic relationship which eventually led to their engagement in 2009, with Gina Carano being 27 years of age at the time.

However, it came as a shock when the couple called off the engagement a few months after. They did not say the reason or cause of the breakup, but it was speculated to be due to Lee’s insensitivity. The same year they broke up, Lee revealed in an interview that he had sex tapes of Gina Carano, which she didn’t know about, and that he also doubts if Gina’s career will last. He might have said similar hurtful words in their relationship, which caused Gina to break up with him.

After Her BreakUp with Lee, Gina was Linked to Kickboxer Tyson Griffin

In 2011, rumors sprung that Gina had an attraction to another kickboxer, Tyson Griffin. The pair met in 2007 and were seen together on different occasions and events. They were first seen together at the UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar. Tyson and Gina were talking, laughing, and joking and looked so close that one could think they were dating, although she was in a relationship with Lee at that time.

Later in 2011, they were spotted on September 4 at a fundraiser at Tyson’s home in Nevada. However, the pair have never confirmed or refuted the claims that they were an item to date.

Carano Had an On-and-Off Relationship with Actor Henry Cavill

Gina Carano and Henry Cavill
Cavill and Gina Carano (image source)

By 2012, 30-year-old Gina Carano was already a successful personality in the movie industry after appearing in blockbuster movies like Blood and Bone (2009) and Haywire (2011}. Another successful actor, Henry Cavill, was still nursing his wounds from the separation from his fiancé. Henry and Gina met at the Jessie J Live Show in the capital of Great Britain and were introduced to each other by a fellow actor, Luke Evans. The two instantly connected due to similar passion, and they became friends.

Later, the friendship developed into a romantic relationship, but it wasn’t made public. They announced themselves as an official couple at the 18th annual Critic Choice Movie Awards in January 2013. Unfortunately, a repeat of her first relationship came into play as both couples got busy with their individual lives. Gina got busy with the promotion of Fast and Furious while Henry was occupied with a tight schedule from Man of Steel. They could no longer balance work and their relationship, so they began to drift apart, which led to their break up.

The Duo Got Back Together Shortly Before Calling it Quits in 2014

In June 2013, a month after the breakup between Gina and Henry, media outlets released breaking news that Henry Cavill was dating Kaley Cuoco, another famous actress in the industry. The report was further backed up when the partners publicly announced that it was true. This was very shocking to everyone, considering the couple had just separated a month ago. It made people wonder if Henry was infidel right from his relationship with Gina and if that was the main reason they broke up.

What was even more shocking was when Kaley and Henry broke up their relationship twelve days after they announced their relationship. This was due to Kaley’s disapproval and disdain of the extra attention she got from the paparazzi.  In an interview, she claimed that she wasn’t comfortable with the suffocating public attention because of her relationship with Henry Cavill. So, they had to split up due to that. The public was put in yet, another awe when news circulated that Gina Carano was back with Henry in that same year.

In October 2013, Henry and Gina were seen together in Rome on a date while sharing a glass of wine. Not long after that, she moved into his house in the USA, and they started living together. Following that, they adopted an Akita puppy and named it Kal. This action surprised the public, and when everyone was expecting wedding bells from both of them, they broke up.

On December 9, 2014, they announced the breakup and moved on as friends without giving the reason for the split. However, a few months after their breakup, she went back to her old fling Kevin Ross. The couple has been going strong, and their relationship has been ongoing for 6 years and counting.

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