Is Dr. Phil Divorced or Still Married?

Dr. Phil is not divorced. He is still married to his second wife, Robin McGraw. The duo dated for three years, following which they tied the nuptials in 1976. Their union has lasted for more than four decades, and they look set to take it as far into the future as possible.

Is Dr. Phil Getting Divorced?

Dr. Phil is definitely not getting a divorce and has never been put through the divorce process all his life. He only experienced an annulment with his first wife in 1973.

According to reliable sources, Dr. Phill is currently enjoying marital bliss and has been in his current marriage since 1978. Though it appeared like the American TV personality made a huge error with his first marriage, he seems to have gotten it right the second time around.

In the recent past, the internet space was inundated with speculations about an imminent divorce between Phil and his current wife, Robin Jameson. Speaking to Rachael Ray in 2019 about the said divorce headlines, the American media personality said these stupid tabloids make him shake his head and that he and his wife were not getting divorced.

Before the year ran out, Phil leveraged his The Dr. Phil Show to nip all the speculations in the bud. Warning fans about fake divorce stories that constantly pop up, The TV host said the tales are not only totally false, but many also take advantage by using them to scam innocent people. Scammers, he said, leverage these fake tales as clickbait in selling products.

Phil’s First Marriage Was to Debbie Higgins McCall

Before Robin came into his life, Dr. Phil was married. His first wife is a Las Vegas-born lady who goes by the name Debbie Higgins McCall. The daughter of a farmer father, Debbie is an alum of Shawnee Mission North High School, and it was while playing volleyball and football for her alma mater that she crossed paths with Phil for the first time.

They thus became high school sweethearts and could barely wait to complete their studies before getting married. They finally accomplished their nuptials on the 27th of November 1970, and the most interesting part of their union was they were both 20.

As time rolled by, it became glaring to the duo that their relationship may not be able to thrive outside the four walls of their high school. Thus, they only remained married for three years before going for annulment in 1973.

Debbie laid the blame on Dr. Phil’s doorstep, citing infidelity and a domineering attitude. She later died from complications of cancer in 2014.

Is Dr. Phil Still Married?

Yes, Phil is a married man. Despite the divorce rumors that threw both the tabloids and the online media into a reporting frenzy, his marriage with his second wife, Robin, has stood the test of time.

In fact, the duo serves as good examples for celebrity couples all over the world. People who initially doubted that celebrity marriage could last only need to see Phil and Robin to change their positions.

How Did Phil and Robin Meet?

It was the Sun that first bared the details of how Phil and Robin first met. According to the tabloid, the couple first crossed paths sometime in 1973. Their meeting, according to The Sun, occurred at the home of Robin’s parents, and it was a case of love at first sight for the duo.

Their official first date wasn’t long in coming; the lovebirds decided to make it a plane ride with Dr. Phil himself as the pilot. Their dating period was nothing short of extravagant and lasted for three long years before they took things to the next level.

Robin and Phil became man and wife in 1976 and have remained together after over four decades as a married couple. Robin and Phill’s love has not doused a single bit despite the long haul.

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