Is CNN Kaitlan Collins Married?

The marital status of Kaitlan Collins, a prominent journalist at CNN, has often been a topic of interest. Contrary to some rumors, it’s worth noting that Kaitlan Collins is not currently married. While there has been considerable speculation regarding her personal life, the facts confirm that the esteemed journalist remains unmarried at this time.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is not married, but she has been in a relationship with Will Douglas, an entrepreneur and politician known.

Like his famous girlfriend, Douglas is equally a high-achieving fellow. He owns several independent pharmacies operating under his Crimson Care Pharmacy Group. He is also passionate about community involvement and once ran for the statehouse in Texas.

Collins and Douglas began their relationship sometime in 2015, and they like shielding their love life from the public. This makes it a bit difficult to know whether they are still an item, but you can bet that if they are, they will be a power couple in the future.

Kaitlan Collins is Not Married but in a Relationship with Will Douglas

As earlier stated, Kaitlan Collins is thought to be in a relationship with a pharmacist and entrepreneur, Will Douglas. Douglas is a native of Duncan, Oklahoma, and was born around 1985, making him about seven years older than Collins. He grew up in Marietta, Oklahoma, and completed his high school education at the local high school. After that, he enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 2005.

He spent four years there and graduated with a bachelor of sciences degree in multi/interdisciplinary studies. In a bid to achieve his long life vision of being a pharmacist, Will Douglas enrolled at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for a doctor of pharmacy degree in 2009. He qualified as a pharmacist in 2013 and spent the next three years working for various pharmacies.

He carefully put together his earnings, and by 2015, purchased his first pharmacy, The Prescription Pharmacy, in Whitney, Texas. Will Douglas now owns two pharmacies and is the CEO of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group. The group interfaces with independently-owned community pharmacists to find the right buyers who can maintain the sense of community that their customers desire.

Collins and Douglas Began Their Romance Around 2015

Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas have purposely kept their romance away from the public glare, and as such, it is hard to determine how they first got to know each other or when exactly they started dating. However, it is known that their romance commenced sometime around 2015.

A look at Will Douglas’s Instagram page will show several photos of them together on various jaunts. The couple attended the Kentucky Derby Party in May 2015. By October that same year, they attended an event in Austin, Texas. The situation was no different in 2016.

They vacationed at the Live Aqua Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico, in May 2016. They also attended the Dallas Autumn Ball together in November 2016. Besides these formal events, there are also multiple photos of Collins and Douglas all dressed up and hanging out at dinner dates and the like.

Has Kaitlan Collins’ Engagement Ring Happened Yet?

Kaitlan Collin’s engagement ring has not happened yet as she and Will Douglas has not made any announcement towards that effect. In fact, an engagement between these two may not even suffice as it seems that they may no longer be together. Collins has removed the few photos of her and Douglas on her Instagram page. Douglas has not done so, but the last photos he shared date back to January 2017.

There are no photos of them starting from mid-2017, and it is possible that they broke up around that time. This breakup, if true, may not be unconnected to Kaitlan Collins’ new job as White House correspondent for CNN. In 2015 and 2016, Collins worked as an entertainment and White House reporter for the right-wing news website, The Daily Caller.

Afterward, CNN hired her as their White House correspondent in July 2017. Such a new role must have been quite demanding, and it is possible that this may have caused a strain on her relationship with Douglas, thus resulting in their taking a break from each other.

Did Kaitlan Collins have a Secret Wedding?

Kaitlan Collins did not have a secret wedding. It remains a mystery whether she and Will Douglas are even together. While we wait for a confirmation to that effect, the duo is both forging ahead with their lives. Kaitlan Collins is now the chief White House correspondent for CNN. She has held that role since January 2021, and her profile continues to rise.

She has butted heads with the likes of President Joe Biden and has also received several accolades, including Mediaite’s list of the 50 Most Influential People in News Media in 2018, 2019, and 2020. She also made it to Crain’s NewsPro’s 12 to Watch in TV News in January 2019, and Forbes Magazine named her one of the 30-under-30 in media in 2019.

A look at Collins’s Instagram page showcases her news work for CNN as well as solo vacations. She has also been pictured with some friends, but nothing indicates that she may be in a new romance. The same thing goes for Will Douglas.

The pharmacist continues to post pictures of himself hanging out with pals at several events such as college football games, championship rodeos, etc. He also remains active in charity and civic involvement. In June 2020, he took part in a round table on the economy and police reforms with his fellow discussants, including former President Donald Trump.

Kaitlan Collins’ Boyfriend, Douglas, is also a Conservative Politician and Ran for the Texas State House in 2019

Beyond making a profit, Will Douglas has also positioned himself and his business towards charitable activities. He has financially supported several causes in North Texas, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Water Is Life Haiti Fundraiser. He also supports numerous local fundraisers and sports teams each year. All these have fetched him several accolades, including a mention on the Dallas Business Journal 40 under 40 in 2019.

It has also raised his profile, and so in 2019, he threw his hat into the ring to contest for the Texas statehouse district 113. Will Douglas contested on the platform of the Republican Party, and his manifesto focused on creating jobs and bringing new investment and opportunities to Dallas County.

His message resonated with the voters, and he performed decently in the polls. He, however, did not clinch victory at the end of the day. The loss must have been disappointing, but Douglas remains focused on his business, and you can be sure that the young fellow would make another play for office in the not too distant future.

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