Is Charlie Carver Gay and Who Is His Partner?

Charlie Carver is an openly gay actor who publicly declared his sexuality in 2016, though he is yet to name his partner.

Charlie was born an identical twin with his brother, Max Carver, but while growing up, he discovered that he was totally different from his brother and that was when he started suspecting that he must be gay.

Charlie Carver’s Sexuality

Charlie Carver is an openly gay actor who gained popularity on the set of ABC’s Desperate Housewives and is best known for Netflix’s television series, Ratched. It took him quite a while to declare his gay status, but when he eventually did, fans couldn’t help but speculate about the identity of his same-sex partner.

Although he has refused to give fans clues, that has not doused the speculations one bit. When he joined the cast for the track, ‘Ease my Mind’ by Ben Platt, depicting the role of Ben’s boyfriend, fans wasted no time in shipping the two.

The February 2019 song, which depicted the movie singer’s discovery and acceptance of his sexual orientation, was too loud to be ignored. However, Charlie later came out to refute the claims, saying they were just friends.

Fans got another clue on the 13th of February 2019 when Charlie Carver shared an image where he was spotted kissing Steve Miller and the caption that simply read “Happy” was a big giveaway. However, the actor decided to keep mute about the ensuing speculations.

Also, he was once spotted in Los Angeles holding hands with an unidentified man, yet he never confirmed or denied whether the mystery man was his lover. Fans have since concluded that Charlie may as well be single.

Charlie Carver Noticed He Was Different From a Young Age

Charlie Carver was still very young when he began to notice differences between him and his identical twin brother, Max Carver; he felt good wearing makeup and gowns and it soon dawned on him that he was actually gay.

The actor just clocked 12 when he categorically told himself that he was irrefutably gay. However, Charlie delayed his coming out for the sake of his mother, Anne Carver, who was deeply hurt after his father came out as gay; this led to the end of their marriage.

Since he didn’t want to re-open his mother’s wounds so quickly, Charlie first came out to his father and brother before gathering the courage to reveal his true self to his mum. When he eventually told Ann, she didn’t react negatively but was hurt that Charlie didn’t think of telling her earlier.

When Did Charlie Carver Come Out as Gay?

According to Charlie Carver, he didn’t have any reservations about people getting to know his true sexuality after coming out to his family. However, the movie star took the hard decision to finally come out after he was advised by a colleague to always hide his feminine side. He told Variety how he was reprimanded by a gay colleague during the 2015 Emmy party for being too gay.

From that moment onward, Charlie took the decision to come out to the public as he was totally averse to policing himself in that manner. He eventually took to Instagram in January 2016 to tell the whole world. This means that Charlie was closeted for over 28 years.

During the GLSEN Gamechanger Award of 2020, the actor in his acceptance speech said his coming out was done in a bid to inspire the younger generation to take pride in their individual sexualities. Charlie Carver told PinkNews that he mustered up the courage to come out despite the fear that he may end up limiting himself to certain kinds of roles in the movie industry.

Since his coming out, the American movie star has been leveraging all his social media platforms in creating awareness of what they tagged as socio-political initiatives targeted at bringing improvement to the lives of LGBTQ members and non-gay. He has been quite vocal in the protests they have been staging to challenge set rules or status quo; Charly also participated in the campaign for Equality Act.


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