Is Brittney Griner Transgender and Was She Born a Man or Woman?

Brittney Griner is not transgender and she wasn’t born a man, rather, she was born a woman on October 18, 1990, in Houston, Texas. While some people have questioned Brittney Griner’s gender identity due to her height and physical appearance, it is important to note that she identifies as a cisgender woman and has never claimed to be transgender instead, the WNBA star is a female who declared herself a lesbian in 2013.

Since then, she has been in two same-sex relationships. The center for the Phoenix Mercury basketball club is not concerned about what people think about her, and she seems satisfied with the way she has turned out.

Was Brittney Griner Born a Woman?

Brittney Griner was born a woman, the daughter of Sandra, and Raymond Griner is neither transgender nor a man. She is a lesbian who came out of the closet on the 11th of February, 2013.

Griner was in an interview session when she decided to pick the courage to go public with her sexual orientation for the first time. Her public declaration was a massive shock to her parents, leading to differences between father and daughter. In fact, Brittney had to leave home and put up with a coach for some time.

What Was Brittney Griner As A Kid?

Brittney Griner’s early formal education years were assumed to have passed without much drama, but things took a drastic turn when she got into Nimitz High School, located in Houston. There, her body started undergoing rapid changes, and soon, she became unusually taller than her female age mates.

As if that was not enough, Brittney was strikingly stronger and tougher than what you would expect from the feminine gender. Needless to emphasize, how brutal it can get at high school, and Griner took a lot of blows during her days at Nimitz.

What Does Brittney Griner Look Like As A Man?

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner/Instagram

The giant female basketball player prefers to dress like a man, and only those who know her very well can tell that a woman is behind the trousers. According to Griner, the only time she dressed as a woman was at her mum’s behest, and she was so uncomfortable that she said: “never again.”

Career Accolades That Makes People Think Brittney Griner Is A Man

The reason people started thinking of Brittney Griner as a man is because the WNBA star has done what no female player has ever done before, and she accomplishes all these feats with ease.

Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie can take the plunge into the dunking territory, but Brittney can slam it home, proceed to hang it on the brim, and still walk around with authority; she accomplished this as a first-year student of Baylor University. Griner became the first in the history of NCAA Basketball to block 500 shots and score 2,000 points.

During her high school days, she was named the No. 1 High School Women’s Basketball Player for the nation in 2009. She was the most influential player in the history of collegiate basketball. Young girls across America viewed her in the light of a role model, and all her moves were magnified and viewed by millions.

Brittney’s athletic prowess and the body build of a budding male collegiate basketball star brought her “gender” into question. Her ilk is something that has never been witnessed in the entire world of women’s basketball. In fact, she is now referred to as the first man ever to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association.

Brittney Griner’s Height and Body Stats Also Fuel the Rumor that She Is A Man

Perhaps Brittney Griner will remain the only female basketball player to ever stand at 6 feet 9 inches with 93 kg of body weight. Her wingspan of 88 inches is unheard of in The WNBA. Her shoe size is US size 17 for men.

She Has Been Married Twice

The rumors about Brittney being transgender were probably fueled by her love life, as the WNBA star has been in a same-sex relationship twice. She first married a fellow basketball star Glory Johnson, but their union was short-lived.

Griner is now enjoying a second marriage with Cherelle Watson – a businesswoman whom she married on the 8th of August 2018. People have said a lot of stuff about the basketball player and her love life, but Brittney doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

FAQs about Brittney Griner’s Gender and her life:

  1. Is Brittney Griner transgender? No, Brittney Griner is not transgender. She was born a woman and identifies as a cisgender woman.
  2. Was Brittney Griner born a man or a woman? Brittney Griner was born a woman.
  3. Why do people question Brittney Griner’s gender? People question Brittney’s gender due to her height, deep voice, and physical appearance. However, she identifies as a cisgender woman.
  4. Has Brittney Griner undergone hormone therapy? There is no evidence or proof that Brittney Griner has undergone hormone therapy.
  5. What is Brittney Griner’s sexual orientation? Brittney Griner is openly gay and has been public about her sexual orientation for many years.
  6. How did Brittney Griner’s father react to her coming out as gay? Brittney’s father, Raymond, initially had a violent reaction and even kicked her out of their home. However, he eventually accepted his daughter’s sexual orientation.
  7. How has Brittney Griner’s sexuality been received in the sports world? Griner’s openness about her sexual orientation has been seen as courageous, and she has become a role model for young people in sports.
  8. What was the reaction to Brittney Griner’s arrest in Russia? Her arrest received backlash from Americans, and her release was met with significant attention from the public.
  9. How did Brittney Griner’s parents react to her gender identity and sexual orientation? While her father initially rejected her, both her parents eventually accepted her sexual orientation and gender identity.
  10. Has Brittney Griner ever been subjected to bullying? Yes, Brittney faced obstacles and bullying during her early life because of her appearance, sexuality, and voice.
  11. What is the truth about Brittney Griner’s gender? Brittney Griner is a cisgender woman, and any rumors or speculations about her being transgender or having undergone hormone therapy are unfounded.


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