Is Alix Klineman Married or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

American beach volleyball player, Alix Klineman is not married nor has she been married in the past. However, she is currently engaged and waiting to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Teddy Purcell who is a retired ice hockey player.

Fans started getting wind of the celebrity duo’s romantic relationship around 2017 when pictures they took together were sighted on Instagram. The couple later came open about their relationship and revealed that they were heading towards the alter.

Is Alix Klineman Married?

From what is perceivable, Alix Klineman whose full name is Alexandra Rose Klineman has never exchanged wedding vows with any man in her entire 32 years of living. However, the beach Volleyball player’s relationship status is about to change as she is ready to shed the cloak of spinsterhood and embrace matrimony in the nearest future.


Who Is Alix Klineman Engaged to?

The man in Alix Klineman’s life has been revealed to be Canadian native, Teddy Purcell. Reports said Purcell is renowned as a former ice hockey player who made waves with such teams as The Tampa Bay Lightning, the Los Angeles Kings, the Florida Panthers, and the Edmonton Oilers during his active years in the field.

They Got Engaged Shortly Before The Tokyo Olympics

Alix Klineman was warming up for the Olympic games in Tokyo when her boyfriend, Teddy popped the big question to which he received an affirmative answer.

Before heading to Oregon for the Olympics trials in late June 2021, Klineman took to her IG handle to let fans and the general public in on the exciting news. In a post captioned, “You and me, FOREVER,” the beach volleyball player was seen in an intimate setting with her love interest as they locked lips while their furbaby, looked on.

One aspect of that particular image that cannot be overlooked is Klineman’s hand where she brandished her brand new engagement ring.

Fans of the two athletes are really expectant but the celebrity couple seems to be taking their time in announcing their plans for the future. Even though they are yet to release any specific wedding date, people already view them as husband and wife.

Some online sources now refer to the volleyball player as Teddy’s wife while they expect wedding bells to ring in the nearest future.

How Did People Find Out They Were Dating?

After Alix Klineman and her friend, April officially became beach volleyball partners in late 2017, information about Alix Klineman’s dalliance with Teddy started filtering into the public space. It was around this time that the celebrity duo made their relationship Instagram official as they uploaded a snapshot that they took together on the picture-sharing platform.

This naturally set tongues wagging as fans wanted to know if this meant that they were now together. The couple didn’t keep them waiting for long as they continued sharing photos they took together on social media and in the ensuing months, it became clearer that they have decided to pitch their tent together.

Though the social media pictures spoke volumes, the couple only decided to open up about their dalliance in 2018, leaving no atom of doubt in the minds of the people. From then on, the celebrity duo has been conducting their relationship in the full glare of the public, quite unlike some other celebs who would prefer to keep things under wraps.

Alix Klineman and Teddy Purcell’s love for sports obviously goes beyond volleyball and ice hockey. In one of their Insta Stories, the two athletes were spotted as they went to watch a New England Patriots game in Boston.

The Couple Appear to be Set For Married Life

While the couple is yet to drop the date for their wedding, Teddy Purcell and Alix Klineman’s body language shows that they are all set to embrace married life.

According to recent reports, Purcell, who is enjoying his retirement from ice hockey in the countryside, appears to be quite content with the way things have turned out and is already planning to become a father after his wedding to the star volleyball player.

Teddy who is quite witty took to his Insta Stories in 2020 to reveal how he is coping with retirement. The former ice hockey player shared an image where he was seen wearing a snorkel and a head mask alongside Klineman holding packs of bread. The caption read, “After retirement, try to find yourself a nice breadwinner so as to keep footing the bill for your scuba diving hobby.?”

While they finalize preparations for their upcoming nuptials, Alix Klineman and her fiancé, Teddy, are living life to the fullest, often seen traveling together and enjoying each other’s company. The couple is quite meticulous, always giving the necessary attention to the tiniest detail. They never seem to miss the opportunity to wish each other well on birthdays and special occasions.

On Teddy’s last birthday in September, the beach volleyball player took to Instagram to wish her partner a happy birthday. In the caption, Alix expressed gratitude to Teddy for making her life more fun while wishing him well and reiterating her love for him. Some print media have already started featuring the two together; they were sighted on Arch Digest and Vogue Magazine a while ago.

To show how prepared they are for the future, Alix and Teddy are already co-habiting. The couple currently resides in the volleyball player’s hometown in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Do They Have Children Yet?

In recent times, many celebrity couples no longer wait for the security of marriage to start procreating but Alix Klineman and her fiancé, Teddy Purcell, seem to be different. The couple doesn’t have any children yet but they are already pet parents to an adorable labrador-poodle mix called, Vedder.

The Couple really includes the labradoodle in all their fun moments as the canine is often seen in most of their photographs on Instagram. Vedder was there in their engagement post looking up at the celebrity duo as they shared a romantic kiss in celebration of their relationship milestone, he was present in the photo Alix uploaded in her birthday wish for Teddy and has been seen photographed with the couple on other occasions.

Who Has Alix Klineman Dated in the Past?

Internet searches have not revealed any past relationship for Alix Klineman. She only burst into the relationship scene in 2017 after her picture with Teddy Purcell surfaced on the picture-sharing platform. The duo is still going strong and wedding bells are expected to ring soon.

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