Inside Roy Orbison Jr’s Family With Spouse Asa Hallgren and their Children

Roy Orbison Jr., son of legendary Nashville rock and roll star, married Swedish native Asa Hallgren in 2017, and the couple shares three sons, namely Roy Orbison III, Bo Alexander Orbison, and Love Achilles Orbison.

The duo’s wedding, which was a private affair, took place on the 11th of June, the same date they met four years ago in 2013. Roy Jnr. was quite dramatic in his marriage proposal, popping the big question to his love interest five times. The two also agreed to follow it up with five weddings, all to be done on the day they met, the 11th of June for each succeeding year.

Who Is Roy Orbison Jr.’s Wife, Asa Hallgren?

Asa Hallgren has never been a mainstream celebrity. The wife of Roy Orbison Jr. only tested the limelight after getting married to the singer and music producer. However, there are tidbits about her personal life in the public space.

It is common knowledge that Hallgren is from Stockholm, Sweden, and that was exactly where she met and fell in love with Roy. Details like her date of birth, age, and academic qualifications are unknown, but the celebrity spouse is listed as someone who worked in marketing.

How Roy Orbison Jr. and his Wife Asa Hallgren Met

It happened on the 11th of June 2013; Asa Hallgren was out with a friend in central Stockholm when the Sweden native found herself sitting beside Roy Orbison Jr. It was barely a couple of years after he lost his mum to cancer. Roy, who described himself as being alone in the world, found his match in Asa.

According to the legendary musician, meeting her was comparable to moving from darkness into the light, and since then, life has remained sunny and bright. While sitting closely together, Asa said they started talking and talked far into the night. It was like rediscovering their childhood days as the new friends turned into children, laughing and running around the park chasing each other.

Though Asa felt the spark instantly, she didn’t want to start having romantic dreams about herself and Roy mainly because it was a long way from Nashville to Sweden, and long-distant relationships hardly survived. However, as time passed, the couple spent long hours talking on the phone, and when Roy Orbison Jr. visited Sweden the next year, Asa agreed to follow him on a visit to Nashville.

According to Asa, she enjoyed Nashville so much that she didn’t want to return home to Sweden. Six months later, Roy asked his love interest to relocate to America, and Asa, who thought it a big decision that required serious contemplation, told Roy her thoughts.

The music mogul wanted to know how many times he needed to ask before she would heed his voice, and Asa answered five. Thus, Roy asked five good times, and according to Asa, she said yes each time. In March 2015, the Swedish native packed her bag and baggage and landed in America. Though the American musician accused his wife of making him work for it, doing things five times became a tradition for the two.

Their Wedding Proposal Was Dramatic

You can say that everything about the couple’s union is so dramatic, including Roy Orbison Jr.’s marriage proposal. The American musician and record label boss had to pop the big question for five good times, just like when he requested her to relocate to the US.

The first time he asked Asa to marry him was in Stockholm on a beautiful summer night when he said the ring wasn’t ready as he was not done with proposing. The romantic couple was in Cannes having dinner on a dock beneath a fireworks show when Roy popped the question for the second time.

When the couple visited Stockholm park, where they first crossed paths, Roy thought it wise to make the third marriage proposal. The music mogul didn’t mind the snow as he went down on bended knee to ask for Asa’s hand in marriage. While all these dramas were going on, Asa had already conceived and was expecting their first child, and it was after their son, Roy III, was delivered in the hospital that he asked her for the fourth time.

The fifth, final, and only proposal that struck happened in the couple’s Nashville home – this time, Roy was armed to the teeth, complete with a diamond Tiffany ring in yellow color.

The 11th of June Became a Family Tradition for Roy Orbison Jr. and Asa Hallgren

Having met for the first time on the 11th of June, that date also became a tradition for the couple. Thus, they picked the 11th of June 2017 as their wedding date. Roy Orbison Jr., who was then 46, exchanged wedding vows with his 28-year-old love interest in the presence of family and few friends.

Their exchange of vows, which took place on the steps of Johnny Cash’s Tennessee (his godfather) cabin, was a surprise one. Even the groomsmen and the bridesmaids didn’t decode what was about to happen until five minutes before starting time, said Asa.

The total number of guests in attendance was just 11, perhaps to match their wedding date, the 11th of June, and the ceremony was intimate and quaint, full of family and love. In fact, the venue is a stone’s throw from where the famous Roy Orbison spent his formative years; thus, it was also significant for the groom.

Speaking about the venue of their nuptials, Roy Orbison Jr. said it is holy ground for him – within shouting distance to the venue was where his grandfather lived, and his two brothers died in a fire outbreak in the vicinity. The owner of the house, Johnny Cash wasn’t just his godfather; he was equally his father’s best friend.

Even Jonny’s sons are Roy’s best friends too. The American musician said he had to ask John Carter Cash to officiate at their wedding because he loves him so much. The guest lists included Wesley and Alex (the Orbison brothers), Asa’s mum, John Carter Cash, and a few friends, including Roy lll, the couple’s then 18-months-old baby who was the center of attraction.

With that said, we must not forget to mention the fact that Asa was already expecting their second child Bo who was due the following February. The couple’s marriage was the first for both Asa and Roy, as neither had been married.

Each of Asa’s Wedding Accessories Told A Beautiful Story

Each item told a beautiful story, from the gown worn by Roy Orbison Jr.’s wife to the smallest wedding accessory. Roy’s brother Alex and his spouse Erika gifted her the silk and lace vintage 1940s gown, including the Tory Burch sandals that adorned her feet.

Roy himself chose Asa’s yellow diamond engagement ring. He selected the ring because it fits perfectly with his bride, whom he describes as his ray of sunshine. The engagement ring is complemented by a curved yellow gold band which is set with little yellow diamonds (nine in number).

Two beautiful diamonds adorned Asa’s neck on her wedding day – the first one was a surprise gift from Roy in the form of a yellow diamond necklace. The second was another gift from Erika – a gold heart pendant. The bride’s mother was responsible for her gold and pearl earrings.

She wore the Cartier Love bracelet gifted to her by Roy when they confirmed that their son Roy III was on the way. The bride was sporting a delicate white nosegay featuring roses and mums – an Olia Zavozina veil was a perfect finishing for Asa’s wedding attire.

Talking about her vintage wedding dress, Roy Orbison Jr.’s bride said the gift of the wedding apparel from the Orbisons was like a blessing to go ahead and marry their brother. She described the wrap-style dress as a perfect fit with its elbow-length sleeves highlighted with sheer lace panels.

Asa Hallgren and Roy Orbison Jr. will Equally Have Five Weddings

With five marriage proposals, the couple decided that they also needed five weddings to match. Each of the weddings was scheduled to be held on the anniversary of the day they crossed paths for the first time – the 11th of June.

The duo planned to hold wedding number two at their Nashville home on the 11th of June 2018. However, the details never made it to the public arena. Fans only heard that the guest list included big names, especially from the music industry.

The event was planned by Sara Fried of Fête Nashville, who promised the guests a European, Great Gatsby ambiance, including lots of edibles celebrating Roy Orbison Jr.’s American roots and his wife’s Swedish heritage.”

Though they didn’t take fans along with the remaining three weddings, the public was told that each of them took place on the couple’s most significant day, the 11th of June, and they had to go back to the steps in Jonny Carter Cash’s cabin to hold the ceremonies.

In the end, the happy groom shared a social media post describing their wedding as sweet and short, comparable to a song. It was like the best of Orbison’s songs – “I got the girl at the end.” It has been five blissful years and counting, and the couple shuttle between their numerous homes in Nashville, Malibu, London, N.Y.C., Sweden, and London.

Roy Orbison Jr. and Asa Share Three Boys

The happy couple is already parents to three children – all boys. Even before they exchanged the forever commitment, Roy Orbison Jr. and his wife, Asa Hallgren, were already first-time parents to Roy Orbison III, with their second son on the way. Their third child recently joined the family, and Roy and Asa’s joy knew no bounds.

Roy Orbison III is Roy Orbison Jr.’s First Son

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, on the 2nd of March 2016, Roy and Asa’s first son, Roy Orbison III, is now 6 years old. The little boy who was barely one at his parent’s wedding served as the ring bearer, completely adorned in the National Suit of Sweden with his yellow pants and blue vest topped with a straw hat in green color.

In fact, the guests described him as the cutest and most endearing part of the entire wedding ceremony! Roy the 3rd may have commenced his academic journey, but the name of his school has never been mentioned in the public arena, perhaps for security reasons.

Meet Bo Alexander Orbison, Roy Orbison Jr.’s Second Child

Barely a couple of years later, precisely on the 9th of February 2018, the couple received their second son, Bo Alexander Orbison. Measuring 19.3 inches long and weighing 7 lbs., 3 oz, BO arrived at 9:29 p.m. Asa and Roy told People.

Bo, who is currently 4, was named in honor of his paternal grandfather and paternal grandmother. His middle name Alexander Orbison comes from one of his father’s brothers, Alexander Orbison Orbison, who is married to Erika.

Love Achilles Orbison is Roy Orbison Jr.’s Third Son

The latest grandson of the legendary rock and roll star announced his entrance on the 22nd of March 2022. Love Achilles Orbison came measuring 21.5 inches long and weighing 8 lbs., 11 oz. Roy Orbison Jr. and Asa Hallgren’s third son, Love Achilles Orbison, joins Roy the 3rd now 6, and Bo Alexander, now 4 at exactly 10:29 a.m. at a Los Angeles health facility known as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

According to the singer and record producer, it took some thought to finally settle on a name for their latest bundle of joy. They finally choose Love which he described as a unique moniker. The name he said is significant to them for two reasons – in addition to being the couple’s little love child, it is an old Swedish moniker pronounced ‘Low-veh.’

Because his wife comes from Sweden, Roy said he wants to honor Asa’s home country and bring the Swedish people’s heritage to their family.” Earlier in October 2021, the couple took to Instagram to share the happy news of the impending arrival of their third baby. When quizzed about the name of their expected baby, Roy refused to bulge, claiming that they had already come up with a befitting name, but it will have to remain secret until the time was right.

Roy and His Family Has Featured in the TV Show Below Deck

Roy and his family first graced the screen on the set of Below Deck during the fifth season of the reality television show. There, the Orbison’s encountered Ace of Base’s Ulf Ekberg, where they had an unforgettable musical charter.

Both Roy Orbison Jr. and his children are diehard fans of Below Deck. According to the music mogul, he felt nervous about being on a big show like Below Deck and a bit embarrassed as they were fans of the show. However, he reposed a lot of trust in his family and the crew, and they had loads of fun at the end of the day.

The Orbison’s were named as favorite Below Deck Med charter by many people, including Lloyd Spencer (Season 6 deckhand). Talking to Distractedly, Lloyd said they were lovely; even the children who would normally get terrified on board a ship were just great.

The Orbison family has returned for the sixth season of Below deck, and fans expect another great performance. However, it started to look like Roy was going to spoil the show when he became an internet sensation after getting drunk and peeing everywhere. With that said, things seem to be under control for now as the show unfolds.

Roy Orbison Jr. is the Son of Rock and Roll Legend Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison Jr. belongs to one of music’s most renowned families in the United States. He was called Roy Kelton Orbinson Jr. at birth which occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1970. His dad was the legendary musician Roy Orbinson Snr. and his wife, Barbara Orbinson, who gained fame as a music producer.

The Orbison family was beleaguered with tragedy in the past. While Roy Sr. kicked the bucket at the age of 52 after suffering a heart attack, his two sons Anthony King Orbison and Roy DeWayne Orbison, lost their lives in a fatal house fire – this incident happened before Roy Orbison Jr. was born. Roy’s mum died at age 60 from the complications of pancreatic cancer.

However, he still shared his childhood with his two surviving brothers, Wesley and Alexander Orbison, with whom he has done an excellent job of keeping the legacy of their late father alive. They are also authors with the book entitled, The Authorized Roy Orbison under their belt.

In addition, Roy co-owns Roy’s Boys record label. His mum, Barbara, founded the publishing company named Still Working Music, where Roy currently serves as the president.

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