Inside Angie Janu’s Life as Jason Beghe’s Wife

Angie Janu is an American actress who is primarily known as the former wife of TV star Jason Beghe. Having been married for 16 years, many expected Angie Janu and her husband to go the whole hog and last forever, but this was not to be as the couple called it quits in 2016.

A drawn-out divorce battle eventually follow and this has led to all sorts of speculation as to why the couple divorced. Some have stated that it had something to do with allegations of anger management and possible sexual harassment leveled against Beghe by some of his co-stars.

Some have also dug up the actor’s controversial history with the Church of Scientology which dates to over a decade ago. All of these have painted the couple’s married life in an unsavory light, but the fact remains that Janu and her husband did have some happy times in the course of the union.

Profile Summary of Angie Janu

  • Full name: Angeline Dawn Beghe
  • Date of birth: 1960s
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: actress
  • Spouse: Jason Beghe (2000 – 2016)
  • Children: two, namely Brix and Bear

Angie Janu is An Actress and Has Scored Bit Parts in Movies Such as Too Good to be True

It is hard to come by personal details about Angie Janu’s life, at least before her marriage to Jason Beghe, but it is known that she was born in the 60s. This would make her around the same age or a few years younger than her husband, who was born on the 12th of March 1960. It is also known that she is of white ethnicity and has American nationality. Angie Janu most likely completed a high school diploma and possibly a college degree before going on to earn her living through honest means. The exact details of her career history are not known, but she tried her hands at acting, appearing in the 1997 film, Too Good To Be True. She also scored a part in one episode of the popular TV show, Chicago P.D., in 2016.

The above is certainly nothing to sneer at, but Angie Janu has some ways to go before she can become as successful as her husband, at least as far as the movie business is concerned. Jason Beghe was first inspired to try modeling in Europe in his 20s. He later made it back to the states and garnered a string of appearances in movies such as G.I. Jane and Thelma & Louise. These days, Beghe is one of the biggest TV stars in America and is famous for shows such as Melrose Place, Chicago Hope, To Have & To Hold. He also portrays Hank Voight, the gruff-voiced, tough cop in charge of Chicago’s intelligence unit in Chicago P.D. He has been on the show since 2014 and has appeared in more than 160 episodes to date.

She and Jason Beghe Tied the Knot in the Year 2000

Angie Janu
Angie Janu and ex-husband, Jason Beghe in 2014 (Image Source)

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe were married for 16 years, and their love story began sometime in the late 90s. At that time, Janu was scouting for roles while Beghe had achieved some measure of fame as a TV star on shows such as Melrose Place and To Have & To Hold. They most likely ran into each other at some Hollywood industry event or the other and took a shine to each other. The couple subsequently started dating and got engaged. They then tied the knot in the year 2000. The wedding took place in Los Angeles and featured their closest friends and families.

Some Hollywood stars were also in attendance, including award-winning actor, director, producer, and writer – David Duchovny, who happened to be friends and former classmates with Beghe. Following the ceremonies, the couple embarked on the customary honeymoon and later returned to build a life together in a home situated in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Angie Janu and Jason Beghe enjoyed a life typical of celebrity couples. They regularly walked the red carpet together. They also had all the finest material things that life had to offer. The couple’s joy was further increased after they went on to welcome two kids. Their first son, Brix, was born in 2004, while a second son named Bear, was born in 2007.

The Scientology Church Attempted To Split the Family After Beghe Quit in 2007

Angie Janu
Angie and Jason with their children (Image Source)

Angie Janu and Jason Beghe had a life that most people would envy, but they also had their issues. For instance, before meeting Janu, Beghe became entangled with the Church of Scientology in 1994. He grew from strength to strength in the organization, so much so that he was a staunch member by the time he and Janu got married. He continued in his ways for some time but later discovered that the organization was deceitful. He called it quits with them in 2007 and also embarked on a public awareness campaign about the dangers they pose. The Scientology organization did not take this lying low and sent several close allies to convince Beghe to return.

When the actor refused their entreaties, they resorted to instituting frivolous lawsuits against him in a bid to bankrupt him. They did not stop at this juncture. They had several private investigators tailing the family. They also reported to the authorities that there was child abuse going on in the Beghe house. All this was in a bid to split the family and cause strife amongst them. It was indeed a very tough and scary period for the whole family. Still, Angie Janu did not allow Beghe’s former Scientology beliefs to affect their marriage or ruin their union.

The Couple Filed for Divorce in 2017, but it was Finalized in 2020

Angie Janu
Beghe and their sons (Image Source)

Having weathered the storm that followed her husband’s withdrawal from the Church of Scientology, Angie Janu continued her regular life with her family. She and her husband focused on their respective careers and training their kids right. They were hardly involved in any scandal or something similar. It, therefore, came as a rude shock when Beghe filed for divorce in December 2017. The divorce filing showed that they had been separated since May 2016, and the reason was given as irreconcilable differences. Neither Janu nor her husband came out to directly address the reason for their split, and fans began speculating that it had something to do with an investigation that was done on Beghe in 2016.

Some of the people that worked with him on the set of Chicago P.D. had come out to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, anger management issues, and use of sexually suggestive language on set. This led to an NBC network investigation, and Beghe was forced to apologize. He also stated that he had hired an anger management coach. Many people concluded that Beghe’s anger management issues may have also caused the crash of his marriage, but there is no confirmation. One thing that is for sure is that Janu and Beghe did not split on amicable terms as their long and drawn-out divorce battle showed.

The couple took three years to work out the terms of their divorce, and it was finalized in October 2020. They were granted joint physical and legal custody of their two sons and forbidden from making disparaging remarks about each other or each other’s family in front of the kids. For property and material things, Beghe got their condo in Chicago, Illinois, while Janu was given ownership of their Malibu home. Her ex-husband was also ordered to pay her $14,200 in monthly child support and $16,700 in monthly spousal support.

Their First Son, Bix Beghe, Graduated from High School in June 2021

Angie Janu and her ex-husband have now moved on with their respective lives and are amicably co-parenting their kids. Their first son, Brix, is 19 years old. He played high school baseball during his days at Oak Christian High School. He graduated in June 2021 and is now off to college at Boise State. Brix maintains an active Instagram account, and a glance through it will show that he is a big fan of the outdoors, especially places like beaches. He also maintains an active relationship with his high school sweetheart named Natalie Zerbib. The two have shared several sweet couple snaps on their respective pages.

On the other hand, Bear Beghe is only 16 years old and is most likely in his first year of high school or even in his last year of middle school. He doesn’t have an active social media account. His Pinterest page shows that he is very much interested in male hairstyles and gaming, which is typical for a boy of his age.

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