How Tall is Kai Cenat?

Kai Cenat is 5 feet 6 inches tall which is equivalent to 168 cm or 1.68 cm

An American social media influencer and streamer, Cenat is a member of the AMP group that has gained so much popularity for its high-quality skits, games, and videos on social media. Among the six-member group, Cenat along with Agent 00 bring up the rear when it comes to height.

Summary of Kai Cenat’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kai Cenat
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 16 December 2001
  • Kai Cenat’s Age: 22 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: Three
  • Kai Cenat’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Kai Cenat’s Height in Centimetres: 168 cm
  • Kai Cenat’s Height in meters: 1. 68 m
  • Kai Cenat’s Weight: 55 kg
  • Build: Slim and fit
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Tattoo: Yes
  • Distinctive Features: A braided hairstyle and a thin mustache He
  • Kai Cenat’s Net Worth: $600k
  • Famous For: Being a streamer and social media star
  • Kai Cenat’s Instagram: @kaicenat
  • Twitter: @KaiCenat

How tall is Kai Cenat?

Kai Cenat is officially 5 feet 6 inches tall or 168 cm. Though he appears to be of average height in most social media pictures, the American streamer has always complained that he is too short. There was a YouTube video where Kai was seen asking his dad why he had to be this short.

Compared to the average height of men in the United States which is 5 feet 9 inches, Kai falls 3 inches short. However, he seems to make up for his height deficit with his very trim and lean physique that makes him appear taller in pictures.

Is Kai The Tallest Member of AMP?

Far from being the tallest member of the AMP, Kai Cenat is actually among the shortest. For the purpose of elucidation, the AMP is a group of six talented young YouTubers – Chrisnxt Door, Agent 00, Kai Cenat, Just Fanum, ImDavisss, and Duke Dennis who came together to form the AMP supergroup. The group has proved its ability to bring quality skits and videos to the public. Though they are doing great individually, forming the supergroup gave the members more exposure as the success of the group is reflected in their respective channels and handles on the internet.

Kai Cenat’s Height Vs Duke Dennis’

Statistics have proved that Duke Dennis is the tallest member of the AMP group with a height of 6 inches. In addition to being the tallest, Dennis is also among the most popular among his peers. On his personal channel on YouTube, the youngster has accumulated over 1.7 million subscribers and still counting.

Kai Cenat’s Height is Shorter than ImDavisss

ImDavisss stands at 5 feet 8 inches which gives him a two-inch height advantage over Kai. At his height, ImDavisss is the second tallest AMP group member after Dennis.

Kai and JustFanum Height Compared

Among the AMP members, JustFanum comes after ImDavisss in height, JustFanum stands 5 feet 7 inches tall making him an inch taller than Kai.

He enjoys massive popularity on YouTube with up to 900k subscribers and counting.

Agent 00 and Kai Cenat are Equals in the Height Department

The only member of the AMP that shares the same height as Kai Cenat is Agent 00 of the YouTube channel, CallMeAgent00. Just like Dennis, Agent 00 enjoys a massive subscription level on his YouTube channel. At the last count, the number of subscribers he has accumulated came to a whopping 2 million.

Chrisnxt Door’s Height Vs Kai Cenat

Out of all the members of the AMP, Chrisnxt Door is the only person whose height is not known. However, it is obvious that he is a bit taller than Kai. This is usually obvious to anybody who looks at the AMP group photographs.

Kai Cenat’s Other Body Measurements

Kai Cenat has always been a guy of slim build with a body weight of 55 kg which is the same as 121 pounds. We can say that his average height goes down well with his body weight.

The streamer cum social media personality sports dark brown hair and eyes of the same color. He has inked several parts of his body with tattoos and Kai’s distinctive features include a braided hairstyle and a thin mustache.

How Does Kai Cenat Work Out?

Kai Cenat has always been a lean and athletic guy. However, there are quite a good number of recent videos showing that the social media star now looks somewhat buffy. Needless to say, his new image sparked a lot of curiosity among his fans who wish to find out the youngster’s workout routine.

To date, we haven’t really seen much content about his workout routine, However, the fact that he now sports heavily toned biceps and really ripped abs are indications that Kai’s upper body is his main focus. Fans concluded that he must be doing some lightweight lifting and lots of bench and chest presses to achieve what he has.

How Old is Kai Cenat?

Kai Cenat is currently 22 as the internet personality was born on December 16th, 2001. He is a New Yorker born and bred in The Bronx. Kai’s place of birth makes him an American by nationality but his ethnic background is said to be a mix of African-American roots.

Kai said his full name is Kai Cenat III and that last suffix was added by his mum to represent the fact that he is her 3rd child.

Though the youngster has never deemed it necessary to mention his dad’s name in the public space, reports said he is an American-based businessman of Haitian origin. His mum on the other hand comes from Trinidad.

Kai is not the only child of his parents. He has an older brother Devonte, a younger brother, Kaleel, and a twin sister, Kaia. The social media star often features his family members on his channels. There was one particular YouTube video entitled, Telling My Mom I Got Somebody Pregnant Prank!! *Gone Wrong* which was really interesting. There is also another one with his dad where Kai was asking to know why he is this short.

Kai Cenat completed his secondary school at Frederick Douglass Academy and on the 27th of August, 2019, the youngster joined Morrisville State College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business Administration. However, he couldn’t juggle work and academics together and had to drop out of school to go face content creation squarely.

Kai has long left home and is a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States


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