How Old is Rihanna Today?

Rihanna is 35 years old. The superstar singer, whose given name at birth is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born on the 20th of February 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados.

Rihanna’s Bio

  • AGE: 35 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: 20 February 1988
  • BIRTHPLACE: St Michael, Barbados
  • BIRTH SIGN: Pisces
  • ETHNICITY: black
  • FATHER: Ronald Fenty
  • MOTHER: Monica Braithwaite
  • SIBLINGS: Rajad Fenty, Rorrey Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Jamie Fenty, and Kandy Fenty

How Old is Rihanna Now?

Rihanna is presently 35 years old. She is only in her 30s but has already achieved a lot and is now a global music superstar and billionaire businesswoman. The Barbadian superstar has eight studio albums to her name and has sold 250 million records, making her the 2nd bestselling female artist of all time. She has also won multiple awards including nine Grammys.

Rihanna is also the founder of the cosmetics brand – Fenty Beauty. She has been able to achieve a net worth of $1.4 billion, making her the richest female musician in the world

How Old was Rihanna When She Started Singing?

Rihanna was 15 years old when she started singing. She initially performed at clubs, at the beach, at beauty pageants, and around the house. She later formed a trio with two of her classmates.

They got the opportunity to audition for an American record producer named Evan Rogers and he was instantly impressed with her and helped her kickstart her career. It must be pointed out that Rihanna must have started singing before the age of 15. She has said that she always that she wanted to be a pop star.

How Old was Rihanna at Age 16?

Rihanna looked like a typical teenager at the age of 16. She was tall, fresh-faced, and had a light skin tone. It was at age 16 that Rihanna’s career took off. She got the opportunity to perform for Evan Rogers and he brought her to the US and helped her record a demo.

What Did an 18-Year-Old Rihanna Look Like?

An 18-year-old Rihanna looked sophisticated with a touch of the innocence of youth. This combination was due to the fact that even though she was quite young, she had already achieved some measure of fame with her first album. She carried her hair in a long length and often in fringe or curves or waves.

An 18-year-old Rihanna at the MTV VMAs

How Old was Rihanna When She Became Famous?

Rihanna was 19 years old when she became famous. This was thanks to her hit single, Umbrella, which was released in mid-2007. The track was simply a monster hit. It topped the charts in 13 countries including the U.S. and the U.K. It also sold over eight million copies and won the 2008 Grammy award for best rap sung collaboration. Simply put, Umbrella took Rihanna from a fast-rising act in America to global stardom.

How Old was Rihanna When She Released Her First Album?

Rihanna was 17 years old when she released her first album, Music of the Sun, in August 2005. The album was a success by any measure. It sold two million copies globally and made it to the top ten of the Billboard Top 200 albums. It also spurred the hit song – Pon De Replay. Rihanna now has eight albums to her name. She released her eighth album, Anti, in 2016 aged 28.

How Old was Rihanna When She Launched Her Fenty Line?

Rihanna was 29 years old when she launched her Fenty Beauty company in 2017. The cosmetics brand has been a major success and a part of the reason for this is that they cater to diverse skin types; producing makeup for all varieties of skin tones. The company has been widely successful and contributed to making Rihanna a billionaire at the age of 33.

Rihanna’s Old Pictures

A mash-up of some of Rihanna’s old pictures

How Old was Rihanna When She Had Her First Child?

Rihanna had her first child at the age of 34. The superstar singer welcomed a son with her rapper boyfriend, ASAP Rocky, on the 19th of May 2022. It didn’t come as a surprise given that the singer had always spoken of a plan to have a family. She has also revealed her dream to become a mom someday.

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