How Old is Chase From FGTeeV?

Chase From FGTeeV (born on the 1st of October 2011) is currently 11 years old. he is a young American internet personality best known for his roles in his family’s YouTube channels.

Chase started appearing on his family channel at the age of two and at five, he went on to launch his own YouTube channel in 2015. So far, the young internet star’s account can only boast eight subscribers with a total of 46 views. All the fame and fortune he enjoys came from his family’s channel.

Summary of Chase From FGTeeV’s Biography

  • Full Name: Chase Ryan Carter
  • Nickname: Chase From FGTeeV
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth:1st of October 2011
  • Chase From FGTeeV’s Age: 11 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Chase From FGTeeV’s Parents: Vincent and Samantha Carter
  • Siblings: Alexis, Michael, and Shawn
  • Chase From FGTeeV’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 10 inches
  • Chase From FGTeeV’s Height in Centimetres: 147.5 cm
  • Chase From FGTeeV’s Weight: 37 kg
  • Famous For: Being a member of the FGTeeV family YouTube channel

How Old is Chase From FGTeeV?

Chase From FGTeeV is a 11-year-old boy born on the 1st of October 2011; the youngster’s birth occurred on a Saturday in the United States which points to his American nationality. Ethnicity-wise, Chase is listed as White.

The third among four children, Chase was named Chase Ryan Carter at birth and his parents have been identified as Vincent and Samantha Carter, both of who earn their living on the internet space.

The young man’s academic history is not public knowledge, however, at 11, he is expected to be in the process of acquiring basic academic qualifications.

Growing up in his place of birth, Chase had an emergency situation after he turned four when he ran into one of the countertop cabinets in their home by mistake. This incident was a serious one that landed him in the emergency session of a nearby health facility where he was stitched up.

Who are the Members of Chase’s Family?

Chase came from a family of six – his mother, father, and three siblings including a sister and two brothers.

Chase From FGTeeV
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Chase’s father Is Vincent Carter

The father of Chase From FGTeeV is Vincent Carter. Born on the 29th of October 1974, Vincent is the son of Tom and Jody who has also made a name for themselves on YouTube. Jody Carter and Tom Carter alongside their daughters (Heidi and Elyssa Carter) take the credit for creating the ‘Funkee Bunch’ channel featuring vlogs, pranks, challenges, DIY crafts, and travelogues.

Chase’s father is the head of the FGTeeV channel and all other ventures operated by the Carter family. On the channels, he goes by the stage name, Vincent “FGTeeV Duddy/Skylander Dad.

Chase’s Mother is Named Samantha Carter

Born on the 14th of June 1978, Samantha Carter is a social media star like her husband. She is part and parcel of the FGTeeV family channel where she gained popularity under the alias, Samantha “FGTeeV Mom/Skylander Mom”

Chase From FGTeeV Has Three Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Chase is the third out of four children born to Vincent and his wife Samantha.

The oldest among the Carter Siblings is Alexis “Lexi” Carter who joined the family on the 24th of July 2006. The 16-year-old Lexi is also a social media star who plays the part of Alexis “Skylander Girl” Ryan on the family’s YouTube channel.

Chase From FGTeeV’s immediate older brother is Michael Carter – a YouTuber who goes by the alias, FGTeeV Mike or Skylander Boy on their family YouTube channel. Born on the 13th of November 2008, Mike is currently 14 years old.

The youngest of the Carter brood is Shawn Carter. Chase’s youngest sibling was born on the 17th of November 2015 which makes him four years younger than Chase. Just like every other member of their family, Shawn also participates in the family channel as FGTeeV Shawn.

Almost every member of Chase’s family is involved in social media in different capacities. The popular YouTuber Ethan McKinnon aka Ethan “Minecraft Ethan” McKinnon happens to be his first cousin. We are not leaving out the family pooch, Oreo the Dog that plays an active role on FGTeeV.

The Carter family runs a Christian household and is bringing up their children to follow the Christian faith.

What is Chase from FGTeeV Famous For?

Chase gained popularity as a member of the famous YouTuber family called the Skylanders and FGTeev family. On these channels, the youngster is known by the alias, FGTeeV Chase and he is sometimes referred to as Lightcore Chase. The videos featured on their family channels are majorly created by his parents and older siblings and he started making appearances as a toddler.

A fun, active, and outgoing guy, Chase loves to live life to the fullest. He loves to play Roblox kinds of games and has aided his family in achieving millions of subscribers to their channels.

Chase Ryan Carter was only five in 2016 when he launched his personal channel on YouTube @fgteevchase6712. The channel which came live on the 30th of December has just eight subscribers and has accumulated 46 views.

Some of Chase’s Popular Videos

From the age of two to date, FGTeeV Chase has recorded appearances on several videos on all their family channels. Some of his most popular videos include “The Joy Joy GANG made Chase RAGE! (FGTeeV the Glitching Pig: Dark Deception #6)” and “CLOWNS at my Birthday Party! Crazy Carnival or CarnEVIL?? (FGTEEV plays Dark Deception #5)”

Others include “Skylanders Imaginators Balloon Toss & Game Day Lightcore Chase & Shawn (Lost Imaginite Mines)” and “Little Baby Cries Over Skylanders (Lightcore Chase)” The young internet star is also known for these videos

  • GRANNY’S HOUSE 🎵 FGTeeV Official Music Video,
  • HELLO NEIGHBOR ALPHA 4! Simon Says Game? (Pt 1) Bendy Ink Machine in Basement? + FGTEEV Elevator 2.0
  • ROBLOX Super Pizza Hero Easter Bunny Tycoon! FGTEEV #18 Superhero Eggs w/ Hulkbuster
  • DUCKTALES Treasure Challenge! GANG BEASTS vs. FGTEEV Hot Dog! Part 2 w/ Chase & Shawn.

Chase From FGTeeV’s Net Worth

Perhaps because he is still under-aged, Chase Ryan’s net worth as an individual has never been calculated.

However, his family makes loads of money from their channels on YouTube. With their massive subscription level, the Carter’s rake in thousands of dollars on a daily basis, and when their annual revenue was last calculated it came to over 4 million dollars. His family is currently worth above $50 million.

Chase’s Height and Body Measurements

At 11, Chase From FGTeeV is still a growing child, and whatever body statistics recorded for the young internet personality is bound to change in the nearest future. However, he is currently said to stand at 4 feet 10 inches or 147.5 cm in height and weighs a commensurate 37 kg or 81.5 lbs.

A boy of slim build, Chase Ryan sports light brown hair and a darker shade of brown in his eyes. The youngster’s signature features are his thin lips and eyebrows and gaps in his dentition.

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