How Many Kids and Baby Mamas Does Josh Jacobs Have?

The number of Josh Jacobs’ kids is not clear. Some reports claim he has four children — three daughters and a son while others claim he has fathered eight children with eight women. However, we can only confirm he has a son named Braxton and thus has at least one baby mama named Janèe Brown. 

The American footballer who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League (NFL) is often counted among athletes and celebrities with many kids. This has lingered on for years but the claims that he has fathered many children have never been meaningfully substantiated. Being someone who prefers to keep his private life private, Josh has ignored these reports but he seems to0 have had had enough of it.

How Many Kids Does Josh Jacobs Have Now?

It is hard to tell the number of children Josh Jacobs has but we can confirm he has a son named Braxton. The lad reported to be six years old made headlines in January 2023 when he called 911 and saved his grandfather’s life. Several reports have also claimed that he has four children; three daughters and a son. According to these reports, the names of his daughters are Clara, Margo, and Mollie, and his son is named Charlie. However, these reports are vague and don’t seem to be credible.

Disregarding the above, it has also been circulated that the NFL star has eight children. We gathered this claim emanated from a December 2021 article published by Black Sports Online. 

The article alleged that the American footballer had fathered eight children with eight women and was expecting his ninth child. The report claimed that they reached out to Josh but he wouldn’t provide any answers regarding the kids he had fathered; so they did their own digging and uncovered he has eight kids with eight different women.

The report didn’t mention the names of the eight kids but listed the women who allegedly gave birth to the kids. People were not sure what to make of the story which went viral online.

When Josh caught wind of it, he reacted with a tweet that indicated he would be suing the source of the story. The outlet unpublished the story and as such, it is not out of place to conclude that there was no substance to it. Since then, people have been really curious to know the number of kids the American Footballer has.

Does the NFL Player have a Baby Mama?

Josh Jacobs's baby mama Janèe Brown with their son Braxton
Josh Jacobs’s baby mama Janèe Brown with their son Braxton image source

The American professional football player has at least one baby mama named Janèe Brown. Janèe Brown is the mother of his son Braxton, the only child we have confirmed to be his. Much isn’t known about Janèe but a rare video of her circulated online in 2019 after the Oakland Raiders picked Jacobs in the first round of that year’s NFL Draft.

Speaking to KJRH’s 2 Work for You after Josh was drafted, Brown only had nice things to say about the NFL player. She said that Josh goes after what he wants, adding that he is very strong, independent, and different. According to her, “When you meet him you will feel the vibe, you will know he is different and would always go after what he wants”, she said.

It is not clear if Josh Jacobs and Janèe Brown are still together but several reports have it that the NFL player is currently in a relationship with Joy Gentry whom he reportedly has been dating since 2016. Meanwhile, the report that claimed Josh has eight children named Janee as one of his baby mamas. The others as named are @jusfreeyurmind @taylorsemone @dess.tanii @allienyx @ogchelsss @summerrxo, and @hausofsunshinne.

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