Hilary Crowder Biography: The Truth About Steven Crowder’s Wife

Hilary Crowder (born January 1, 1987; Age: 37 years old) is the estranged wife of Steve Crowder, popularly known as the host of Louder With Crowder. 

Celebrities are usually under the scrutiny of the public, who consistently follow their lives and try to find out all information about them. This results in little or no privacy for the people involved, and their family members are also put into the limelight by association with the celebrities. This can be likened to the case of Hilary Crowder, who became famous because of her association with popular comedian, YouTuber, actor, and political commentator, Steve Crowder.

Due to her relationship with a celebrity, she has unknowingly been thrust into the limelight, and she has piqued the public’s interest. The public wants to know more about the beauty that caught Steve Crowder’s heart.

Profile Summary of Hilary Crowder

  • Name: Hilary Beth Crowder
  • Date of birth: January 1, 1987
  • Horoscope: Capricorn
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Place of birth: Ann Abor, Michigan
  • Mother: Sharon Korzon
  • Father: Timothy Korzon
  • Schooling: Calvin College
  • Profession: Interior decorator
  • Husband: Steve Crowder
  • Children: Two

Hilary Crowder was Born in Ann Abor, Michigan, in 1987

Born on January 1, 1987, Hilary Beth Crowder is presently is 37 years old. She is the daughter of Timothy Korzon and Sharon Korzon, and she was raised alongside her older sister, Shanna Anderson, at their home in Ann Abor, Michigan. Her hometown is Suttons Bay, a small, beautiful village in Leelanau County, Michigan, USA. She belongs to the white ethnicity, and her family is very religious, as they are devout Christians. It is self-evident in her actions and with the issues she talks about.

Hilary Crowder attended Calvin College in Michigan, from where she later graduated in 2010 with a degree in political science. She is a very hardworking woman and has proved that right from the beginning of her career. Although she studied political science, she has not worked along that line. She previously worked as a sales manager, where she helped oversee more than thirty independent sales groups in America and Canada. This career path made her gain fame across her field, and she began to make a name for herself.

She Currently Works as an Interior Decorator 

Currently, she works as an interior decorator at Leland International, which is an international decorating company. It is also rumored that the company is owned by her father, and she has been working there for years. Proving her diligence and consistency, her rank rose to vice president of sales and marketing in the company. Aside from that, she also works alongside her husband during some of his podcasts and shows. She often appears as his guest appearance or to lend helping hands behind the scenes of the show.

How Steve and Hilary Crowder Met Remain a Mystery

Hilary and Steven Crowder did not reveal where, when, and the circumstances with which they met. They had not been very public about the relationship from the initial stage, and the public does not know how many months they courted for. While Steve Crowder enjoys posting pictures of his wife on his Instagram account, the couple rarely talks about themselves. However, it is known that the couple was together for a while before announcing their engagement in 2012.

They were Engaged for Five Months before Getting Married

The pair got engaged in March 2012, and this was when their relationship was officially revealed to the public. People were put in awe as to how quickly Steve had gotten a soulmate. Meanwhile, they were both 22 years old at the time. The engagement lasted for five months before they finally got married on August 25, 2012.

Hilary Crowder
Hilary and Steven on their wedding day (image source)

On the day of the marriage, Steve flooded his Instagram page with pictures of his bride, addressing her as the most beautiful woman in the world. He openly showered praises on her, and the public was genuinely amazed at the couple’s love for each other. Steve Crowder also shared with his followers that he and Hilary abstained from sex until marriage and got married to each other as virgins. He further wrote a column for Fox News titled “Waiting till wedding night-Getting married the right way,” where he explained the benefits and importance of maintaining abstinence from sex before marriage.

The Couple Welcomed a Set of Twins in August 2021

Recently, Steve announced that some years into their marriage, Hilary had a miscarriage, where she lost her first child. The situation took a toll on the couple, but they loved each other and stood by each other despite the challenge. In August 2021, Steve revealed on his Twitter page that his wife delivered twin babies. The children were named Magnus and Charlotte Crowder, and they are two months old as of this writing.

Before the birth of their children, the couple adopted a dog named Harper in 2019. The dog constantly appears on Steve Crowder’s social media pages, showing how closely knit they are. Since then, they have held a tighter bond.

Hilary Crowder was Diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)

Steve announced on his Twitter page that his wife was suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome, GBS. GBS is a disease where a person’s immune system damages their nerve cell, which eventually leads to paralysis and muscle weakness. Oftentimes, if not properly treated, it leads to paralysis and even death of the individual. Steve announced the illness shortly after he posted his wife’s picture on a hospital bed, with the caption;

Has been a really difficult couple of weeks, but I can’t complain. I’m pretty d*mn grateful.. that my wife can get swift and effective treatment for what’s been a pretty big scare and that I was even able to bring in our therapy poach.

Hilary Crowder is a fiercely private person and has abstained from social media platforms despite her husband being quite active. As a result, it is difficult to estimate when she began her battle with GBS or when she eventually got cured, and if she ever got completely cured. However, from recent photos posted, it seems she is healthier than ever now and is thriving as a mother.

Hilary and Steve Crowder were Involved in a Marijuana Controversy

During his show, Louder with Crowder, the couple somehow got entangled in a marijuana controversy. Steven interviewed some community High School students outside their school premises about marijuana usage and their opinion on its legalization. Hilary was present during the session of interviews, as she mobilized students for the questionnaires, which they labeled a small blog. Sometime later, the students were amazed to find themselves on Fox News Channel, where Steve was working at the time.

The title of the program on the channel was named Marijuana! The truth. The show caused an uproar, as the students claimed the videos were edited only in the channel’s favor. The show witnessed disapproval among the students, who demanded clarifications for the video. However, Steve and Hilary Crowder remained mute during the whole situation, and they refused to clarify the controversy.

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