Evin Harrah Cosby Is Bill Cosby’s Daughter – Meet Her

Evin Harrah Cosby (born on August 27, 1976) is a 45-year-old American entrepreneur and the last child of disgraced stand-up comedian Bill Cosby.

While her father is a TV legend who has, Evin Harrah Cosby is not in the entertainment industry but chose to pitch her tent in the business world. She owns a luxury boutique named PB & Caviar. However, she is the inspiration for the character of Rudy Huxtable on the Cosby Show.

Summary of Evin Harrah Cosby’s Bio

  • Full name: Evin Harrah Cosby
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 27, 1976
  • Evin Harrah Cosby’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Evin Harrah Cosby’s Parents: Bill Cosby and Camille Olivia Cosby
  • Siblings: Erika Ranee, Erinn Chalene, Ennis William
  • Evin Harrah Cosby’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Evin Harrah Cosby’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Evin Harrah Cosby’s Weight: 66kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-28-38
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 86-71-96
  • Famous for: Being Bill Cosby’s daughter

How Old Is Evin Harrah Cosby?

Evin Harrah is 45 years old as she was born on August 27, 1976. She was born in Los Angeles, California, United, to her African-American parents, Bill Cosby and Camille Olivia Cosby. Her father is a stand-up comedian, TV personality, and actor who faced some career-damaging sexual assault accusations when he had already built a strong reputation. On the other hand, Evin’s mother is a television producer, author, and popular philanthropist.

Evin’s parents have been married since January 25, 1964, and they had five children together. This means Evin shared her childhood with four siblings from her parents – Erika Ranee, Erinn Chalene, Ennis William, and Evin’s immediate senior, Ensa Camille. Evin got her middle name from her father’s good friend William Fisk Harrah.

She got her basic education from a private school – Banks Street Elementary School, New York, before proceeding to Colombia Grammar and Preparatory School for her high school education. As African parents, Bill and Camille wanted their kids to attend the traditional school of Africa – Spelman College of Atlanta, Georgia, and that was where Evin enrolled for her first degree.

However, she transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to hone her skills in designing. She has leveraged her knowledge from school to float her business in the fashion industry.

She Lost Two Of Her Siblings To a Robbery Attack and Kidney Failure

While Evin Harrah Cosby had four siblings while growing up, she lost two of them as adults. Her only brother, Ennis Cosby, lost his life during a robbery on January 16, 1997. At the time, Ennis was changing a tire on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles when he was killed by a gunshot to the head. The tragic incident was ruled a robbery attack.

On February 23, 2018, tragedy struck the Cosby household again when Ensa died of renal disease at 44 years of age. She died while waiting for a kidney transplant that wasn’t forthcoming. Ensa was the fourth child in the family and Evin’s immediate older sister; thus, her death dealt a heavy blow to her. Losing two of her siblings was not a funny experience for Evin, a feeling she shared during interviews.

Evin with her parents – image source

She is a Boutique Co-Owner

Evin Harrah Cosby has been a fashionista since childhood, and this has followed her up to this stage. She loved fashion while growing up, and with her parents’ help, she got a proper training in the craft and opened a boutique afterward.

She co-owns a luxury boutique named PB & Caviar, located in Tribeca, New York. Evin collaborated with Wai Chan to start the business, and they sell both young and grownup outfits. Additionally, she has a flowery retail shop.

Evin Harrah Cosby is noticeably not involved in the entertainment industry like her father, but she is doing well in her own right. Her net worth is not up for public scrutiny, but her dad has a whopping bottom line of $400 million to his name.

How Did Evin Harrah Cosby React to the Allegations Against Bill Cosby?

Bill Cosby became the object of public ridicule when several women came out with allegations of sexual assault against them in 2014. This was heightened by the Me Too Movement, which saw many people open up about any form of sexual harassment they may have experienced.

Among the more than 60 women who accused Cosby of assaulting them sexually, 7 came after him with a lawsuit, and all his decades of building a robust career went down the drain with many throwing insults at the once TV legend. Still, his daughter Evin would have none of it.

According to Bil Cosby’s last daughter, Evin Harrah Cosby, she has had enough of the public prosecuting her father without hearing his side of the story. She took to social media in the heat of the accusations being thrown at the veteran actor and shared her thoughts. Evin said the stories flying around about her father had been widely accepted as the truth without going through the normal process of a criminal investigation.

Evin further accuses the public of branding her father a rapist without even finding out the truth. For her, the scenario is not fair to the former actor, and she is ready to stand by her dad despite the damning allegations hanging over his head. Many women spoke up against the former actor after staying quiet for years. Some of the accusations go back a few decades, leading to questions about the authenticity of such claims.

In 2018, Bill Cosby was convicted in Pennsylvania of aggravated sexual assault against Andrea Constand and was later sentenced to three to ten years in state prison. He remained in prison until June 2021, when the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned his conviction for violations of due process. The actor was subsequently released from prison the same day.

Is Evin Harrah Cosby Married?

From the information available to the public, it seems Evin Harrah is yet to get married. The 45 years old daughter of Bill Cosby has not walked down the aisle with anyone, at least none that we know of.

She has also not shared intimate details about her past or present relationships. Anything concerning her personal life is kept mostly private. This is worsened by the court case that has plagued her father over the years.

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