Does Russell Peters Have A Wife Or Girlfriend? Meet all the Women He’s Been With

It is no news that most celebrities have been married and divorced at some point in their lives, and Russell Peters is no different. Aside from being divorced, Russell has been involved with many women. As a result of his regular relationship involvement, fans now want to know if Russell Peters is single and whether or not he has a girlfriend.

Russell Peters is one of the richest and most successful comedians. The Canadian comedian, actor, and producer was Forbes’ third highest-paid comedian in 2013. He has won several awards and was the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up special. With this fame has come access to women of all types, and considering his past relationships, we can see he has a good eye for beautiful and classy women. Meet all the women Russell Peters has been with.

Russell Peters’ Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Russell Dominic Peters
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 29th September 1970
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Zodiac Sign:  Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-Wife: Monica Diaz
  • Children: Russell Santiago Peters, Crystianne Marie Peters
  • Height in Inches: 5′ 10″
  • Height in Centimetres: 170cm
  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Famous for: Being A Comedian
  • Instagram: @russellpeters

Who Is Russell Peters Dating Currently?

Judging from the Instagram post he made on 14th February 2021, Russell Peters may be in a relationship. In the Instagram post, he uploaded a picture of himself and a beautiful lady, looking all loved up with a heartwarming caption. In his caption, he said he had found someone who makes him feel complete.  He went on to add ‘I love you’ and ended with wishing everyone a Happy Valentines’ Day.

Fans were happy for him, and they rushed to the comment section to express their support for his relationship. The lady’s name has been given as Ali Peters, and her Instagram handle is @ _ilali. She seems to enjoy keeping her life private as she has a private Instagram handle. However, her bio says ‘RP’ with a ring symbol beside it. There is a probability that ‘RP’ means ‘ Russell Peters’, and the ring symbol may be a hint that they are engaged.

Fans think Russell Peters is currently engaged and may have popped the question of marriage to the woman he wants to grow old with. On 8th March 2021, which was celebrated as International Women’s Day, the comedian uploaded two pictures – one with his mom and the other with his daughter. Ali Peters appeared in both images, and in the caption, he referred to Ali as the woman that makes him want more life. Russell Peters is yet to confirm all of these, and until he does, all we can do is wait.

Russell Peters Was Previously Married To Monica Diaz

Russell Peters was once married to the beautiful Monica Diaz. Nothing else is known about her apart from the fact that Monica is Peters’s ex-wife. On 10th July 2010, Russell knelt on one knee and proposed to Monica at Los Angeles international airport, and she said ‘Yes.’ By 20th August 2010, they love birds exchanged marital vows to each other at a wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their wedding ceremony was a small event attended by only close friends and family.

Russell Peters

Shortly after their marriage, things went sour between them; the cracks began to appear in their marriage, and it seemed they could not be patched. As such, Peters and Diaz decided to go their separate ways. In 2012, their divorce was finalized. But unlike most celebrity divorces, theirs was amicable.

According to Russell Peters, the mistake he and Monica made was rushing into the marriage thing. He believes that if they had taken time to get to know each other before marriage, they wouldn’t have gotten to the point of divorce. While Russell has never been married since then, there are reports that Monica Diaz got married to a businessman in 2017.

Russell Peters Was Engaged To Ruzanna Khetchian But Were Never Married

After his separation from Monica Diaz, Russell Peters found love again with Ruzanna Khetchian. This time, he had learned his lesson not to rush into marriage, so he took his time. After dating her for some time and being convinced that he was ready to spend forever with her, he popped the question in October 2016.

The comedian he is, he made a joke out of the way he proposed. According to him, he had a knee injury at that time and could not kneel on one knee, so he had to kneel on both knees, and he was also naked. But she did not consider that, and it was a Yes from her. Also, the engagement ring he bought was a Mark Lask 4.25 carat diamond ring.

Unfortunately, after the engagement, the duo realized that they did not want to marry each other. According to reports, they came to this consensus after four months. The exact reason why they called off their engagement was not announced to the public.

After His Separation From Ruzanna Khetichian, He Dated Jennifer Andrade

Although Russell Peters has not been married again after his divorce, he seems to be someone who does not find it difficult to find love. After his relationship with Ruzanna Khetichian, he got involved with Jennifer Andrade. Jennifer is a model and was the Miss Honduras contestant for Miss Universe in 2012.

They did not reveal how they met, and the exact time they started dating, but fans got to know about them when he announced that his girlfriend was expecting a child on 4th December 2018. On 12th April 2019, he welcomed his son. And after the birth of his son, the relationship ended as the couple went their separate ways.

Before His Marriage To Monica Diaz, He Dated Sunny Leon

Sunny Leone was Russell Peters’ first known girlfriend. She is a Bollywood actress and a former porn star. Not much is known about their relationship, except that it hit the rocks in 2007.

Russell Peters Has Two Children

Russell Peters

In the course of Russell Peters’ relationship involvements, he has fathered two children. His first child is called Crystianne Marie Peters, and she was born in December 2010. She surprised her parents by coming two months earlier than the expected delivery date. She was born to Russell Peters by his ex-wife Monica Diaz. On Instagram, Russell always refers to his daughter as the girl he gave life to.

Russell’s second child is a boy, who he fathered with Jennifer Andrade. He was born on 12th April 2019, after 36 hours of labor. His name is Russell Santiago Peters, and he brought so much joy to his mother, who referred to his birth as being worth the wait.

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