Does Angela Yee Have A Husband and Who Has She Dated in the Past?

Any keen fan of Angela Yee will know that she is all about the business. The radio veteran and media maven is one of the co-hosts of the globally-syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club. She also runs a podcast, Lip Service, where several celebrities have dished intimate details of their personal life. Beyond the media, Yee is also a serial entrepreneur and has founded several businesses, including juice bars, a coffee brand, and a hair store, etc.

Angela Yee is indeed one busy bee, which may have inadvertently affected her love life. While she is adept at getting people to reveal their escapades with the opposite sex, she has had a very tame dating history comprising mostly rumored relationships. Even now that she is by her admission in a relationship, she refuses to reveal the person but is happy to keep him all to herself.

Angela Yee Doesn’t Have A Husband, But Her Current Boyfriend is Based in Detroit

Despite being well versed in matters of the heart, Angela Yee has never been married and has no husband. The radio personality is not against marriage and has even stated that she would unveil who she is dating to the world once they are engaged. While we wait for that to happen, the pertinent fact is that Angela Yee is presently dating a Detroit-based man.

The relationship dates back to 2019 or even earlier, and their romance is still going strong. Though they live in different cities, Yee’s boyfriend makes out time to fly to New York so they can do things together. The radio personality has revealed that her boyfriend is very supportive, which she obviously loves. Asides from Angela’s work on The Breakfast Club, Yee is also popular for her podcast known as Lip Service.

She co-hosts the podcast alongside model/actress – Stephanie Santiago and former pole dancer – Gigi Maguire. The show mostly focuses on marriages, sex, and relationships. Yee and her co-hosts have interviewed numerous personalities, including singer August Alsina who declared on an August 2020 episode of their show that he encountered Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkette Smith. Another thing she loves about her boyfriend is that he also prefers the low-key life and doesn’t want their “business” to be posted on blogs and the likes.

The Radio Personality Has Been Romantically Linked To Several Rappers 

Joyner Lucas 

Angela Yee
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Angela Yee’s penchant for hiding details of her love life has left room for many speculations, and one of them is that she dated rapper Joyner Lucas in 2015. With his real name as Gary Maurice Lucas Jr, Joyner Lucas is originally from Massachusetts and has dropped several hit singles such as Ross Capicchioni and I’m Not Racist. He is also popular for his hip-hop remixes and dropped his debut album, ADHD, in 2020. Lucas and Angela Yee are rumored to have had an encounter in 2015, but this is unconfirmed.


Angela Yee
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Another rapper that Angela Yee reportedly dated in 2015 is Plies, whose real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. Piles played college football before kick-starting his music career in the late 90s. He has dropped four albums and won several awards, including best rap/R&B collaboration at the 2007 Ozone Awards. Plies and Yee are rumored to have dated in 2015, but they deny this and maintain that they are just good pals. Yee has interviewed Plies on a few occasions.

The rapper also came to her defense in the wake of a Gucci Mane controversy in 2019, celebrating her for not sacrificing her dignity, class, and integrity while maneuvering through a male-dominated industry. Despite these, many people continue to believe that Yee and Piles must have dated. They had also bashed the radio personality for seemingly taking advantage of Plies, who they viewed as an up-and-coming act when their alleged romance occurred.


One confirmed relationship that Angela Yee has been in is with rapper Vado. Vado is a New York-born rapper whose real name is Teeyon Isiah Winfree. He is signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music and has collaborated with French Montana, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne. Yee and Vado went out a couple of times in 2010. They later parted ways with the rapper disclosing that his busy schedule and roving eyes played a part. Despite this, he and Yee are very cool with each other. He has been featured on her podcast, and she described him as a nice guy in a 2019 interview.

Gucci Mane accused Angela Yee of Pursuing Him Sexually Back in 2016

Angela Yee and Gucci Mane have never dated each other, but they have a lot of complicated history. This complicated history dates back to 2016, when the rapper featured on an episode of The Breakfast Club. In the course of the interview, he claimed that Yee had pursued him for a sexual relationship, but she denied it. Following that episode, Gucci Mane was not invited back to The Breakfast Club again, which led to rumors that he was banned from the show. By 2019, he himself attributed his perceived ban to Yee and co-host, DJ Envy, and called them some unprintable names.

Yee later responded to these allegations. She maintained that Gucci was never banned from The Breakfast Club and restated that she had never pursued him romantically. She also stated that the rapper had been reaching out to her privately, probably to offer an apology. However, she turned down the overtures as she wanted him to publicly apologize for his public assertions. On his part, Gucci Mane denied wanting to apologize to Yee. He also declared that he wouldn’t be doing so as he did not wrong her. There have not been any further exchanges since then, but it is safe to say that there isn’t any love lost between Yee and Gucci.

Angela Yee has Co-Hosted the Breakfast Club Since Inception in 2010

Angela Yee’s journey to becoming to notable radio personality dates back to her early years in Brooklyn, where she had a knack for reading novels and writing short stories. She eventually obtained a college degree in English before starting her career as a personal assistant to the CEO of a record label in the 90s. Several years of work in various capacities in the showbiz industry will follow, and by 2005, Yee landed her first radio gig at Shade 45 on Sirius Satellite Radio. She spent five years with them, during which she hosted shows such as Lip Service and The Morning after with Angela Yee.

In 2010, Yee moved to Power 105.1 FM New York. She remains there to date and co-hosts the popular morning show, The Breakfast Club. Other co-hosts, including DJ Envy and Chamalgane Tha God, have built a reputation for asking tough questions. They have interviewed numerous heavyweights, including politicians and celebrities. They have also received several awards, such as the iheart urban personality of 2017.

She also Owns Several Businesses, Including a Coffee Brand and a Juice Bar

Angela Yee is well aware that radio won’t last forever and is therefore diversifying her income base. She has spread her tentacles to several sectors including real estate, a hair store, a coffee brand, and a juice bar. The juice bar is called Juices for Life, and Yee was motivated to start it after she took on a healthier lifestyle. She realized that they weren’t any juice bars in her neighborhood and decided to do something about it. Juices for Life came into existence in 2016 and had been thriving. They are, however, not all about profits and keeping their prices affordable.

Another business of Yee’s that is not all about profit is her coffee brand, CUP (Coffee Uplifts People), which she launched in 2021. She was motivated to go into the coffee business to ensure that they source their beans in an ethical manner. Another issue of high concern for her is ensuring that the coffee-producing communities, mostly people of color, also earn more money from all their hard work.

Angela Yee Career Milestones

  • The Morning after with Angela Lee on Shade 45 Sirius Satellite Radio (2005 – 2010)
  • The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM New York (2010 – Date)
  • Lip Service Podcast (2016)
  • Establishment of Juices for Life (2016)
  • Establishment of CUP (2021)
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